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Thursday, 25 May 2017


     It might be imagined that I have given up on THEPRIS6NER, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s true enough that I’ve not put finger to keyboard to write about the second series, but that’s simply on the grounds that there is less material to work with than there is with the first series, not even 50 minutes per episode! And yet with THEPRIS6NER less is more, more Village!
    2017 is the 7th anniversary of the British screening of the series, 8 years since its American premier event in New York in 2009. And to celebrate, this April my wife and I screened the series as we do each year. And still today at the end of each episode I’m left wanting More Village, and at the end I want to sit watching it all over again. So I am as much a devoted fan of THEPRIS6NER as I was when I first watched the series back in 2010. In fact I became a fan through watching the ITV previews of the series. Somehow it was just as I imagined it would be. Not filmed in Portmeirion? So what, I personally was prepared for that! No Patrick McGoohan, well there might have been had Ian McKellen not been cast in the role of Two. Because that’s the role Patrick McGoohan wanted. Then what might the critics of the series have had to say? But there is 93, a representation of the former Number 6 played by John White. Or is he the former 93 from ‘A Change of Mind?’ No, Number 6 surely, seeing as he’s the only one who wears that dark jacket with off-white piping like Number 6 in the first series. What it would be for Number 6 to one night go to sleep in his cottage, only to wake up in a strange apartment, although rather reminiscent of his cottage in the original Village, but in a completely unknown and alien Village and find he’s now 93. Its enough to turn a sane man to drink! But why is he there? Certainly not for Two to simply go on asking the question why did he resign? People, in their subconscious are brought to The Village to be made better. Number 6 isn’t mad, well not according to his record. He does appear to suffer from an anguish pattern, that was the doctor-Number 14’s diagnosis in ‘A B And C.’ But 43 years in The Village couldn’t have helped!!!! Certainly there were no alcohol in the original Village, unlike The Village of the second series in which 93 is described as the town drunk, and in one scene 11-12 is seen to be quietly getting drunk in the ‘Go-Inside’ bar. 93 dies in a cave, and thereby escaping The Village, because death is the only escape, and that is true of both Villages. So 93, an old man, a representation of Number 6 died in a cave somewhere out in the desert. He escaped, and yet he’s still a prisoner in the original Village. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Number 6 went to the Green Dome to confront Number 2 about this other place, this other Village. But I suppose that would all depend on whether or not Number 6 had memory of the other Village! And I know, perhaps I shouldn’t be mixing the two series, that’s what the purist fan would say. But perhaps I’m no longer the purist fan of ‘the Prisoner’ I once was.

    “Tell me now, who am I?”
    “You’re Number 6.”
    “I thought you were Number Six.”
    “I’m just Six.”
    “We can’t have two Number 6’s!”
    “Why not?”
    “It says Ninety-three on my jacket.”
    “You represent the former Number 6.”
    “Well no-one else in The Village wears a jacket like that, so you must be.”
    “I’m unique!”
    “So unique that you are the only citizen of The Village to be brought here from The Village!”
    “The Village being the “other place.”
    “I suppose so.”
    “Like that woman, one of the newcomers, she just got off the bus in The Village, but said she got on the bus in The Village. But this is The Village, she and her children had just arrived!”
    “That’s because there is only The Village.”
    “You are not from here.”
      “I don’t even know how I got to this place.”
    “You are a bloody miracle!”

Breath in Breath out more Village
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Caught On Camera!

   People quietly going about their daily lives, no fuss, no bother, in neither trouble nor strife. One could say they were all living in Harmony!

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Village Life!

    “Haven’t you finished painting that wall yet?”
    “No sir.”
    “Well what have you been doing all morning?”
    “I’ve been busy.”
    No.53 “Not busy painting this wall obviously!”
    “Who’s your funny friend?”
    “How many tea breaks have you had this morning?”
    “Tea breaks, that’s a laugh. I’m working to my limit here you know!”
    “Doesn’t look like it.”
    “Twice now I’ve been asked if I painted this wall, and twice I’ve had to paint it again because it’s not been satisfactory.”
    “How difficult can it be to paint a wall?”
    “You tell me mate!”
    “Well you’re not painting the Sistine Chapel!”
    “You’d think it was, the amount of fuss that’s been made over it!”
    “Well don’t leave that ladder lying there, remember health and safety.”
    “Why don’t you go and get……”
    “……….. me a cup of tea, milk and two sugars and leave me to finish this wall!”
    “Well we’ll be seeing you Forty-two.”
    “Not if I see you first you won’t!”

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Caught On Camera!

   Previously two instances have been observed in the early stages of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ when Number 6 appears to be in two places at the same time. First he’s seen standing on the balcony of the Green Dome, when Number 6 is still in bed, and on the second occasion Number 6 is seen standing on top of the stone Bandstand just before he leaves the Green Dome. However there is a third occasion, when in an aerial view of the central area of The Village Number 6 can be seen running along the road, moments before Number 6 is seen returning to his cottage!
   Is this a case of a 6 impersonator in The Village? Or is it Curtis at large as he begins to live his role as Number 6? Or perhaps Number 1 is enjoying the freedom of The Village while Number 6 is otherwise engaged?!

Be seeing you

Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                     “Portrait of The Colonel”

The Therapy Zone

    I wonder how Number 1 feels with so many Number 2’s who fail in their tasks? Is he frustrated by it, or is he elated to see Number 6 doing so well? If we are to take it literally that Number 1 and Number 6 are one and the same person, it looks like Number 1 wants Number 6 to suffer for acting the way he had, for resigning for peace of mind, for betraying Number 1’s beliefs. So Number 2 has to put Number 6 through a series of ordeals, as Number 1 wants Number 6 tested to his limit. There might also be an element of punishment involved, but only up to a point. Number 6 mustn’t be broken, they do not want to end up with a man of fragments. Number 6 must be taught the error of his ways.
    The trouble with it is that until ‘Fall Out’ we’re not supposed to know who Number 1 is. If its not Number 6’s other self, then it’s someone else. That someone else would want to know the reason why Number 6 resigned, presumably so that he could pass the answer onto someone back in
London. On the other hand, if Number 1 and Number 6 are one and the same, there can be no question as to the resignation. Number 1 should know why Number 6 resigned. Number 1 may well be punishing Number 6 for his betrayal of his own beliefs, and so making him suffer.
   Does Number 6 feel guilty for that resignation? He probably didn’t take the decision to resign lightly, and agonized over it afterwards. Number 6 wanting peace of mind, how dare he? Number 1 wouldn’t put up with that! Number 1 has power, and position, and Number 6’s resignation is a danger that could take all that power and position away! Number 6 is a danger to The Village!
   We know that Number 1 is Number 6, Number 1 must know he’s Number 6. But the thing is Number 6 doesn’t seem to know he’s Number 1! It is said that Number 6 is told he’s Number 1 during the opening sequence, but that all depends on where one places the emphasis. Otherwise Number 2 is simply telling the Prisoner he’s Number 6.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Bureau of Visual Records

    Number 6 is, as far as we know, the only citizen in The Village to concern himself about Number1, perhaps unlike Number 2 he’s not an optimist!
   “I am definitely an optimist” Number 2 tells Number 6, “That’s why it doesn’t matter who Number One is. It doesn’t matter which side runs The Village.”
   These are two fundamental questions to Number 6. But the two men do have something in common, they both know too much, that they are both lifers. Number 6 is obviously staying, while Number 2 is allowed to leave The Village although the one is just as much a prisoner as the other. Because there is more than one way of being a life prisoner of The Village beyond The Village itself. In this Number 2 is not alone, there is also the Colonel and Fotheringay to name but two, as well as Cobb in ‘Arrival.’

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