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Saturday, 28 May 2016

More Village!

    This is 11-12 spending a little time getting to know his mother M2. He is the reason why Helen and Curtis volunteered for The Village project, because they simply wanted a child. It would seem that for whatever reason, this was impossible for them in the outside world, that other place, that is New York.
   But 11-12 isn’t like any other son, he was born of The Village. Not physically, M2 did not physically give birth to 11-12, he was created within his mother’s subconscious. Which bodes the questions, at what age was 11-12 born in ‘The Village, and how did he first appear? Perhaps one day 11-12 wasn’t there, and the next he was, as though he had been with Two all the time. It cannot be written that 11-12 was with his mother M2 all the time, because he wasn’t, M2 spent the majority of her time sedated in her bed. Being woken up only occasionally when Two wanted to spend a little time with his wife. To reassure himself that it was still possible to do so.
   It is highly unlikely that 11-12 had a childhood, because he has no memories of his childhood. In the cellar of Palais 2 there are 11-12’s toys, a red lorry that Two said his son loved. But 11-12 has no memory of the red lorry, his other toys, or indeed any part of his so called childhood. He doesn’t even know his mother, that’s why in ‘Schizoid’ Two allows 11-12 to spend time with his mother, M2, in order to get to know her. And that works both ways, she does not know her son! At one point when M2 is spending a little time awake with her husband, Two, she has to ask him how their son is.
   11-12 might be born of The Village, but he has an enquiring mind, he has a want to know more about the “other place,” it’s as though he is beginning to outgrow The Village. And tells his mother that he wants to go to the “other place.” “Oh I don’t think so” his mother tells him “Village is best for us.” Is it possible to go there 11-12 asks, well yeah it is, for some people, just not for him. But then why would he want to, when he has The Village? But 11-12 persists, especially regarding the holes that appear in The Village when M2 is awake. “Why don’t we leave?” he asks. Only some people can go there, to the “other place,” people who exist there, people that were brought o The Village, people that weren’t born in The Village, like 11-12. M2 sees The Village is enough, but for 11-12 Village is not enough! M2 is losing control of her son, if 11-12 leaves The Village, to try and go to the “other place” she will lose him forever. 11-12 would cease to exist. So perhaps that is how he simply appeared one day in The Village, as an adolescent teenager.
Village is best for us!
Be seeing you

Persecution of The Prisoner-No.6!

    The understanding is, that Number 1 and Number 6 are the alter ego of the other, or their other self, or ‘Second self,” being so close to each other that each is an essential part of the one.
    The alter ego could be another side of oneself, a second self, another aspect of one’s personality. Or it could be an intimate friend, or a constant and intimate companion. On the other hand an inseparable friend, a perfect substitute or deputy. I like the idea of Number 6 being a perfect deputy or substitute for Number 1, and not the other self. Because one cannot physically meet one’s other self. Perhaps Number 6 was chosen as a perfect substitute or deputy for Number 1. It might be that the President, together with those white robed delegates of the Assembly were going to usurp Number 1, by putting Number 6 in his place. Something like ‘The Man In The Iron Mask,’ in which the cruel King Louis the 16th is replaced by his secret twin brother Philippe. That would explain the physical meeting between Number 1 and Number 6.
   Perhaps Number 6 and Number 1 are secret identical twin brothers, separated at birth. Number 1 having been incarcerated in The Village, somehow brings Number 6 there and sets about persecuting him by constantly putting him to the test. But not so much as to damage the tissue, after all there is such a thing called brotherly love!

Be seeing you

The Tally Ho

The Return of The Native  
                                                  by our own reporter

So he’s back in The Village! The Tally Ho wondered where Number 6 had been for almost a month. And so your own reporter hopped along to ‘6 Private’ in order to get an interview with the man. Unfortunately I found Number 6 in a most un-co-operative mood {when isn’t he} and he slammed the door in my face! However that has never stopped me from writing a good story before! I contacted the Bureau of Visual Records, the people there were most helpful in allowing me to view the recorded surveillance film footage between February 20th to 22nd. As I understand it Number 6 woke up one morning, around Feb 20th to find The Village deserted {I find that difficult to believe}. He carried out a search, found a number of buildings locked to him, all except the Green Dome, but that too was uninhabited, there being no sign of Number 2, or of his diminutive butler.
   He found an abandoned taxi in the street, the key was in the ignition, turning the key the engine fired into life. Having raided the workman's shed, Number 6 chopped down several small, yet stout trees. From a workshop he emptied the contents of a number of oil barrels down a drain. Also from the workshop he took rope, and with these materials Number 6 built himself a Kon-Tiki style sea-going raft. This does appear to fit, because a number of oil drums, lengths of tree trunks, and rope had to be cleared away by street cleaners from the quayside before the citizens woke up. What’s more Number 19 the shopkeeper reported that the General Store had been broken into. I asked the shopkeeper what items had been taken. 19 had taken an inventory, and found a copy of The Tally Ho, a black loudspeaker, a Cannon Dial 35mm camera had also been taken. Along with a number of tins of Village Food. Tins of corned beef, baked beans, and tinned fruit. As well as a packet of Village darning needles and a jar of cooking oil. What’s more the burglar had left his calling card “I. O. U. 964 No.6?” had been written in chalk on the counter! So with his provisions packed in crates, a barrel filled with tap water, and a bucket, he stowed these aboard his raft. Then Number 6 set about The Village taking pictures with the camera he took from the General Store. Why? Well your guess is as good as mine. I did ask Number 6, but he shouted for me to mind my own business, from the other side of his cottage door! So Number 6 sailed his raft to the mouth of the estuary and out into the Atlantic Ocean. What happened after that? Well it smacks of escape, daring do, and adventure. One can only imagine the perils of putting out to sea aboard an open raft, because Number 6 wasn’t prepared to tell me when I tried to ask him. In short he refused to open his cottage door to me, and shouted to me to buzz off! And then one day, Number 6 returned to the Village. Oh not in the conventional way by helicopter, as surveillance film footage shows, but by jumping out of an aircraft and descending to the beach on the end of a  parachute.
   There seemed to be no-one about, only The Village Cat, as Number 6 crossed the beach, walked up the hill into The Village, along the cobbled street, and back to his cottage. Well it was the only place he could ever go. I suppose Number 6 in having left The Village, and coming back the way he did, it’s rather like the local taxi service. You can go as far as you like, just as long as you arrive back here in The Village, in the end! Although there was no fatted calf for the return of this prodigal son, there was however a cake, the symbolism of which had not escaped me. The  cake, upon which were six lighted candles, having been baked and presented to Number 6 by Number 2 herself. 

Be seeing you

Friday, 27 May 2016


    Number 2 once said he’ll eventually go back to his room, its the only place he can ever go. Well there he is, standing roughly where he stood on the morning he woke up to find The Village deserted, and now hes back there, where he started from! All that time and effort, for what? Escape? Escape to where? Back there! He might have saved himself the trouble. Didn’t Number 2 once say that they’ll get him sooner or later wherever he goes. Well Number 6 made it easy for them. And it looks like Number 2 was right, his room is the only place he can ever go! Strange as it seems, The Village is the only place now where he fits in!

Be seeing you

Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                   “Sculpture of Number 1!”


Quote For The Day

    Youll make yourself sick sir!
  {Doris the barmaid at the Thatched Barn - The Girl Who Was Death}

    And she was right, having drunk a cocktail of drinks, imagining Mister X with his head in the toilet is not a pretty picture to conjure up! Ive never been able to make my mind up whether Mister Xs pint of beer had actually been laced with poison or not. If it had been, then the barmaid Doris, is guilty of attempted murder. A poisoner no less! Of course the Girl had obviously put Doris up to it, and she must have agreed to use that beer glass with the words YOU HAVE JUST BEEN POISONED, etched on the bottom of it when Mister X asked for a pint of his usual. Perhaps the Girl told her that it was a joke between friends. But somehow I dont think poison was ever used, I cannot really see Doris actually putting poison into a customers drink. The message etched on the bottom of the glass would be enough to achieve the same result, as we witnessed.
   I recall how I had purchased a number of You have just been poisoned stickers from the Prisoner shop in Portmeirion in 1988. I gave one to the Landlord of my local public house, and asked him to stick it on the bottom of a pint glass. He didnt mind, and having stuck said sticker on the bottom of a straight beer glass, placed it on the shelf with all the other glasses. As it happened my Uncle Stan was given that glass, purely at random, but the result was hilarious as I remember. In fact I didnt think it would work as well as it did. He didnt automatically demand a cocktail of drinks to make himself sick or anything. But he was confused, wanting to know what the hell was going on!

Be seeing you

Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Therapy Zone

    The thing about the Prisoner is, its all about the Prisoner! After all Number 2 doesn’t keep asking other prisoners why they resigned. In fact the only other prisoner Number 2 interrogates personally is Number 73 in Hammer Into Anvil. Number 8 in The Chimes of Big Ben is questioned why she was swimming away from The Village, asked if she was attempting suicide. But that doesn’t really count, as Nadia isnt really an inmate of The Village. Roland Walter Dutton is also interrogated, but its the doctor-Number 40 who is conducting the experiments to try and extract all the information Dutton knows. Cobb would be another interrogatee, seeing as he said they wanted to know all about him. But it’s Number 6 who is put to the test, but not by the usual methods, why not, whats so special about Number 6?
   Its always Number 6 who tries to escape, no other prisoner attempts to escape. No-one tries to escape by helicopter, or sail away on a small homemade boat, or by jet boat for that matter. The Professor did try to run away once, but I suppose that doesnt really count, seeing as he couldnt have got very far. The fact of the matter is, we never see anyone one else trying to escape when Number 6 is about! The reason for that might be that everyone else is too busy Jamming. Not really trying to escape at all. But then wouldnt that have been an ideal time for a known Jammer to escape? After all if say Number 77 was a known Jammer and the Observers knew he was a Jammer, and so let ride anything he did, then surely he or some other Jammer would be afforded the perfect chance to escape! And youll notice it was Number 6 who Number 2 got involved with Plan Division Q, because it was thought that Number 6 would give the assassination plan credibility, a man to be believed, and without whom the plan might fail. But Plan Division Q did fail, so what price Number 6s involvement then?
   Its Number 6s dream they get into. Its Number 6 who is just the kind of candidate they need to stand for election! Its Number 6 who comes face to face with himself. Its up to him to destroy the General. Number 6 is the cabaret at the Ball in Dance of the Dead,’ who also leads a group of so called reliable men in a daring escape attempt, as well as giving the orders! Why is it that its Number 6 who has to avenge the death of Number 73? Perhaps because hes Johnny on the spot! Just like it was when he was put on trial for the possession of a radio! Thankfully it’s not Number 6 undergoing a leucotomy, the operation known as Instant Social Conversion. That delight is left to another citizen. Number 6 being too valuable, the brain tissue mustn’t be damaged, well not permanently! And who turns up living in Harmony? Number 6! Why cant they let someone else have a go for a change? But in The Girl Who Was Death, at least we get to see part of Number 6s life, the kind of work he used to do…………a bit like John Drake really! And Once Upon A Time, well who else could survive both the physical and mental ordeal of Degree Absolute? It had to be Number 6. And then in Fall Out he got his just reward, compensation for what he had been put through, as well as meeting Number 1, and that had to be Number 6, damn the man! But if that wasn’t enough, he has to put himself through it all over again, trust him to want to continue to be the centre of attention.

Be seeing you