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Friday, 29 July 2016

Electrical Interference – Revisited!

    Putting a cushion to the television set is almost as subtle as putting the loudspeaker in the refrigerator that time during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben!’ Mind you I would like to have seen Number 6 rip out the television and trample it to bits underfoot as he did the loudspeaker that time. But then again Electrics would only have come along to replace the television.
    Has anyone asked the question, what was it that attracted Number 6 to the television set in the first place? He obviously knew “they” were watching him, because when he took the cushion away from the screen he gave a little bow to those who were watching. How did he know? And what compelled him to cover the screen with that cushion in the first place? Was it simply to annoy those who were watching? Perhaps that was the only option open to him. He couldn’t really trample the television to pieces underfoot, as he had with the loud speaker, he would need a sledgehammer. And even if he had a sledgehammer, the tube inside would have exploded! Hang on a minute, a more subtle and simple way, would be to turn the television to face the wall. Ah, but that would have caused continuous electrical interference, that peculiar acoustic feedback! Another thing would be, to stand that gold screen he has by the door in front of the television!

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The Schizoid Man

   Having been taken from his cottage in the middle of the night, Number 6 was taken to the cottage of ’12 Private,’ where he spent a month undergoing certain conditioning in order to alter his appearance, the mole removed from his left wrist, his right-handedness to being left-handed. He doesn’t smoke cigars, he doesn’t smoke white cigarettes, he smokes black Russian cigarettes, flapjacks are his favourite dish. He rejects a plate of bacon and eggs, he has no taste for liver and bacon, but quickly tucks into a plate of pancakes. Just a minute, flapjacks are supposed to be his favourite dish, not pancakes! Flapjacks are a soft chewy biscuit normally in squares, whereas the pancakes Number 6 eats are made from milk, eggs and flour. But never mind that, it is but a small point. How is it that when Number 6 wakes up in ‘12 Private’ about a month later, he feels strange, different, he is certainly disorientated, he has absolutely no memory of what has happened to him? It isn’t until much later in the episode when Number 6 compares the bruise under his left index finger to the same in the Polaroid photograph that he realizes something is not quite right. He checks the date, then looking deep into the dressing table mirror things soon become clear to him, what has been done to him. Had all unpleasant memories of that conditioning which Number 6 underwent, been removed from or suppressed in someway in his memory without affecting the actual conditioning of his mind? It would appear so. However with the difference in the bruised fingernail, Number 6’s memories of having undergone a change in appearance, and the conditioning he underwent, returned to him. And this isn’t the only time Number 6 comes to realize the truth of his situation by looking deep into a mirror!
   Just one final thing, when they were conditioning or brainwashing  Number 6s mind, why did the doctors attach those two electrodes to Number 6’s ears, instead of to his actual head as is usual with electrodes? What’s more one of the electrodes doesn’t have a wire… you can laugh! As my wife said, laughing out very loudly, perhaps it goes in one ear and out the other!!!

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The Inner self!

    Many enthusiasts for ‘the Prisoner’ have asked why Number 6 did not himself report Number 2 at the end of ‘Hammer Into Anvil?” If he had done would Number 1 have believed him, certainly Number 1 would have known the game was up long before the moment that Number 2 reported himself. Well you had realised that Number 1 had been watching Number 2, or at the very least been advised of Number2’s behaviour at the time of his interview with Number 6. The oversized red telephone began to bleep, Number 2 answered it.
   “Number 2….yes sir….yes sir everything is under control….no sir, no problems….assistance? No, no sir, I can manage….yes sir, of course, be seeing you.” It was at that point Number 6 realised Number 2’s weak spot, that he was afraid of his master…. The Number 1.
And anyway who was Number 6 to report anybody, he is after all just a prisoner, a prisoner like anyone, just like you and me in fact. And if he had, whose voice do you reckon Number 6 would have heard. His own? If as is supposed Number 1 is the alter ego of Number 6, then yes, Number 6 would have heard his own voice speaking back to him.
    In ‘Once Upon a Time’ Number 6 knew who he was;
    Number 2 {looking at the butler with the key to the cage} “Ah…. ha, ha, ha, he thinks you’re the boss now.”
   Number 6 “I am.”
   Number 2 “I’m number 2, I’m the boss, open the door.”
   Number 6 “Number 1 is the boss!
   In ‘Fall Out’ Number 6 finally got to meet with Number 1, as he strips away the black and white mask and the ape mask underneath. Number 6 is confronted by himself as he rushes round and round the control room screaming like some demented maniac. This is very much a Jekyll and Hyde scenario, of hypocrisy. The pretence of having standards or beliefs that are contrary to one’s real character or actual behaviour, mans double being, or good versus evil if you prefer. Number 6 and Number 1, Jekyll and Hyde the divided self, a double standard. Man is not truly one, but truly two. These two carry on an eternal struggle in the nature of man, yet they are chained together and that chain spells repression for the evil and remorse for the good.
If the good could be separated from the evil, how much freer the good in us would be, what heights it might scale? And the sum of all evil once liberated would fulfil itself and trouble us no more.
    Yet can good and evil exist without the other as two separate entities, would not their combined strength in fact be weakened because of that separation? The truth of the matter is good cannot live or exist without evil and vice versa, like Number 6 and Number 1 we each of us struggle at times with our other self. Sometimes the good comes out of us and we feel better for it, but there are times more than we would like to admit, when evil gets the better of us, times when you know you are doing wrong but cannot help yourself and sometimes you enjoy doing that evil thing. Mr Hyde has no inhibitions, he would tell the truth and shame the devil, unlike Doctor Jekyll who is controlled by his inhibitions and would be more diplomatic.
   The case of Number 6 and his other self the Number 1 is not as Captain James T. Kirk in the ‘Star Trek’ episode ‘The Enemy Within,’ where a malfunction of the Enterprise’s transporter divides Kirk’s good and evil side and become two separate entities. Kirk’s good self grows weak and deteriorates, while his evil self grows strong.
In the case of Number 6, it is more of a struggle between the conscious and unconscious mind, the prisoner being a divided personality. It is as though Number 6 no longer wishes to be Number 1, having first rejected The Village he has created, and the prison for himself, as well as the person he has become.
    Of course we are told at the very beginning of ‘Arrival’ who Number 1 is, but that does depend upon where you place the emphasis. Because ordinarily Number 2 could just be telling the Prisoner he’s Number 6!

“Where am I?”
“In the village”
“What do you want?”
“Whose side are you on?”
“That would be telling we want information…..information…..information”
“You won’t get it.”
“By hook or by crook, we will”
“Who are you?”
“I am the new number two”
“Who is number 1?”
You are, number six”
“I am not a number, I am a free man!”
“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”

Be seeing you

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A Question of Time - Revisited!

   It is most interesting this matter of time that crops up in ‘the Prisoner’ from time to time, I wouldn’t have thought a question of time would have entered into it. After all Number 6 isn’t going anywhere, I would have thought that Number 2 had all the time in the world. It began during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ with Number 2 asking Number 6 how many lumps of sugar, one lump or two? To which Number 6 replied “It’s in the file.” Number 2 said “Yes, as a matter of fact yes’ but went on to say that it would save time if Number 6 answered. Surely Number 2 wasn’t running out of time so soon in the episode? But then again ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ was supposed to have appeared much later in the series, so perhaps yes.   
   And then comes Number 2 in ‘A B and C’ who either felt the need, or was pushed into giving his guarantee that he would have a favourable result in two days, when he had already lost one day. Why the need to restrict Number 2 to three days in order to bring the current proceedings to a satisfactory conclusion? It’s as though Number 1 put Number 2 under pressure quite deliberately. But that wasn’t that case, the three days equates to the maximum three doses of the drug, a fourth dose would kill Number 6!

    As for Number 2 in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ why was Number 2 running late with this latest plan? Again Number 6 wasn’t going anywhere, unless it was the fact that Appreciation Day was drawing closer. And yet Plan Division Q must have been started well in advance of Appreciation Day, because firstly it would have taken time for Number 100 to “groom” Number 51-the watchmaker to become a co-conspirator with him. And secondly the watchmaker would have needed further time to make a copy of the Great Seal of Office, together with the bomb together with the remote detonator trigger. So if Plan Division Q was running late, Number 2 and the Supervisor only had themselves to blame, they should have sent Monique to see Number 6 much sooner than they did. Number 2 said if only he had a little bit more time, how much time does he need? Was that simply down to Monique taking time to make up her mind to go and see Number 6? And it might well be that they had to take into account that Monique would be late going to see Number 6. Why? Because the drug, one of the new super strength moprobamates that has been developed, they had administered to Monique the day before she went to see Number 6, which does remain dormant until triggered by the nervous system which then relapses itself to the desired quantity. And that in itself makes the drug highly questionable. Because seeing that the drug had been administered the day before Monique went to see Number 6, during that time anything could have happened to Monique for the nervous system to release the drug. Something could have happened to her father for example he might have had a fall and had to be taken to hospital, anything could have happened to Monique, her nervous system then releasing the drug by accident!
  And finally in ‘A Change of Mind’ Number 6 said he needed time to think, and Number 2 took this to mean that it was time………..that was it…………no it wasn’t time the Prisoner demanded…….. Number 2 went on to say the Prisoner couldn’t stand his job so he needed time to think…… Number 6 became angry at that, and Number 2 became angry and frustrated, because he was asking him, not telling him!
   And later in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ Number 1 limited Number 2 to one week in the Embryo Room. Why? After all they didn’t want to damage him. It’s just as though such time limitations were imposed on Number 2 by Number 1 on purpose. Why? To ensure they wouldn’t succeed in extracting information from Number 6?

Be seeing you

Electrical Interference!

   What’s that Number 6 up to now? He is aware that the television set works two ways, that they watch him through the television. It appears that Number 6 places the cushion of the television screen to annoy the Observer, when he does there is the sound of electrical interference. Perhaps when Number 6 does that, the electrical screeching is the machine protesting at the possibility of suffocation!
    On the other hand the electrical noise might well be quite deliberate, in order to stop citizens placing something in front of the television screens to stop them from being observed, or having to watch public announcements, such as Number 6’s electoral speech. Not to mention the Speedlearn educational programmes. After all who would be able to stick something in front of the television screen and be able to put up with that electronic noise for any length of time?

Be seeing you


    Rover’s sound effect is something like someone breathing through an aqua lung, there is also more than a hint of a roar, with something of a high pitched tone, together with a whirring sound, and a touch of Gregorian chant.
   In the “alternative” Arrival its interesting that Rover doesn’t attack the young man! And the sound effect to Rover is different, there’s no roar, no Gregorian chant, but there is more of the breathing through an aqua lung about it for a moment, and it seems to have been given a heartbeat! And when Number 6 attempts to escape by helicopter, he uses the
Electro Pass to get him through the alarm system, Rover is on hand to protect the helicopter. And yet the Electro Pass has a strange effect on Rover. In the series episode of ‘Arrival,’ yes Rover is agitated as Number 6 gets into the helicopter and starts the engine, but is powerless to do anything, such is the power of the Electro Pass. But in the “alternative” Arrival, we hear Rover breathing {it’s the breathing through an aqua lung again} the effect the Electro Pass has on Rover is to slow that breathing, and is rendered powerless to do anything to prevent the Prisoner from escaping! What’s more Rover seems to have a good grip on gravity, as the Guardian is not blown away from the wind created by the fast spinning rotor blades!
   While during opening sequence of ‘The Alternative Chimes of Big Ben’ when Rover herds the Prisoner out of the water it has the Gregorian chant, and a touch of breathing through an aqua lung sound effect. Then later as Rover pursues Nadia as she swims away from The Village, its sound effect has the return of the roar and very little else.

  Such are the alternatives of Rover The Village Guardian.

Be seeing you

Monday, 25 July 2016

2 And 6!

   I bet they said to the first Number 2, his term in office perhaps coming towards a natural end. But before you go just settle in this new arrival in, be-brief him, brief him on The Village, and while you’re at it have a couple of goes at extracting information from him!
    The changing of Number 2 in ‘Arrival’ has the effect of disorientating the Prisoner, he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.
    “get him!” the Prisoner tells the man sat behind the desk, not knowing who he is.
    “I have taken his place, I am the new Number Two.”
    “Get Number One” snaps the Prisoner.
    “As far as you are concerned I’m in charge. What can I do for you?”
    It appears the Prisoner sees himself as someone of importance, not willing to deal with Number 2, but only with the boss!
   And yet this situation of paying Number 2 a visit, and not recognizing the man sat behind the desk is not unique. When Number 6 pays a call on Number 2 in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ he fails to recognize the man who is due to retirement.
    “Number Six isn’t it?”
    “I want to see Number Two” Number 6 tells him.
    “I am Number Two” the man behind the desk informs him.
    And yet this situation of paying Number 2 a call, and not recognizing the man, the situation in both cases might be different, but the effect is much the same, Number 6 isn’t sure of the man he’s dealing with!

Be seeing you