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Monday, 27 January 2020


    16 is the number, or it could be 1-6, perhaps 1 and 6, that’s one and sixpence in old money, or 18 pennies, 36 half pennies. Either that or 1 and 6 different sides of the same coin, added together they make 7. Perhaps No.7 is the boss, after all 1 and 6 cannot both be the boss, and yet they are both prisoners. Although it appears to me that 6 as a prisoner enjoys a certain amount of freedom in the village, unlike his other self who is a prisoner cooped up inside that rocket day and night. 1 doesn’t even get to go out into the village like No.6 does. I’m surprised 1 didn’t try to change places with No.6, to put the cowled robe on 6 and see how he likes it being cooped up in that rocket. But perhaps that might be too dangerous, we saw what No.6 attempted to do soon after assuming the role as the new No.2, imagine what he might try to do as No.1 in that rocket!

Be seeing you

A Right Pair of Six’s!

    “Well you seem pretty pleased with yourself, that’s not like me at all! What’s put you in a good mood?”
    “I’ll be damned!”
    “Yes, you probably will be.”
    “I suppose you’re supposed to be me!”
    “There’s no supposed about it.”
    “You’re the goodie Number 6 who is supposed to be proving me wrong.”
    “That’s right.”
    “Well how do you propose to do that? Oh don’t tell me, you work on the principle that the good cowboy wears a white hat, and the baddie a black hat.”
    “Something like that.”
    “Well you’ve got off to rather a bad start, looking at the colour of your blazer.”
    “Its brown, what’s wrong with that?”
    “Nothing, except in a certain light it looks black!”
    “Well I’ve certainly never worn a white blazer like that before!”
    “Well you know what they say.”
    “No, what do they say?”
    “A change is as good as a rest!”
    “I’d never go about wearing a badge like that. So that’s twice you’ve got me wrong!”
    “You mean you would refuse your identity?”
    “I am not a number……..”
    “I am a free man!”
    “You mock me!”
    “Not at all, it’s just that acceptance makes life here a little more worth living.”
    “You’ve never tried to escape?”
    “Yes several times.”
    “Then why are you still here?”
    “That’s because you have never succeeded!”
    “What do you mean by that?”
    “Well if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here, it’s as simple as that!”
    “You expect me to believe that I’m you and you are me?”
    “The sooner you come to terms with that, the easier it will be for the both of us.”
    “You, you’re nothing like me!”
    “I should take a look in the mirror if I were you mate!”
    “Look I know who I am, Number 2 knows who I am, I just don’t know who you are!”
    “There’s an easy way to settle this.”
    “How do you mean?”
    “Show me your bruised fingernail!”
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Friday, 24 January 2020

In The Village!

    In the Village there are times when people genuinely appear to be enjoying themselves, mostly down on the beach, either sunbathing, playing beach ball, building sand castles, or sailing plastic boats. Not like that time during Carnival when there was nothing but blank expressions on people’s faces. The brass band played, but the cheers of the parading people were fake, piped over the Village via the public address system! Well no-one truly enjoys Carnival do they, and those that do are simply an annoyance to those who do not. And yet there was the Mardi-Gras atmosphere in the Village at the time of Speed Learn dashing about, brandishing placards “No home work with Speed Learn” and wearing masks of all kinds. I think that was truly the one time when the citizens were enjoying themselves, as they celebrated the joys of Speed Learn. Yes the students were being force fed knowledge, but there didn’t seem to be any use of drugs, merely hypnosis as they sat staring at television screens.

Be seeing you

Life In The Village!

    “222 I’m just about fed up with your continuously playing “sailing by!”

    “It was composed by Ronald Binge in 1963. Where are we by the way? This isn’t the village.”
    “No, we’re in the
Atlantic ocean.”
    “What are we doing here?”
    “Having a nice little sea voyage.”
    “What are you doing now?”
    “You have one component I need.”
    “I’ve warned you before, deliberate damage to official property will result in a fine or imprisonment.”
    “Tell it to the Judge!”
    “You can’t take me to pieces like this, you’ll be all alone!”
    “That’s no bad thing!”
    “Look I warn you if you don’t sto…………..”

Be seeing you

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Tales From The Village

    As No.9 arrived on the quayside she could see a day on the beach was out of the question, seeing as the tide was in, in fact the tide had not gone out for three whole days! Then she noticed the two motor mechanics working on a speed boat, she made her way to the slipway and approached the two men.
    “Waterskiing miss?” the first mechanic asked “not sure about that.”
    “Has she got a chit?” the second mechanic asked busy working on the engine.
    “A what?” No.9 asked.
    “A chit from No.2 authorising you to go swimming.”
    “I had no idea I needed a chit” she told them.
    “Well if you go and get the proper permit, me and my mate here will be more than happy to take you water skiing.”
    They watched as the girl in the white bathing costume made her way back to the road.
    “I didn’t know you needed a permit” No.251 said.
    “Perhaps by the time she comes back, you’ll have that engine fixed.”
    “A what?” No.2 asked.
    No.22, his assistant simply stood and shrugged his shoulders.
    “I was told” the girl began “by one of the motor mechanics that in order for me to go water skiing I would need a chit signed by you.”
    No.22 grinned.
    No.2 shot 22 a disparaging glance “Well my dear that is quite correct” and he searched for a piece of paper “ah yes, here we are” he said producing a note pad. If you would do the honours 22.”
    No.22 stepped forward and took the accepted note pad and pencil “How would you like the permit phrased Number 2?”
    “I hereby give Number 8 permission to go water skiing, signed Number 2.”
    “I hereby” No.22 said as he wrote “give Number 9 permission to go water skiing, signed Number 2” then tearing off the top sheet handed the permit to No.9.
    No.9 accepted the permit then asked “Who do I give it to?”
    No.22 looked puzzled “That’s a good question…..I suppose you had better give it to me” he said.
    “There you are then, you see I like to obey the rules” she said handing back the permit to No.22
    No.9 left the Green Dome, crossed the street, went down the steps and walked along the cobbled path. There was another set of steps just before the Pink pavilion, No.9 descended the steps until she stood at the foot of the waterfall, then made her way to the slipway.
    “Look out, she’s back!” said one of the motor mechanics.
    “So she is, come water skiing then miss?”
    “She’s come water skiing, but has she got the permit?”
    “Did Number 2 give you a permit to go water skiing?” asked the second motor mechanic.
    “He authorised it, but it was his assistant Number 22 who wrote out the permit, although Number 2 signed it” she told them.
    “Can we see the permit?”
    “I gave it back to Number 22.”
    The two motor mechanics looked at each other.
    “Why did you do that?” asked the first motor mechanic.
    “I asked who should I give it to, and 22 said I should give it to him.”
    Again the motor mechanics looked at each other.
    “I can’t help but think there’s a flaw in that somewhere” said the first mechanic.
    “You should have brought the permit to us.”
    “So that we can see you have a permit to go water skiing!”
    “Well I don’t really care whether I go water skiing or not now!” she said.
    “She said she doesn’t care whether or not she goes water skiing or not”
    “I know, I heard!”
    “I think I’ll go for a paddle in the free sea!”
    “Yes I should, instead of bothering the likes of us, we’re busy you know, we’ve not got time to go water skiing, or paddling in the free sea!”
    It was some little time later that No.9 found herself in the Piazza where a number of citizens were promenading; after all it was the place to be seen. There was a chap wearing a straw boater trying to paddle about in a small dingy, but with little success. No.9 laid a towel on a bench then walked casually across to the pool and fountain. She stood there for a moment or two looking into the water.
    Two men sat on a nearby bench watching Number 9, she was attractive, tallish, with a trim figure, and auburn hair.
    “What do you think she’s going to do Number 52?”
    “Go for a paddle I expect 46.”
    “She’s rather attractive don’t you think?”
    “Yes rather, she’s just my type.”
    “You don’t think……..”
    “I don’t think what?”
    “That she’s going to dive in do you?”
    “Course not, anyone with an ounce of sense can see that’s the shallow end!”
    No.9 moved along more towards the fountain still gazing into the water.
    “She is you know, she’s going to dive or jump in!”
    “She’ll do herself a mischief if she does!”
    No.9 stepped up to the very edge of the pool, now other people stopped their promenading and watched the young woman. A woman stepped forward.
    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you miss, you’ll hurt yourself.”
    But she wasn’t listening, and dived headfirst into the free sea, and was gone!
    “What!” shouted No.2 into the yellow ‘L’ shaped intercom “She can’t be, it’s impossible!”
    “But sir” said the Supervisor “there are witnesses to swear to the fact that Number 9 dived into the free sea.”
    Two frogmen were duly sent to the Piazza, they stood on the edge of the pool looking into the water.
    “This is daft, it’s impossible!” said one.
    “Someone’s off their head” said the other
    No.22 was close by keeping the situation under observation “Are you two ready?” he asked.
    The two men in wetsuits looked quizzically at No.22.
    “Look it’s as shallow as shallow can be” said the first.
    “Why don’t you simply have the pool drained?” asked the other.
    “Get your breathing apparatus on and get into the water” 22 ordered.
    One of the frogmen turned and picked up an oxygen tank and strapped it on, his diving buddy did likewise.
    “You know what?”
    “Yes I think I do, we’re going to look a complete couple of idiots flapping about in the shallow water!”
    “I couldn’t have put it better myself!”
    Each diver dipped his face mask in the water, spat on it and put it on. Then tested their mouth pieces, and jumped into the water……………
    Much to the two diver’s surprise the water was deeper than expected, and the deeper they dived the darker the water became. They switched on their torches and swam on, a little way ahead rock walls made a narrow underwater passageway, the divers looked at each other, both perplexed as to what had happened. Checking their air gauges they saw they had about twenty minutes of air left in their tanks, which meant they had five minutes before they had to turn back. They went on along the underwater passage way which eventually led them upwards, but by now they had passed the point of no return, with less than fifteen minutes of air left they swam on. Eventually they broke the surface of the water to find themselves in an underwater cavern. They shone their torches about the cavern, then lying on some rocks on the further side, was a body in a white bathing costume. The two frogmen emerged from the water, removed their air tanks and went to the body of the woman known as No.8, she was dead. Then two glowing spheres appeared, two amorphous membrane beings…..Guardians! The two frogmen stood perfectly still, then one made a sudden move for his air tank, one of the Guardians was on him before he reached it. He struggled against the thing that was trying to cover his face, he clawed at the membrane, he screamed, and screamed again as the membrane covered his face, his lungs bursting for air as he was slowly suffocated falling back on the sandy floor of the cavern……dead! The second frogman took his chance and dived into the water, the two Guardians returned to the dark depths of the underwater cavern. It was some two days later, and the good citizens in their brightly coloured clothes were promenading in the Piazza. When suddenly there came a large water spout, and the body of the frogman shot up and floated in the free sea. An ambulance was called for, and the body taken to the hospital, the man had drowned. During the ensuing days the pool of the free sea was drained, there was no sign of a hole or any other portal through which three people could disappear. The base of the pool was solid concrete, and just to make sure, another two inches of solid concrete were added. No-One goes paddling in the free sea any more, however the ex-Admiral and his flag officer can be seen sailing their plastic boats in the water. Despite the fact that a small Guardian has been known to make an appearance via the fountain from time to time.

Be seeing you

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Die 6 Die, Diiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee

   The television viewer is told, as No.2 told No.1, that he must risk either one of them. Meaning that with Degree Absolute it must to be one or the other of them, No.6 or No.2, that only one of then can leave the Embryo Room….alive! That being the case, No.2 foresaw the real possibility of his own death. And in reality Patrick McGoohan almost did kill Leo Mckern, at least that’s how it looks on the screen, and such was Leo’s experience at the hands of McGoohan!
   No.2 is a good man, he was a good man but the failure of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ was not his fault as he told them earlier they were using the wrong approach, and yet it was he who ultimately carried the can, no matter how much Nadia expressed it in her report how No.2 had done his best. But there seems to be no rhyme nor reason as to why No.2 should have to die, but then it was he who suggested that it had to be either one of them. I realize that Degree Absolute is a recognized method used in psychoanalysis, or at least No.6 recognized it as such. But having one of them die does seem rather extreme. But was it No.2 who died in that embryo room? I only ask in recalling the words of the Prisoner “Die Six….die….die…diiiee!”
Because it must not be forgotten that at some point in their deliberations, the patient had changed places with the doctor, and it was No.6 that the Prisoner wanted dead!


Life In The Village!

    “222 what’s the time?”
    “Its ten minutes to curfew. If Number 8 doesn’t leave soon she will be locked in.”
    “Don’t you mean locked out?”
    “No, 8 Private isn’t fitted with an electronic door!”

Be seeing you