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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Quote For The Day

    “Why do you care?”
                   {Number 2 – Once Upon A time}
That’s a very good question. Care about the Prisoner, do I care about the Prisoner? It’s a series I have found fascinating for nearly 52 years, or rather it’s been an obsession, just as it has been for many others. It gets under your skin, I cannot leave it alone, or should that be the other way around? As for Number 6, I’m not sure I care for him or not. I like the way he maintains his inner self, the way he combats Number 2’s machinations and always comes out whole, even after having a change of mind. And because of that he seems too good to be true somehow. Nothing affects him, well not until the death of Number 2 at the end of the ordeal in the Embryo Room. As for The Village, to me it doesn’t matter which sides runs it. Nor does it really matter who Number 1 is, I would have rather it not have been Number 6 because there was no pay-off. No retribution. Oh yes Number 1 was eventually sealed in that nose cone of the rocket, but both 6 and 1 escaped the village at precisely the same moment. And after having returned to London, having made the discovery of the identity of Number 1, who else could he blame but himself. He could have gone running back to his former colleagues, but then he’d done that twice already and look where that got him.........back in the village!

Be seeing you

In The Village!

   Why do you think Number 6 did that, went to the window and looked down? Perhaps he was just making sure, remembering how a former colleague, Cobb, also committed suicide by jumping out of a hospital window. Well he was supposed to have, but of course we the viewer know differently Number 6 didn’t. Perhaps Number 6 had doubts about suicides, but there was no-way he could check Cobb’s death.
    Number 6 accused Number 2 of murdering Number 73, but Number 2 hadn’t laid a hand on the woman, yes he interrogated her, caused her mental torture. But Number 73 didn’t leap out of bed and out of the window until Number 6 burst into the room. Maybe 73 simply took her chance in the confusion to leap to her death. She had attempted suicide before by slashing her wrists, and so would have been likely to try again when the opportunity arose. I suppose the open window proved too much of an opportunity for her. Which begs the question why was the window left open in the first place, knowing 73’s suicidal tendencies?

Be seeing you 

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Two Prisoner References!

    This morning I had occasion to go out to purchase some new plants, when I do that I cannot help but bring to mind that nice little scene in ‘Arrival’ when No.6 encounters the gardener.

    “Careful sir, they’re new plants.”
   My wife asked me to pick up some oranges while I was about it, and not to give any away to strange looking women! This was alluding to a scene towards the end of ‘Darling,’ in THEPRIS6NER when Michael had gone to get oranges for Lucy to have for breakfast. He drops one of the oranges on the sidewalk, and a young woman who is obviously living on the streets, picks it up and bites into the fruit. Michael feels sorry for her and hands her another orange.
   Then earlier this afternoon when I was planting the new plants, Petunias, I thought to myself if that No.6 comes along wanting a word, he’ll have to wait!

Be seeing you

The Schizoid Man

      Number 6 has been reported dead! Number 2 is outraged, there’s going to be hell to pay, and it looks very much like its going to be him that pays! Curtis wants to know when he’s leaving, but Number 2 wants him to go as see the girl Alison as they think she may have had some incite into Number 6’s motivations. But there’s nothing Alison can tell Curtis, so he goes on his way. First to 6 Private where he changes into civilian attire, and collects his suitcase, then Number 2 calls for him and its just a quick taxi ride to the helicopter, and a quick flip to the landing stage. During the taxi ride Number 2 attempts to talk to Curtis about the proposition he put to him, but Curtis has had no time to think about it. Curtis is in on edge, perhaps it’s the job. The helicopter stands waiting in front of the Recreation Hall, as does Alison who tells him that what she did to Number 6 was a betrayal, and she wanted him to know that if she had a second chance she wouldn’t do it again. But there are no second chances, well there are for the lucky ones.
    “I say old chap.”
    “Yes what is it?”
    “I don’t know what I was thinking. I cannot possibly let you leave looking like that.”
    “What do you mean, looking like what?”
    “Well Number 6, obviously. You’ll have to look like yourself before I can allow you to leave the village.”
    “Don’t be ridiculous!”
    “We’ll amend you slightly, dye your hair black again, but we’ll have to wait until you’ve grown your moustache again.”
    “You must be crazy!”
    “Or you can spend the rest of your life here impersonating Number 6!”
    “You’ll never get away with that!”
    “You don’t fancy that Number 6?”
    “How did you know?”
    “Curtis doesn’t have a bruised fingernail!”

Be seeing you

One Day!

   One day in The Village is very much like any other, except the day when........Well it all began with Number 2 being in a bad mood. Apparently someone, we never did find out who, had dumped a lot of old wood and empty oil drums on the quayside. Annoyed by this, Number 2 wanted to know who had left them there, and ordered an immediate inquiry, and for the wood and oil drums to be cleared up. But no-one seemed to have the least idea how the wood and oil drums came to be on the quayside. Also the General Store had been broken into, and a number of tinned goods had been taken, along with a camera, a loudspeaker, and a copy of The Tally Ho. Also the shopkeeper reported that an IOU had been written in chalk on the counter in the shop, and signed No.6? And there was the other thing, no-one had seen Number 6 all that day, what’s more the empty milk bottle on his doorstep had not been collected, also no milk had been delivered. Not that day, nor any subsequent day for almost a month! So where was Number 6? He wasn’t to be seen anywhere. Days, then weeks went by and still no sign of him. But the strange thing is no-one seemed concerned, certainly not Number 2. So life went on much the same, minus Number 6. Jammers were under the impression that he had hidden himself away, to make it look as though he had escaped the confines of The Village. In effect they thought he was jamming. Whilst others believed that he had actually managed to escape, even to the extent of discussing how he managed it. Then one day just as the village day was about to begin, a man turned up, a man wearing a flying suit. His flying helmet was later found on the beach, and Number 6 had come amongst them again.

Be seeing you

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Collectors Corner!

    This photograph which I shall call ‘A’ taken just as Number 6 is being discharged from the hospital, I, like so many other people purchased this from the Prisoner shop in the late 1980’s. There is nothing remarkable about it. The next photograph is the same but different as you can see.
   This photograph ‘B’ is as I purchased it, I forget where from. It might have been from the Black Cat bookshop in Leicester amid a large quantity of Prisoner material, back in the early 1990’s. Or it might have been from a Memorabilia event at the NEC at Birmingham. Apart from the photograph being the mirror image of the one above, there is another difference. Although the two photographs are the same size, the one below has been taken slightly more to the left, or right if you mirror the photograph!

Be seeing you

I’m Gone Gone Away!

   “You were with us, then you went and gone!”
    He was first the Kid, a mute gunslinger in what could be the first virtual reality experience. This technique devised by Number 8 {the Kid} to be used to break Number 6. Ply the subject with hallucinatory drugs, put him in a dangerous environment, talk to him through microphones. Give him love, take it away and he’ll break if only in his mind. It might have worked before, but it didn’t with Number 6. It was difficult to control the situation, and even Number 8 allowed himself to get carried away with the role playing when he revisited the scene of the crime. Having first strangled Cathy in the Saloon because of his fixation with her, and her rejection of him, this psychotic killer then went and strangled Number 22, under the impression she was Cathy, to death, then took the easy way out and committed suicide!
    He turned up next as the Cockney fashion photographer, “Ere what’s your game Sherlock Holmes? I’ll spread your nose all over your face. I’ll bust you up and down this fairground, you’ll never pick up your teeth with a broken arm. I’ll tear off your leg and beat you over the head. I do not think for one moment that the photographer is Number 8, it’s most likely that Number 6 made up the characters in story of ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ using people with whom he had previous experience, and so exaggerating their characters and putting them in the most eccentric of situations. Well all but one, but to realize that you would have to read my book ‘The Prisoner Dusted Down.’
    However Number 8 could be Number 48, with a 4 in front of the 8, and resuscitated like Number 2. But that’s improbable, yet not impossible however improbable. To my mind Number 48 is nothing more than a contrivance with which to pad out the conclusion to the Prisoner,’ as was forcing the return of “late” Number 2. Just what had Number 48 done to see himself brought to book in ‘Fall Out?’ Why was he brought to the village in the first place? Perhaps he was at one time respectable, but once finding himself in the village he “dropped out.” It is suggested by the President that Number 48 had been “with them” but that he went and gone. Probably meaning he “dropped out,” or died in an act of suicide but then had been resuscitated as previously suggested. Oh there’s no proof of any of this, its mere speculation on my part. The Photographer, Number 8, and Number 48 may well be just as they seem, three entirely different characters. It’s just that if I can, I like to tie characters together if it’s at all possible, and in some cases it is. Does that make it right? No, but it makes for an interesting exercise all the same.

Be seeing you