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Thursday 21 November 2019

Harmony Posters

    “The Bishop Is Coming”, although this poster is in colour and not black and white, it is identical to the one which appears on the walls in both the Silver Dollar Saloon and the Sheriff’s office in ‘Living In Harmony.’ In the episode we never see the whole of the poster because it always appears in the background. During my researches into ‘the Prisoner’ I had been searching for this poster more years than I care to remember. So I was highly delighted when a short time ago a good friend of mine found the poster on the following website. 
   A description of the poster is as follows Title Event Banner Artefact 62 - Description Red, white and blue linen banner advertising "The Bishop Is Coming!" Source Personal Papers of The Most Reverend John Maury Allin - Date circa 1976 - @ all Rights Reserved by The Archives of the Episcopal Church, 606 Rathervue Place, Austin, Texas 78705  -  Type Still Image.

   For purists like myself I decided to transpose the poster into black and white as it appears in ‘Living In Harmony.’

    The poster speaks for itself, meaning that a Bishop travels the territory preaching the word of God from town to town as he goes. Having preached in Harmony on August 20th 1876, it might be months before they hear the Bishop preach again.

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