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Thursday, 30 October 2014

No.6 Is A Stubborn Fellow!

   “You’re a stubborn fellow Number Six!”
    Perhaps if he hadn’t been quite so stubborn Number 6 would have left going looking for The Village to someone else. The Colonel might have got the RAF to organise a search of the 1,750 miles for The Village. But on the other hand, seeing as they only had photographs of The Village from ground level, Number 6 is the only person they had who could recognise The Village from the air. So Number 6 was the obvious choice, he had to go back!
   As for Number 6’s stubbornness not to give anything away, even when he had been betrayed by old colleagues such as the Colonel and Fotheringay, he still persisted in not answering any questions. Even when he was on the telephone speaking to Dutton. Dutton suggested that there had been a suspected security leak. He said the Committee wanted a breakdown on everything they know, you, him Arthur, the Colonel, everybody. All the files he had seen, the projects he knows about, just headings, not details. But Number 6 said that he must not ask him that, in fact he became somewhat agitated, and breaks out into a sweat, gripping the receiver of the telephone strongly in both hands telling the caller that he must not ask him that. He begins to shake, demanding to know who is on the telephone before finally collapsing back onto the bed into unconsciousness. It would appear that Number 6 has a built-in fail-safe device that shuts the brain down whenever anyone asks him for any form of sensitive information! On a more fundamental level, a man such as Number 6 would almost certainly have had to sign the official secrets act. And because Number 6 can be very single-minded, he would no doubt feel that it was his bounden duty not to give any information away. As Number 2 once said “He’d have died first. You can’t force it out of him, he’s not like the others.”

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The Ordeal Of No.2!

    For three nights Number 6 is removed from the confines of his cottage, and taken through the woods to a secret laboratory there. The idea being that with the aid of a doctor and her newly developed drug, Number 2 intends to get into and manipulate the dreams of Number 6. This to discover what would have happened had they not go to him first. It’s easy to feel sorry for, and sympathise with the Prisoner. But it’s not a whole bundle of laughs for Number 2 either, as it can be as much an ordeal for Number 2 as it is for Number 6. He doesn’t actually live in the Green Dome, that might be described as Number 2’s residence, but in actual fact it’s merely his office. While Number 6 enjoys a comfortable cottage, Number 2 has a small room somewhere in the Underworld of The Village.
   The impression is given that Number 2 has had Number 6’s while life researched and computed in order to have the reason why Number 6 resigned boiled down to three people, A B and C. But surely the whole of the Prisoner’s life had already been researched before his arrival in The Village. After all the manager of the Labour Exchange said they had everything about the Prisoner, even the fact that he had given up sugar four years and three months ago on medical advice. So there was actually no need for Number 2 to have the Prisoner’s whole life researched, all he had to do was read Number 6’s file, and have that information fed into the computer!
   Number 2 was put under so much pressure by his superior {presumably Number 1} that he wasn’t even given a week, only three days. Why, are they running out of time so soon? Well not really, the three days reflects there having been only three doses of the doctors “wonder drug.” Any more than three doses and that would prove fatal to the Prisoner.
    But if that wasn’t enough, this Number 2 is unlucky enough to be given a second chance in ‘The General,’ in order to oversee a unique educational experiment. It would seem that someone in the outside world, probably in the government, an Minister for Education, had been approached about Speedlearn. It was something which could not simply be imposed on pupils and students in schools, colleges, and universities, the process would call for experimentation. What was the government to do? There was only one thing they could do, have both the General and the Professor taken to The Village, and the Speedlearn experiment conducted on the inmates there. Well surely no-one thought that Speedlearn had been developed simply for the good of The Village community.
   But for a second time Number 2 was guilty of one thing, underestimating Number 6! If  the result of ‘A B and C’ wasn’t bad enough for Number 2, the outcome of ‘The General’ was far worse, when you consider the loss of a super computer, along with the deaths of both the Professor and Number 12 of administration! But at least for this Number 2 the ordeal was finally over!


Thought For The Day

   In one way Cobb and Dutton are alike. They are people from Number 6’s world, they knew him in his former life, and they are both used to demonstrate what Number 2 and his administration are capable of, and then both are taken away. Number 6 encounters both Cobb and Dutton just long enough to have one brief conversation with them. Cobb he never sees again, and that might have been the same case with Dutton, had that termination order against Dutton been received earlier by Number 2, and had been carried out. Or if Dutton had remained in the hospital, Number 6 would never have seen him again either!

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The Therapy Zone

   There is a phrase used by Number 2 “The Observers do see and hear everything you know.” That’s a boastful claim, and a quite impossible one, when one considers that there are no more than what, seven {there’s that number again} Observers on duty at any one time in the Control Room, not counting Number 240, as she only appears in ‘Dance of the Dead.’ If for example, an Observer had been watching when Number 6 had diverted Rover, and entered his cottage, they might have seen him talking to Curtis, and the vicious fight that ensued. More than that, the Observer would have observed the confrontation with Rover. And seeing that Number 6 was wearing his dark blazer, the Observer could have told the Supervisor, he would have told Number 2, and he would have known from that moment that it hadn’t been Number 6 who had died. Then we might have been robbed of that final scene. Not that there was ever any doubt for the television viewer, that it was Number 6 who was about to leave/escape The Village.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Village Life!

   “Nowhere is there more beauty than here. Tonight when the moon rises the whole world will turn to silver. Do you understand, it is important that you understand. I have a message for you, you must listen. The appointment cannot be fulfilled. Other things must be done tonight. If our torment is to end, if liberty is to be restored, we must grasp the nettle even though it makes our hands bleed. Only through pain can tomorrow be assured.”
   Number 2 from 'Hammer Into Anvil' was sure Number 6 was a plant, sent to The Village by their masters to spy on them. If he was right, it looks as though Number 6 has been hung out to dry by his superiors. On that second evening of ‘Dance of the Dead.’ Number 6 was found on the beach by Number 2. He was looking out to sea, looking for a sign from his world. A plane, a ship, a light. If Number 6 thought someone was coming from his world, he was to be disappointed, the radio message should have told him that much!
   Of course Number 6 wasn’t the plant, that was Number 34 and he was dead. How Number 34 managed to smuggle a radio into The Village with him, is unknown. What’s more it is only assumed by Number 6 that the message was meant for someone in The Village, the dead man, seeing as he had taken the radio from a pocket in the dead man’s trousers. This assumption brought Number 6 down to the beach that evening, perhaps hoping that someone from his world was coming to The Village. It didn't matter who, anyone helping would have meant escape!

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Exhibition of Arts and Crafts

                                         "Man In Isolation!"


A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

  The Prisoner having woken up in what appears to be the study of his home, looks out of the window to find he’s no longer in London. He goes outside, climbs the Bell Tower {something he will later do on a daily basis}, goes to the CafĂ©, but doesn’t want breakfast. Attempts to make a telephone call, but that’s not possible because he doesn’t have a number. Then in having attempted to gain information from an electronic “Free Information” board, he takes a taxi ride. He wants to go to the nearest town, but the taxi service is only local. So the Oriental driver takes the Prisoner as far as she can, meaning as long as he turns up back where he started in the end, that’s why they’re called local.
   Well the Prisoner didn’t exactly end up back where he started, he ended up outside the General stores. Having looked in through the window, the Prisoner goes into the Emporium. The shopkeeper is busy serving a customer, who helps herself to a pineapple. No, she’s not a shoplifter, it just saved the shopkeeper time that’s all.
   The Prisoner approaches the counter and the shopkeeper bids his customer a good day, and asks what he can do for him. The Prisoner asks for a map of the area. “Colour or black and white?” It doesn’t matter to the Prisoner, he just wants a map. Not that the map tells him anything when he gets it. Yes the Map of Your Village does show everything, the mountains, the woods, various buildings. The thing is the Prisoner meant a larger map. But that’s only in colour, much more expensive. It’s a larger map alright, but of the same area, and that’s not what the Prisoner meant at all. He meant a map of a larger area. However there are only local maps, there is no demand for any others.
   The thing about The Village Map is, it doesn’t actually tell the Prisoner anything. Nothing is defined, the mountains, the sea. The map tells the Prisoner where he is, but not where he is. It is possible to ask why the need for a map of The Village in the first place, when The Village is not that large in the second place. It is unlikely that anyone would get lost in The Village. After all, have you ever seen anyone actually use a map in The Village? Yes there was that time in ‘Free For All’ when Number 6 was looking for the Town Hall, but apart from that?

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