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Friday, 20 October 2017

Why Does He Care?

   You know our friend Number 6 can be really very kind at times. Remember when he bought Number 36 a bag of sweets because all her weekly credit allowance had run out. Poor Number 36, she simply couldn't go a day without her sweets. Well it was much the same with Number 38 who had created a tapestry for the Exhibition of Arts and crafts, and with it had won the over 60's special award. Number 6 won the prize of prizes, the special merit award of two thousand work units for the best work in any of the five groups. The Awards Committee awarded it to Number 6. Number 6 thinking that he wouldn't be needing those two thousand work units thought that someone else might put them to better use. He felt that the special merit award should not have gone to him, but to someone whose work, and long life in The Village, had been an example to them all...Number 38. It's not for Number 6 to reverse the decision of the Committee. However he uses those two thousand work units to buy Number 38's tapestry to hang in his own home. I thought that was a nice gesture on Number 6's part. That night he and Nadia prepared the boat for their escape, having taken the components of Number 6's abstract sculpture from the Recreation Hall, after all Number 6 could have simply taken the tapestry he used as a sail. So there was no need for him to have bought it, but it was a kind gesture on Number 6’s part!

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Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                            “You ain’t seen me, right!”

Page 6

    Beautiful day, and it most certainly is, another sunny warm day in the charming and picturesque Village, which even the Prisoner had to admit is charming. Strange then that he couldn’t wait for the opportunity to try and escape. When it came he made his way through the woods and down onto the beach. I wonder where he thought he was going, and how far he would get? Even behind the wheel of a Mini-Moke he didn’t get that far, not even as far as the outer perimeter! Had he managed to remain in that vehicle and not have become mesmerized by the fast approaching white membranic Guardian, he might have swerved round it and carried on to the end of the beach and on his way to the next town! Well you can see the next town in some of the aerial shots when Number 6 attempts to escape in the helicopter. Number 6 a man in isolation! Isolation? He’s hardly alone in The Village, and The Village is hardly isolated and by what I can see from aerial pictures, when Number 6 is attempting to escape by helicopter, it seems the next town’s only about 3 miles away! It that where the milk, the ice cream, the potatoes, and the aspirins comes from? If I’m not very much mistaken Number 8 in ‘Checkmate’ takes the road in that direction in a stolen taxi, well at least she should find her way there from the end of the drive, the main road........ but she turned back before she reached it. Because the next thing we know is she’s back in The Village still looking for Number 6!

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Speed Learn!

    What was it Number 12 said about Speed Learn? A University level degree in three minutes, it might be improbable, but not impossible, nothing is impossible in The Village! That’s all very well, but what would anyone in The Village do with a University degree once they’d got it?

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Page 1

    Back to the beginning. No not along some airfield under dark clouds, no sound of thunder only that of machine guns! The coming together between Number 6 and Number 1 had not gone well, in fact the falling out had begun long before that. I hadn’t realized you see, that it had been me all the time, me the Prisoner! I knew what was going to happen, I knew to resign, that The Village wasn’t right, but to resign was the next logical step, to tell them what they could do with The Village. I never imagined I would find myself back there. I will not be pushed filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered. You won’t hold me! Won’t we? Come, let me show you that we will...................

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Village Life!

    Number 42 is very diligent, when approached by Number 6, his authoritative attitude persuades him that Number 6 is a superior. So much so that if something’s wrong, and he is not satisfied, he said he’d paint it again! It makes me wonder that something was wrong with Number 42’s brushstrokes that his painting was not up to specifications. In fact he had actually been told to paint the wall again. How do we know this? Because later in the episode when Number 6 finds Number 42 the next day in order to give him the password “Tonight at moonset, Pawn to Queen’s Pawn Six check,” 42 is still painting that same wall. Unless of course Number 42 is either working to rule, or simply “spinning” the job out! Personally I like to think that soon after Number 6 and the Rook had come by inspecting his work, a proper foreman came along to inspect 42’s painting of the wall, and finding it unsatisfactory was instructed to paint it again. That really would have confused Number 42, to have had his work inspected a second time, and so soon after the first!

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Quote for The Day

    “I hate to disappoint you, but the Polotska’s our ship.”
                                            {Number 2 – Checkmate}
Well it’s nice of Number 2 to confirm that for us, now we know that she’s the gun-runners’ vessel in ‘Many Happy Returns.’ After all there cannot be two vessels like her. But she has had a change of crew, perhaps Ernst and Gunter were enjoying a spell of shore leave in The Village at the time. Mind you, a different crew they maybe, but it’s the same motor yacht, and the same desperate struggle for freedom!

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