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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Rough Justice!

    The Prisoner had been sentenced to death for the possession of a radio. From somewhere, he has not yet been subject to interrogation, the accused acquired a radio. He had no radio of his own, there’s no radio he could have borrowed, so when acquiring one…..just a minute, Number 240, the Prisoner prosecutor, said that there was no radio he could have borrowed, no radio he could have acquired. What about Number 34, the man Number 6 found dead man on the beach that morning. That’s where Number 6 had acquired it from, a pocket in the dead man’s trousers. So the question must be, how, and from where had he managed to acquire a radio?
   So having been found guilty the Prisoner is sentenced to death in the name of the people. The people carry out the sentence in the name of justice. But all the people are, a mob screaming for the Prisoner’s blood. And had they got their hands on their quarry, they might well have torn the Prisoner limb from limb in the name of justice!
    But that wouldn’t be the last time Number 6 would face an angry mob. Not one screaming for his blood, but he was attacked by umbrella wielding women of the Sub-Appeal Committee! They saw to it that the angry mob of Village citizens saw Number 6 manhandled to the hospital in order for him to undergo the procedure known as Instant Social Conversion.
    The last person to face an angry mob, well to be more accurate a lynch mob, was Cathy Johnson. She tried to stop the town’s people of Harmony from hanging her brother. Well the angry mob was outside the Jailhouse screaming for blood and they had to have someone, so the Judge gave them Johnson instead of the stranger.
  It could be considered that the Professor faced a mob, those of his students who set upon the Professor as he was running away from The Village along the beach. But that might be considered to be stretching a point. Mind you it might not have been an angry mob, but they did chase the Professor down, and they did manhandle him all the way back to The Village. Hospitality like that is difficult to resist!

Be seeing you

Bureau of Visual Records

   In the Control Room, having observed the Professor and the doctor in the General’s office on the wall screen, the Supervisor asks “Track the Professor?” “No, the art seminar” Number 2 tells him
   “Right, put up section thirty-nine, sound and vision” the supervisor orders.
    Who is in control of the wall screen in the Control Room? I only ask because when Number 2 says “No, the art seminar,” the Supervisor, then relays the instruction “Put up section thirty-nine, sound and vision” to someone else, someone seemingly outside of the Control Room because he uses a telephone. I would have thought that someone in the Control Room itself would have had access to the wall screen via a control panel, rather than an external agency. All the Supervisor would have to do then would be to relay Number 2’s orders across the chamber in order for an operative, to change the image on the wall screen, instead of having to give those orders via telephone.

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Full Circle!

    There comes a point when ‘the Prisoner’ comes full circle and begins all over again, or is that merely the beginning? For the Prisoner to relive everything after having handed in his letter of resignation repeatedly, over, and over again. But then what of us? Those fans and enthusiasts who have followed ‘the Prisoner’ what of us? If we were personally ever to come to a full and clear understanding of ‘the Prisoner,’ never mind what anyone else thinks, but clear understanding to our own individual satisfaction, what then for us? Do we, like ‘the Prisoner,’ begin all over again in our drive to comprehend what it is all about? Or do we simply sit down, watch and enjoy the series for what it is, pure escapism? And in that way not caring who the Prisoner was in his former life, or why the Prisoner resigned in the first place. Or bother ourselves about which side runs The Village, or even wonder who Number 2 is. After all what difference does it make? It doesn’t make any difference, not in the end. But in the Prisoner’s end is his beginning, so we’ll see what happens when we reach that fatal moment, and ‘the Prisoner begins all over again.

Be seeing you

Friday, 12 February 2016

Village Life!

    Number 2 frog marched through the Village by the citizens as they chant “Unmutual, unmutual, unmutual.” He knows what it’s like now not to trust a woman, because his downfall was partially due to Number 86. She allowed herself to be outwitted by Number 6, and then in a hypnotised state of mind {thanks to the sedative drug Mytol} 86 denounced Number 2 as being an Unmutual! I hope he makes it back to the relative safety of the Green Dome, he should be secure behind those blast proof doors to his office.
   ‘A change of Mind’ sees the second suggestion that Number 6 should undergo a leucotomy. It was first suggested by the doctor-Number 23 in ‘Checkmate.’ But Number 2 said Number 6 was too valuable for such drastic action. So really that statement made it a little unbelievable that such an operation would have taken place during this episode. Besides if it was true, what made Number 6 so unimportant all of a sudden? Yes to the Committee and the people of The Village the Prisoner was simply Citizen Number 6. Someone who is to be tolerated for a while, but after that, he must be shaped to fit! Something like circling the square in the aptitude test on the day of the Prisoner’s arrival in The Village. But of course to Number 2 Number 6 is someone of importance, mustn’t damage him permanently say their masters! So I never really thought they would make Number 6 undergo the process of Instant Social Conversion, they might have lost him for good. The only mystery to this episode was how it would finally work out. Well it worked out none too good for Number 2. Mind you it could have been all the worse for him, Instant Social Conversion for Number 2, and it might have been, had he not made it back to the comparative safety of the Green Dome!

Be seeing you

Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                        “Becoming Involved!”

Quote For The Day

    “You have vindicated the right of the individual to be individual.”
                                                 {The High Court Judge - Fall Out}

    High praise indeed, especially when individualism has always been frowned upon in The Village. But a former Number 2 once described individuals as “always trying.” Meaning they are just plain trying difficult or annoying, and hard to endure. Just because one is a number it doesn’t stop one from being a person or individual. We are all individuals, and individuals go to make up society. And society cannot survive without individuals, well it can, but what would that make society?
    But can it really be that they would have given in so easily, and so suddenly, in deciding that the former Number 6 knows the way, and he was asked to show them. Did the High Court Judge, who was but a former Number 2 himself, really have that power to make such a monumental decision as that? Perhaps he did, after all it was the Judge who issued the order to evacuate The Village. Or maybe more likely the Judge is but a former Number 2, who had been brought back to The Village while his predecessor was deliberating with Number 6 in the Embryo Room. And that once that week was up, with Number 2 having lost his life, the incumbent Number 2 had been instructed to have one last throw of the dice, one final manipulation of Number 6 in ‘Fall Out.’ That might account for the fact that it was the Judge who gave the order to evacuate The Village, because he was the incumbent Number 2 at the time, and no-one of authority was in a better position than he to give such an order.

Be seeing you

Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Therapy Zone

    ‘The Prisoner’ is more than simply a television series, because it contains archive film footage of Portmeirion as it used to be. Of Dover harbour and the ferry the ‘Maid of Kent.’
 The lighthouse at Beachy Head was further from the cliffs at the time of filming. Cliff erosion in recent years has brought the lighthouse close to the mainland. And it was due to a piece of cliff erosion that enabled Number 6 to scramble up the chalk cliff. Because if it had not been for that piece of erosion he would have had a very long walk along that shingle beach! And no, I do not subscribe to any idea that it was the power behind The Village who arranged that cliff erosion, but that it was a natural occurrence.
    And then there is the film footage of the back-lot sets at
MGM which appear in episodes of ‘the Prisoner,’ back-lots which have long since gone. But at the time were used in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ ‘A B and C,’ ‘The Schizoid Man,’ ‘Living In Harmony,’ and ‘The Girl Who Was Death.’
    There is the film footage of the Thatched Barn seen in ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ but which has long since gone these many years past. Along with the area around Boreham wood. Of the Kursaal funfair at
Southend-on-Sea. And the motorway, the M1 used as the A20, where is all the traffic? Motoring back in the 1960’s must have been a joy when faced with the open road, instead of the traffic filled roads of today.
    It has been said that ‘the Prisoner’ is ahead of its time, well that may be true while in The Village.’ But out of The Village ‘the Prisoner’ is most definitely of its time, firmly set in the 1960’s!

Be seeing you