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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Thought For The Day

    After that piece of blog I cannot get the mental picture of No.6, cheeks puffed out wide, doing his utmost to inflate the pair of rubber air mattresses by mouth in the absence of a foot pump. Mind you he’s never been short of hot air! But I wouldn’t put it passed No.6 if he got the Rook to inflate them, had he not been still tinkering with the radio transmitter!

See you soon

A Day At The Beach!

    A day at the beach is a wonderful thing, sunshine, sand and a “99” ice cream cone! Oh look there’s No.8 she’s been for a swim, and a group are playing beach ball. And here’s the Admiral with his flag officer, looks very much like they are re-enacting another naval battle. Pity they only have ordinary plastic boats, and not those of battleships. Young women in swimsuits or bikinis lounge about on the rocks, or on rubber air mattresses sunbathing. Other people sit at tables being waited on as drinks are brought to them. It must be a real chore for the waiter to fetch and carry drinks all the way from the Old People’s home! Other citizens are paddling in the water, and the more energetic beach goers are playing beach ball. There’s No.58 what’s that he’s carrying? A basket, perhaps he’s going on a picnic, that’s nice. He’s walking towards that red and white striped bathing tent. He was with No.2 a moment or two ago by the kiosk, I wonder what they were talking about? No.2 looked to be lurking on the beach, half expecting to meet someone, and yet not really dressed for the beach. And there’s No.6, what’s he up to? He’s walking across the beach. I like the way they’ve laid wooden planks out across the gullies of water, so as people don’t get their feet wet! There’s a taxi, probably picking up a fare to take them back to the village. No.6 is heading towards that same bathing tent that No.58 went into, I don’t think he’s going for a swim he’s not carrying any trunks, he might be joining No.58 for a picnic! Oh he’s come out, going back across the beach.
    Oh look there’s No.8 drying herself off, now she’s accosted that No6, look at her flaunting herself. No.6 has sat down on the rocks next to her, they’re talking. Now she’s taking something off, looks like a necklace, no it’s a locket, and she’s given it to No.6. He’s taken it, opened the locket now he’s said something, and he’s walked off keeping the locket! Where’s he going? He’s on the beach now, heading back toward that same bathing tent, he’s gone back inside. Just a minute, there’s an open upside down umbrella floating away in the water, that looks suspicious, someone could be using that to send a message to someone in the outside world. On the other hand perhaps it’s just blown away, there are another three open umbrellas lined up on the sand. Why I’ve no idea why. The message, if there is a message in that umbrella perhaps its being sent to someone along the coast living in that fishing village, I forget its name for the moment. No.8 is paddling in the water now, she looks like she’s lost something, she certainly doesn’t look very happy. Someone has been building sandcastles. There’s No.6 again, he’s buying something at the kiosk….he’s purchased two inflatable rubber air mattresses. What does he want those for? Perhaps more to the point, how did he manage to inflate them and in so short a time? I am reliably informed that the pillow of an inflatable mattress has its own valve, and each other section also has independent air valves. This enables the mattress to be inflated by mouth, so I am informed, but here we have two such mattresses and that would seem to be too much like hard work for No.6. So I expect he stole a foot pump from one of the taxis at the same time he broke an aerial off one! Now he’s rushing off again, wonder where he’s rushing off to now? He’s always on that go that No.6, he can’t seem to relax for more than five minutes! Someone had better tell Control……
    ”You tell Control, after all you’re the Observer!”
    “I’m on my lunch break! Just a minute, see that chap with the beard wearing a red cap.”
    What about him?”
    “Is he wearing a dress?”
    “The trouble with being an Observer you’re never off duty are you. Give me another of those cheese and tomato sandwiches.”

Be seeing you

Monday, 16 September 2019

Caught on Camera!

    PMcG “And what do you two think you’re doing?”
    “We’re film extras dressing the scene.”
    “You’re what?”
    “The director told us to stand here as though we’re watching the
human chess match.”
    1st woman sat on a bench “That’s lucky, I thought he was talking to us for a moment!”
    2nd woman “So did I, we’ll just sit here and enjoy the scene.”
    PMcG “Well watch the chess match then, if that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. And no shouting come on you whites when we’re going for the take, like you did during the rehearsal of the scene.”
    “So we’ll just stand here on this balcony.”
    “Yes, and for pity’s sake do try and look interested!”
    “Sure thing Pat!”

    “And don’t call me Pat!”

    “And you two, what are you supposed to be doing?”
    “The same as them over there.”
    “We’re acting as film extras.”
    “Well act like it, watch the chess match, and try not to look quite so bored about it!”
    “Well sitting on a wall is boring.”
    “So is leaning on it!”
    “Well at least try to look interested.”
    “That was clever of you.”
    “What was clever of me?”
    “You didn’t upset him by calling him Pat.”
    “I heard that!”
    “Well buck your ideas up, we’re going for a take.”
    “Well ready when you are Mister McGoohan!”

    See you soon

The Tally Ho

    During the daily prognosis report gathered on No.6 in ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ he leaves the café and goes to the kiosk where he buys a copy of The Tally Ho. Sadly it’s impossible to read the headline of the broadsheet. However the headline is made up of three words which excludes it from being one of the earlier editions seen in previous episodes. So it is one produced for ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ But whether or not the headline has anything to do with Appreciation Day is impossible to say not being able to read it. Also we don’t know how far back the daily prognosis goes, as there is no indication of when No.6 bought that copy of The Tally Ho, it might have been a day ago, it might have been weeks. If we consider the café for a moment, where No.6 has been drinking tea or coffee, before he goes to the kiosk, that café is first seen in ‘The General.’ So the headline might have absolutely nothing to do with Appreciation Day, and could be anything at all. It’s also intriguing that an edition of the Tally Ho was produced especially for ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ and yet the television viewer doesn’t get to see the headline! What was there to hide?

Be seeing you

Saturday, 14 September 2019

The Girl Who Was Death

     You know there’s more to this episode than first meets the eye, and I’ve never really thought about it in this way before, but then it didn’t really occur to me until the other week. Okay if you want a childminder, one who will read your child a gentle bedtime story, perhaps the last person you should ask is our friend No.6! So why allow someone who was only recently a grumpy old disharmonious unmutual, to lull your children to sleep with a story? An action and adventure story commencing with a cricket match and exploding cricket balls, together with all the fun of a funfair, and a car chase which would only stimulate and excite the child’s mind so the child would not be able to go to sleep. More than that, such a story about a psychotic murderess, sex, death traps, a poisoning, drink abuse, and vomiting, not to mention the planned destruction of a city, along with the mass murder of millions of people would only bring about nothing but nightmares to young impressionable minds!

See you soon

A Favourite Scene In Village Day

    The Prisoner having woken up in his cottage, takes his first tentative steps out into the village, and encounters two gardeners busy working in a flower bed. His foot accidentally kicks a couple of plant pots.

    1st gardener “Watch out sir, don’t damage the plants!”
    Prisoner “Sorry.”
    2nd gardener “You alright?”
    “Looks lost doesn’t he.”
    “I’m a little confused, I don’t know where I am.”
    1st gardener “I was right, he’s lost, a new arrival. Spot em’ a mile off I can.”
    2nd gardener “Yeah, a new arrival” he laughs.
    “Where am I, what is this place?”
    2nd gardener “The village.”
    “Doesn’t it have a name?”
    1st gardener “A name? Of course it has a name, everything has a name, it would be silly if it didn’t have a name.”
    “What is it then?”
    Gardeners in unison “The village.”
    “Can you direst me to the nearest bus stop?”
    1st gardener “No buses come through here.”
    “A railway station then.”
    2nd gardener “There is no trains either.”
    “Oh yes you can get a taxi.”
    “We’ve got taxis alright. Up the steps through the archway and round the corner” the second gardener said pointing the way.
   The Prisoner dashes off leaving the two gardeners to return to planting the new plants. But not without watching the Prisoner go on his way, with knowing looks.
   The two gardeners were played by Dave Barrie and Chris Riley, it wasn’t a difficult or testing scene which had to be filmed early one morning before the village woke up for the day’s Prisoner convention in August 1998. We did one rehearsal of the scene and then went for a take and the scene was played out perfectly. The way the dialogue was delivered, and little things taking place between the gardeners helped make the scene, especially when they give each other knowing looks at the end. Again very little direction was required, Dave and Chris played their roles perfectly.

Be seeing you

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Top State Secret and Confidential

    Perhaps that's the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation - is that a state secret? It seems improbable, but then most things are possible and cannot be ruled out.
    I suppose that is the most permanent question in the minds of fans around the globe "Why did he resign?" A question certainly on the lips of most No.2's who are brought to the village. Yet No.2 of ‘A B & C’ seemed somewhat sympathetic towards No.6's situation "If someone can't chuck up a job things have come to a pretty pass!"
   All No.2 wanted to know was why No.6 resigned, that's not so difficult is it? Ah, but No.6 realised early on, that if he gave away the reason behind his resignation that would simply be the tip of the iceberg, and then all the rest would follow!
    But if No.6's resignation did happen to be a state secret, then he wouldn't be able to tell anyone would he, not even his fiancée Janet Portland, and then of course working for her father, Sir Charles Portland, well then he wouldn't be able to tell his daughter anything either, under pain of treason perhaps! Ah, now that does begin to explain something, because Sir Charles did tell his daughter that he had not sent her fiancé on a mission, that even he doesn't know where her fiancé is. And even then Sir Charles was telling his daughter more then he should!
   Top state secret! And it is a singular fact is it not, that No.6 during his interrogation in the embryo room during Degree Absolute of ‘Once Upon A Time,’ that No.6 did admit that he was on a mission, after being caught for speeding, it was a mission of life and death, whose life or death No.6 was not willing to divulge. However it was secret business, top secret, state secret business of the highest order. And what's more No.6 couldn’t tell the judge what it was all about, because such business is above the law! And what's more you will recall how No.6 had been recruited into the banking business, but how it was a cover for secret work, a top secret and state confidential job.
    If the village is run by those on the same side as that of No.6, "I'm on our side" No.6 informs the new No.2 during ‘Arrival,’ who wants to know where No.6's loyalties lie? "You know where they lie!" No.6 tells him. So that being the case, given No.6's unusual qualities and the extent of his knowledge, it is not then at all surprising that his own people would wish to keep such a man on a short leash, and what better place to keep him, but in the village, and a prisoner for life. Because such a man as No.6 might very well be extremely dangerous to national security, another reason to keep him - confined, for his own good as well as the well being of the nation.
    Yet it was all a bit of a trial for No.6, and having survived he was acquitted at his final trial during ‘Fall Out,’ and given the opportunity to go and leave the village! The only question you need to answer here, is "Was No.6 deserving of his acquittal?"

I'll be seeing you