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Sunday, 1 February 2015


   It might not be the sea to which we have been accustomed to seeing Rover rise from. But the desert is a sea of sand! Enthusiasts are used to seeing Rover appear more like this, as in this scene from ‘Harmony.’  
   But what is Rover, how was it created? I suppose everyone has their own ideas, I know I have mine. And yet……well perhaps you might care to read an article which was brought to my attention a couple of days ago, “The Prisoner Science: Rover via the link below.

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The Village

    There are those who see The village as an oppressive, torrid, and stifling  society, from which there is no escape. Whilst others see The Village as a modern day Utopia, as the citizens every need is catered for. What’s more, through Health and Welfare, the good citizens are looked after for as long as they live. That would all depend on which side each citizen was. Number 6 wants to spoil things, Madam Professor says she and her husband are perfectly happy, they have everything they need. Although that could easily be suspected to be a lie. While people like the supervisor-Number 26 and Number 12 are cogs in the machine. And the Observer Number 240 who has her duty and respects the rules! But all is not sweetness and light. “To hell with the village” toasted one Number 2 when he was free of surveillance in the Therapy Zone. Another 2, in an unguarded moment said of Number 6 and what it is he wants, “What we all want ultimately, to escape!”


Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                    “Opening Gambit!”


Caught On Camera!

  Number 2, having failed for a second time to gain who it was Number 6 was supposed to have been selling out to, is about to throw down ‘B’s’ file. But stops in mid action when he sees that telephone. It would seem that Number 2 of ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ is not the only 2 to be afraid of Number 1!


Saturday, 31 January 2015

A B and C

   ‘A B and C’ is rather like ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ Both episodes take place over three consecutive days. We have no when the idea for the  experiment to get into No.6’s dreams was conceived, just as there is no way of knowing when Plan Division Q first came about. Or how long it took Number 2 to have Number 6’s whole life researched and computed. Perhaps only a matter of a couple of days. Nor how long it took Number 50 to go and seek help from Number 6, again perhaps it was only a matter of only a couple of days. What’s more both Number 2’s are put under pressure, to no fault of their own, because of delay. Number 2 of ‘A B and C’ has found Number 6 to be very difficult, that he’s no ordinary person, but if he had a free hand….. As for Number 2 of ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ he must find a way to get Number 6 interested enough to get himself involved with Plan Division Q! Both Number 2’s are not indispensable, seeing as one of them is only an interim Number 2 anyway! And both are guilty of underestimating Number 6. Enthusiasts for ‘the Prisoner’ are used to parallels being drawn between the series and other television series, feature films, and literature. But now we can see how parallels can be drawn between episodes within ‘the Prisoner’ series itself.

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Obey Me And Be Free!

  Did Number 6 upon attaining the position of Number 2, think that he could really organise a mass breakout? Did he really care for the people to be free? Or was it more likely that he thought that if he could organise the people into causing enough chaos and mayhem, that he could escape unnoticed?
   And how were the people to be free? How were they expected to leave The Village even if they wanted to? It was alright for Number 6, he could fly a helicopter, or perhaps take the jet boat. But what about the ordinary citizens, how were they expected to breakout of The Village? A few might get away in Mini-Mokes, but all most citizens could do, would be to run away, and that would beg the question how far? And it would be worse for the senior citizens in the Old people’s home, those in wheelchairs. And what about the patients in the hospital?
    “This is our chance.... this is our chance take it now. I have command, I will immobilise all electronic controls.... Listen to me......You are free to go.... You are free to go..... I am in command, obey me and be free.... You are free to to go…free to go." That would be right. Free to go where, and how? In the end it’s just as Number 2 suspected, Number 6 lacked the administrative ability to manipulate a community such as theirs!

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It’s Your Funeral

    This episode appears to be somewhat of a self-defeating exercise, especially when one considers Number 6’s past record concerning ‘The General.’ Number 2 allowed Number 6 to be involved with that educational experiment, and look what happened then. But now, an interim Number 2 is quite deliberately involving Number 6, so really he should have expected the inevitability of him stopping Plan Division Q. The trouble was they couldn’t involve anyone else in giving the idea of an assassination plot against Number 2, because no-one else would be as believable as Number 6. He not being a known Jammer, which gave them their best shot in making the plan succeed. And yet plan Division Q was compromised from the outset, from the first thought of involving Number 6. There is a flaw in most plans, and this time Number 6 was it!
   ‘It’s Your Funeral’ relies heavily on outdoor scenes shot on sets at the Elstree film studios at Borehamwood. Together with a mixture of stock film footage, as well as film footage reused from previous episodes. And yet having written that, the citizens carrying the placards of their respective Number 2’s, was filmed in Portmeirion, but not the actual Appreciation Day ceremony, which is such a pity. And in one case, a future episode!!!
    That daily Activity prognosis report, which begins at 6:30 am with Number 6 taking a daily stroll through The Village, and the activity prognosis stretches through to mid morning, he’s very active. But when Number 8 commences her activity prognosis report on Number 6 {which contains the exact same details} his daily stroll through The Village doesn’t start until 10:19am. That’s almost 4 hours later than the first prognosis report, shown in a montage of activities!! What’s more once Number 6 has begun his stroll through The Village at 10:19, by 10:20 he’s seen leaving the Café to go to the kiosk to buy a bar of soap and a copy of the newspaper. So it wasn’t that much of a stroll through The Village. Unless it was simply from his cottage to the café! It would seem that when Number 8 is giving her activity prognosis report to Number 2, and using the same surveillance film footage as used in the previous montage, that compared with the differing start times of Number 6’s activities, it would appear that she is reporting something which has already taken place!
   Number 6 having retrieved the detonator from the Watchmaker, makes his way down the Bell Tower, and is confronted by Number 100. A fight ensues between the two men, and Number 6 intends to make 100 confess. But instead as Number 100 breaks away, Number 6 knocks him out, leaving him sprawled out on the grassy bank. Yet the original script called for the intervention of The Village Guardian.
Number Two, who is seen on the balcony overhearing the entire conversation with Number Six via the two-way radio communication in the arm of his spectacles, summons The Village Guardian The appearance of the white sphere restores Number 100’s confidence, and he breaks free of Number Six. His confidence turns to fear when the Guardian pursues him instead, overtaking him and suffocating him into unconsciousness. This scene must have been filmed. Because when the young man in the Piazza, during ‘Arrival,’ when instead of being still, moves about, is attacked by the Guardian. As he is being suffocated the image changes from that of a man wearing sunglasses and a striped jersey, to a man wearing a pink blazer. That man is Number 100 {Mark Eden} seen through the membrane.

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