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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Today I Am Mostly Watching THEPRIS6NER

    Six is recruited by Two to work as an Undercover, to work with 909 who is Two’s best undercover, he thought Six would have noticed that! Would Six really work for Two? Oh no, no, no, not for him, but for the people he would be watching. Six pronounces so loudly his opposition to Two, his disbelief of everything Two and The Village stands for, people might trust him. Two already has his suspects, and he knows that Six wants to meet with dreamers. So Two offers Six the apparatus and expertise of their highly trained and well financed undercover operations to do just that.
  Six “Why would you give me all that, if it wasn’t a trap?”
  Two “My dear Six, it is a trap. You have such a high opinion of yourself. I wondered if you would be clever enough to turn this opportunity to your own advantage. Still….”
  “Everything you say is a trap. Alright lets do it.”
  Cue opening credits………………..

Be seeing you

Citizen No.86

    I say, you’re not wearing your cape inside out are you? “I wasn’t aware I was supposed to!” Well Number 240 wore her cape inside out. “I don’t think I know Number Two-forty.” No, but I’ve no doubt she knows you. “What do you mean by that?” Never mind, but she did wear her cape inside out, so did the Butler. Perhaps they didn’t want to look silly, especially the Butler, I hardly think a colourful striped cape would suit a man in his position. It certainly wouldn’t have gone with his bowler hat and black tails! But you carry it off very well I have to say. “Thank you very much.” Don’t mention it.
   So there you were wearing Village attire, and then suddenly you changed into a blue dress, yes I know it was more feminine than slacks, but that’s not the point. By doing that you demonstrated an act of individuality, you could have been posted as being disharmonious for that, but you weren’t, perhaps because you were in league with Number 2. You were a confident woman, clever, but not quite clever enough. You let Number 6 turn the tables on you, its no wonder Number 2 called you a stupid woman! More than that, in your sedated state of mind, you allowed yourself to be hypnotised by Number 6, and spilled the beans to him. And then you went and denounced Number 2 as being unmutual! Mind you, you said that you once suffered the shame of being posted as disharmonious, that must have been terrible for you. But thankfully the Social Group was enough for you to see the errors of your ways, your not having been posted as unmutual, and forced to make a public confession like some.

Be seeing you

An Escaped Prisoner!

    He acts like an escaped prisoner, the way he skulks and hides, evading the police, this raggedy man. And yet before he dodged the police road block, he met with a young gypsy girl. She gave him a hot cup of either tea or soup from a caldron on the camp fire. It was the first act of real kindness paid to him since his abduction to The Village. What’s more it would be the last. Oh yes Mrs. Butterworth took this raggedy man in, but then that’s what she was there for, let us not pretend it was otherwise. Which is just as well for him, because if it had been anyone else living in his former house, he would most certainly have been sent away with a flea in his ear, or worse. He might not have found anyone at home at all. Then where would he have been? Left standing in the street with nowhere to go, except to go running back to his ex-employers, which of course he did, and met with the Colonel. But what of Sir Charles Portland, and perhaps more personally to the Prisoner, why couldn’t he, why didn’t he, turn to Janet Portland for help, after all she was his fiancĂ©e, wasn’t she? Well that’s just the problem, she wasn’t, at least not until ‘Do Not forsake Me Oh My Darling’ when Vincent Tilsley wrote her into the series! And that is what ‘the Prisoner’ suffers from, too many scriptwriters.
Be seeing you

Friday, 29 April 2016


    Rook “Look are you sure this thing’s safe?”
    Number 6 “Of course I am, stop grumbling.”
    “It’s alright for you, you’re not the one going to sea on this contraption. Two rubber lilos tied together with a length or rope, I ask you!”
    “Well no-one is asking you. I’m an expert in raft construction, trust me.”
    “I don’t know, I’ve been bossed about ever since I encountered you. What’s more you turned me into a thief, and now I’m being forced to put my life at risk!”
    “Soon we’ll be free, just think about that. Isn’t that worth a risk or two?”
    “But it’s not been you taking the risks.”
    “If it hadn’t been for me, there wouldn’t have been an escape plan.”
    “Something’s bound to go wrong. This things sinking already.”
    “Good, you’re supposed to be in distress!”
    “I might be taken for a refugee!”
    “Good, you’ll be able to claim asylum.”
    “You know what that makes you, don’t you.”
    “No what?”
    “A person trafficker!”

Be seeing you

Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                             “Portrait of No.2”

Quote For The Day

    “Be seeing you.”
    “No, I’ll be seeing you!”

                                   {Number 2 and Number 6 - A B and C}
   And that’s one thing which can not always be guaranteed. You see one particular citizen in The Village in One episode, and never see them again. After all we don’t see the doctor who performs the Prisoner’s medical in ‘Arrival’ again, nor his personal maid Number 66. We do glance the ex-Admiral-Number 66 in later episodes, still sitting at a table on the lawn of the Old People’s home, waiting for a partner to play chess. The Shopkeeper puts in a second appearance in the episode of ‘Checkmate,’ but after that we don’t see him again, I expect he’s not put back on the chessboard like Number 6. But he is replaced by Number 112. Another citizen whom we meet more than once is Number 93, only he wasn’t Number 93 before, he was Number 259 a Guardian. And later he turns up as a delegate on the Assembly. Number 40 in ‘Dance of The Dead,’ we see him only the once, but we do get to meet his female equivalent in Number 23 in ‘Checkmate.’ Seeing as she suggested a leucotomy to be carried out on Number 6, it might be thought we would be seeing her again in ‘a Change of Mind.’ But no, it’s Number 86. The Supervisor-Number 26 we see pretty regularly, while other Supervisors we only get to see the once, and the same could be said of many a Number 2! There are about a handful of ordinary citizens we see from episode to episode, none of them are what you would call prominent, they generally lurk in the background, but sometimes appearing in the foreground when required. While the widow, madam Professor, she is another character we do not see again, but one we can imagine still to live in The Village, leading a solitary life, but a quiet one, filling her daily life with her art seminars. And perhaps Number 14, the chess champion had lost his enthusiasm for the game after the events of ‘Checkmate.’
    The Village is a small enough place, and more likely than not citizens regularly see the same people over and over again, day after day, as is the case in small communities. One can hardly avoid that fact that they’ll be seeing you, and you’ll be seeing them, while the observers see everybody! Which begs the question, where do the people go to we don’t see again?

Be seeing you

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Therapy Zone

   What’s the name of this place? You’re new here aren’t you? Where? Do you want breakfast?  Where is this? The Village? Yes?…….. Well The Village could be anywhere, on the coast of Morocco, south west of Portugal and Spain, it might be an Island. On the other hand it could be on the north Wales coast. And yet be in none of these aforementioned places, but purely in the mind! It might be a place dreamed up in the imagination, or it might be based on a real place, Butlins holiday camp for example. Well what with the colourful clothes, the piped blazers along with the public address system giving out announcements about the weather and what the ice cream flavour of the day is. Or keeping the holidaymakers, I mean citizens, informed about all the activities and entertainment which have been organised for their benefit, and that’s without the daily programmes of music. It’s no wonder people want to get away, to escape, their lives controlled every minute of the day. Being told what to do and when to do it, I mean have you ever been to a holiday camp? What was it Number 6 once said? “You can enjoy yourselves, and you will,” that implies whether you like it or not! At a holiday camp one is expected to “join in,” there is no room for the individual who wants to do things on his or her own. Not to have to join in, but simply to sit in a deckchair and relax without being bothered by people in bright coloured piped blazers doing their best to cajole you into becoming involved, when all you want to be is left alone. Well if that’s your attitude, it might have been best if you hadn’t resigned that job, then you wouldn’t be here. Better still, it might have been better if you had gone on a fortnights leave somewhere else!

Be seeing you