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Monday, 22 December 2014

The Prisoner Comment

   "From the beginning of the series, the character called 'Number 1' was responsible for death, torture, war. So the worst enemy of man is surely himself; the evil in him the worst thing on Earth. One is born with an instilled sense of right and wrong, which is why one is a human being and not an animal. The Prisoner was a splash of objection on a canvas. It was an attempt that failed really to try a slightly different type of television series and at the same time take a stand on something I feel strongly about: numerization, mediocrity, this levelling of people by acceptance. It seems to me that part of the rebellion today is the rebellion against acceptance."
                                                                                             Patrick McGoohan

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I like My Dream!

    Dreams, are all the events and acting meant to be real, or are they the dreams of a paranoid ex secret agent? The dream theory adopted is that all the action of the series takes place in the mind of the Prisoner, but then he would have to be insane, wouldn’t he? Or perhaps it’s a self persecution complex or maybe an anguish pattern as suggested by the doctor number 14 in ‘A B & C.’
If ‘the Prisoner’ is all in the mind of Number 6, then he could use this to subconsciously work out his conflict. In this interpretation each Number 2 would be a facet of his own personality. And all the other symbols, the penny farthing bicycle, the Butler, The Village Guardian and such like would be metaphors of his own unconscious mind, symbols for which he couldn’t express in his waking life. There is evidence for supporting this dream theory, for during the opening sequence to each episode, save for ‘Living In Harmony’ and ‘Fall Out’ the Prisoner passes out in the confines of his own home only to wake up in the confines of The Village! If this is the case then the location of The Village is easily found, it lies somewhere in the mind of the Prisoner, which would explain the sequences becoming more and more bizarre, but would at the same time defeat the main theme of one man versus society and does unnecessarily complicate things. I mean are we to believe that in ‘A B & C’ Number 6 was dreaming about his dreams?
    However if you take things quite literally then the Prisoner has been rendered unconscious by the use of nerve gas hasn’t he? He then wakes up again in what at first appears to be his own home, but within the confines of the village. So if the Prisoner is awake how can what we see in ‘the Prisoner’ be a dream if he is awake? I mean for anyone to carry all ‘the Prisoner’ around in his head, well he’d have to be mad!

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A Favourite Character

    Fotheringay, who can't wait to see his old friend and colleague, is that why he is happy go along with the Colonel? No! Fotheringay is happy to assist in the deception, but he is simply "window dressing" nothing more than that. Simply to add credibility to the situation the Prisoner finds himself in, having supposedly returned to the Colonel's office in London. If Fotheringay had not been there to greet him, the Prisoner may very well have smelled a rat! And yet he appeared genuinely happy about the prospect of seeing his old friend and colleague again. But might not that simply for us, the viewer? Yes Fotheringay is a likeable fellow, but it must be remembered that he cold heartedly deceived, betrayed even, his old friend and ex-colleague. A man, the Prisoner soon learned, was no longer to be trusted!

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Thought For The Day

  The Butler who invariably manages to be at the centre of things, assisting during the local elections. Handing out the prizes at the Exhibition of Arts and Crafts, and assisting the three judges at the Prisoner’s trial in ‘Dance of the Dead.’ Following the human chess match, and acting as the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of Office during the ceremony of Appreciation Day, as well being close by in the background. He may have been in The Village a very long time, maybe he was always there. He certainly had enough time to learn about how The Village works, he knew about he Embryo Room because he’s the first one in it. But how he knew about the Scammell Highwayman transporter, that’s inexplicable! And while the former Number 6 sits upon the throne of honour, there stands the Butler by his side, the Butler being as close to Number 1 as anyone ever can be.

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Village Life!

    Engadine “You’re not John Drake are you?”
    ZM73 “John Drake?”
    “You look like him.”
    “They say everyone has a doppelganger somewhere in the world.”
    “That’s what he said.”
    “Who John Drake?”
    “No Curtis.”
    “Yes, he looks like you.”
    “Not John Drake?”
    “He looks like both of you!”
    “To have one doppelganger in the world, may be regarded as a misfortune. To have two would be consider calamitous!”


Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                        “The Last Prisoner!”


A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

    From ‘Many Happy Returns,’ when the Prisoner arrives at a gypsy camp. Because the young gypsy woman shows the Prisoner the first genuine act of kindness since his abduction to The Village, by giving him a hot cup of tea, or broth.

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