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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Village Life!

   “Not many folk about.”
   “It’s still early in the morning.”
   “Oh look, there’s Number Six.”
   “On his early morning walk around The Village. He’s always walking, irritating man!”
   “He might be on his way to the cafe to buy his breakfast.”
   “What a take-away breakfast?”
   “I fancy a coffee.”
   “We’re not going to the cafe.”
   “Why not?”
   “I’m not paying five credit units for a coffee. Besides there’s the planet to think of, and the recycling of the two coffee cups.”
   “Recycling, the waitress will wash them up won’t she?”
   “Let’s go home and make two coffee’s there and do our bit for the planet!” 
   “Oh well, we might as well. I didn’t want a latté anyway.”
   “A latté, that’s the one that’s all milk isn’t it?”
   “A coffee that’s all milk, what’s the point in that....can we have teacakes with our coffees?”
   “If you like.”

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Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                       A Tragic Figure!

Thought For The Day

    Number 2 isn’t an inmate, so that thing can be got rid of, the thing in his chair. It would appear that the Guardian has delusions of grandeur! But it doesn’t last long, as the chair with “it” still in it descends through the floor. But who pressed the button so that the chair would be lowered through the floor? It wasn’t Number 2, nor was it the Butler, perhaps the Guardian did it by using the power of the mind. No, most likely it was the person to whom Number 2 had been laying the law down, Number 1.
    But before that, because the chair had already been raised into the office, poor old number 2 was forced the indignity of being raised up through the floor on a disc, when he should have been sat in his chair. No wonder he was in a bad mood! But why the bell? That was an odd way to summon Number 2 by the ringing of a bell. Usually it was the servant who was summoned so, not the master! And later, in the Embryo Room, that rocking horse, it was always rocking right up until the end. I wonder why? Perhaps there is no meaning, symbolic or otherwise, it might be simply a visual effect. Even for it to appear that there is a reason for the almost perpetually rocking horse motion, probably there isn’t.

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The Therapy Zone

    You can be an alcoholic here in perfect privacy, just as long as you rejoin the flock in good time. Are we to believe a scientist dwells within the cave, brewing his brew and playing with his chalk, as he works on any number of formulae? It seems to me to be another of Number 2’s elaborate plans in order to administer Number 6 with another dose of a drug, when all they had to do was put the drug in his drink at the Cat and Mouse nightclub. Or put it in his nightcap along with the nightly sedative! Oh well, that’s the way of it, why do something simple when a more complicated plan will do equally was well!

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Collector And Modellers Corner

   Matthew Chambers has been working on a project connected to 'The Girl Who Was Death' a Corgi Diecast Car Prisoner Special Gift Set inspired by the episode. This is what Matt had to say about the project.
     “All the parts have been acquired to restore a Corgi Elan and that's been painted waiting re-assembly only.

   The Corgi Jaguar is waiting for a topcoat and both are waiting for number plate decals. The plates are the difference with making them as good a match to the episodes Car Scenes as I can get. Usually I restore Matchbox cars at the smaller scale but neither car was available from Matchbox, both available from Corgi who also have a lot of this sort of Gift Set pairings. I'm not able to get a suitable box made which is beyond my scope but I may try and think of some display element for them to sit on. 
   I did notice you have some interest in diecast cars from reading your site sections. I was hoping to find out a bit more about Justine Lord's involvement in the episode and did note she has attended The Prisoner Conventions recently. I have watched the Prisoner and had a keen interest since a re-run in the late 70's.  
   I did mirror polish and mask the bumpers on the E Type but couldn't get the mask line to not pull at the surrounding paintwork hence what you see is a second re-spray on the upper casting and a decision not to use silver detail. I could try it just happens to be a difficult casting in that respect so for now erred on the side of caution partly because the Lotus also has/had no trim detail.
   Thank you Matt for sharing this with me and my readers.

Be seeing you

The Trivia!

    It’s no trivial matter being a prisoner in The Village, not if you’re Number 6 its not! The man’s too good to be true, everyone bends, or they break! Everyone talks on the third day! It seems as though someone is looking after Number 6, because no matter what he’s put through, he always manages to survive intact.
    Number 2 once said that no extreme measures were to be used yet, against Number 6 that is, that he can’t use the normal methods, Number 6 is too valuable! Well what’s so damned special about Number 6, just because it’s a perfect number, the first perfect number, 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 irritating man! Well he doesn’t get my vote!

Be seeing you

Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                     An Escaped Prisoner!