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Thursday, 28 August 2014

I Am The New Number 2!

   In 'It's Your Funeral,' we discover that a number of "interim" Number 2's have been in office while Number 2 has been on leave. Meaning that they have been there in the intervening time, on a temporary basis. There is even an interim, or rather Number 2's heir presumptive in The Village upon Number 2's return to office. I suppose seeing as this "interim" Number 2 is going to be the new Number 2, there seems little point in him leaving The Village only to be brought back. But thinking about it, how permanent are any of the Number 2s? We know the idea of so many Number 2s is to make it impossible for Number 6 to strike a relationship with any such Number 2. Which in turns means that each Number 2 that has ever served as Chairman of The Village, has to have been an "interim" Number 2, otherwise Number 2 would be permanent!

Be seeing you

That Morse Get It Down!

   Number 2 wanted to know who Number 6 was signalling to. He checked with radar, but there was nothing at sea, no ship. He's shocked and puzzled by that, but surely there must be an aircraft, helicopter, something. But there's nothing! Under the sea, submarine, try the sonar.............. "No sir, there's nothing coming through." But he must be signalling to someone. Well he was, and I'd have thought that was blindingly obvious........
...............You, Number 2!


Harmony Times


You Are Free - Free - Free to Go!

    In his attempt to force freedom upon the people of The Village, we don't know how the Prisoner would act if he had not been drugged and his mind conditioned. When Number 58 slapped Number 6 it woke him from his conditioned state of mind, and only then did he realise that he had been manipulated every bit as much as the people. There was no time to think, there was one chance to achieve something, so he took it. However violent retribution was only a few moments away. And then faced with the new Number 2, he was about to be put firmly back in his place as a prisoner.
   We know that the Prisoner wanted to destroy The Village in one way or another . However if he had not been drugged and conditioned, surprised and shocked when he woke up, maybe he could have used another approach. He might have allowed the citizens to make their own choice whether to go or stay. He could have held a referendum! Or as the new Number 2 duly elected by the people, he could have attempted to dismantle The Village's bit by bit, not physically but by removing The Village's amenities. Dismantling the infrastructure bit by bit. Demolishing the health and welfare, closing the hospital. Dissolving the Town Council, and eroding the powers of administration, and public services, along with closing the Old People's Home. However that would have been a long and drawn out affair, and to do that Number 6 as the new Number 2 would have had to absorb more and more powers and authority, effectively becoming Number 1. If of course, as Chairman of The Village, he was allowed to get away with dismantling The Village infrastructure. As I feel Administration would block any such attempt, and Number 6 would be put back in his cell!

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Aversion Therapy Room or The panic Room?

    In the Aversion Therapy Room at the hospital, patients who show antipathy towards something or someone, perhaps arousing hatred, or repugnance, are treated much to their own discomfort. In this particular case Number 58 is being treated for his antipathy towards Number 2.
    As you can see a patient once placed in the Aversion Therapy Room is sat in front of a small screen and faced with images causing his fear, antipathy or phobia. In this case it is Number 2 himself, although it could easily have been that of the white membranic mass of The Village Guardian and even unmutuallity.
   Once faced with this over a course of treatment the patient will be relieved of any fear, antipathy, hatred or phobia they might hold against anything or anyone.
    However I should have thought that this was a negative effect upon the citizens of The Village. They should fear this particular Number 2, as he is possibly the most malevolent of all the Number 2's. Pretending to be your friend, but with the danger of being able to do you harm in any way whenever he may choose.
    But then again to counter this train of thought, there are those such Number 2s who wish citizens to be happy, settle down, to join in and become part of this our fine community. I suppose it all depends on your point of view, and which Number 2 is enjoying his or her term in office. They wanted Number 6 to settle down and join in, but he was seen to have a future in the village, unlike that poor soul Roland Walter Dutton in ‘Dance of the Dead.’ Or Number 73 forced into committing suicide by Number 2, this by jumping out of a hospital window.
    However we must not lose sight of the fact that ‘the Prisoner’ is nothing more than a work of fiction, based on a line of fact. Yet it is fact that has caught up with ‘the Prisoner’ on several fronts over the decades, credit cards, cordless telephones, identity cards, surveillance cameras are just a few examples. But another such example would be the Panic Room on television a few years ago. In this people were placed in a darkened room and placed in front of a small wall screen, similar to that in the above pictures. Once inside, a person is faced with his or her own fears, phobias and whatever they might be averse to. Anything from spiders to wriggling maggots. Heights, confined spaces and the great outdoors, to well, your worst nightmare I should think.
    To borrow one of Number 2's sayings "fact is stranger than fiction" and in this case fact has definitely caught up with fiction. But remember another of Number 2's says "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." But is that really the case? After all we are all afraid of something, averse to something else. And as for fear and phobias, there is always "something dark and dangerous" lurking in the dark recesses of our minds. After all in the case of Number 58 he is faced with his worst fear of all, whatever Rover might be symbolic of!

   But even then the film has been manipulated!

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Quote For The Day

    "She could ruin the whole thing!"
    "Maybe she's watching over Number Six."
    "Physically? Put out a general call for her."
    "Number Six as well?"
    "No, he's safe enough here for the time being, just the girl."
             {Number 2 and the Supervisor-Number 26 - A Change of Mind}
    It would seem that the Supervisor is psychic, seeing as Number 86 and Number 6 are together, but perhaps not in the same way he imagined. One thing that has always puzzled me, is where is Number 6 “safe enough for the time being?” It seems to imply that Number 2 knows where the Prisoner is, but where “here” is has always eluded me!

Be seeing you

Caught On Camera!

   "What's this?"
    I've always thought that Number 2 says that in somewhat of an unfeeling way when Number 8 is wheeled into the Observation Room. The doctor explains to Number 2 that this is a new experiment. If it works it will prove invaluable to Number 2.
   "What exactly is the experiment?"
   “A development on research using Dolphins, as a means of submarine detection, they planted transistors in their brains.”
   This doctor hasn’t got that far with humans, but the doctor thinks Number 2 may find this effective for their purposes. A reaction transmitter hidden in a locket which Number 8 will wear all the time. Poor Number 8, she has been hypnotised into thinking that she is in love with Number 6, and he with her. The use of Number 8 like this, and the fact that she told Number 6 that she has often helped others with their plans to escape, plans which of course all failed, makes me wonder how many other times she has been used in this particular way.
   Number 2 finds it all very ingenious. The fact that when Number 6 is out of Number 8’s sight she’ll be sighing. When she sees him her pulses will quicken, and if she thinks she’s going to lose him, if he attempts to escape, she’ll be frantic. And her overwhelming emotion will send an alarm to Control.
   “Good!” says Number 2 and leaves the Observation Room.
   The way Number 2 says “Good!” it always makes me think that he’s not at all he bothered about it. It seems that as long as this new device works, he’s unconcerned about it. This Number 2 strikes me as being an able administrator, and happy to let others get their hands dirty. With ‘Checkmate’ the only failure for Number 2 and The Village is the experiment employing Number 8 and the reaction transmitter. But even that worked for a while, until Number 6 discovered it by accident.

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