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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Citizeness No.9

    You’re good at your job Number 9, I’ll give you that. I’ve never been certain about whether you were simply assigned to Cobb, in the same way you were assigned to Number 6, or that you had truly intended to escape with him. Two things are certain. Firstly, it was Number 2 who gave you the Electro Pass, despite your own suggestion that you knew the last pilot of the helicopter, which could have only one connotation! Secondly those tears are real enough. You said that funerals always make you cry, that might be true enough, as you didn’t know that the funeral was simply staged for Number 6’s benefit. That Cobb was preparing to leave you and The Village! Also the list of those in The Village who are capable of piloting a helicopter is growing! Yes you are good at your job, but its repetitive, when we see you with Number 6 it’s as though we are watching you with your plan to escape with Cobb. So why didn’t you attempt to escape with Number 6? Because you knew it was a set up, that Number 6 had no chance of escaping by helicopter. But you could have played your part, just as you played your part at Cobb’s funeral. But if you were assigned to Cobb, were you really going to escape with him once you had obtained the electro Pass from Number 2? Perhaps Cobb led you on, is that why he didn’t want Number 2 to be too hard on you? But then you’d know nothing about that. Perhaps you had planned to escape with Cobb, and that’s why your tears are real, and not those of a crocodile!

Be seeing you

A Study In Prisoner – Revisited!

    Having escaped The Village, Number 6 sets off on a voyage of discovery. He discovered that someone else, a Mrs. Butterworth, had taken up residence in his home, the lease of which still had 6 months to run when he lived there. More than that, she had taken possession of his Lotus Seven! And now here he is, our friend Number 6, seeking reassurance of “place.” He looks at the writing bureau, and about the study. There are subtle differences in personal possessions, but then that’s only to be expected. Mrs. Butterworth’s wedding photograph for example, and the picture of her husband Arthur on the mantelpiece, and the carboy once on the coffee table has gone, replaced by a posy holder. Number 6 then looks out of one of the windows, nothing wrong there, or so it seems on the face of it. He then picks up the receiver of the telephone and listens to the dialling tone, nothing wrong there. But there is something not quite right………’s the shape of the room. 
The front of No.1 Buckingham Place is flat, the windows face forward and look out on No.14 Buckingham Place on the opposite side of the street, and not set at an angle as in the above picture taken from ‘Many Happy Returns.’ So that when Number 6 looks out of the window he shouldn’t see the skyscraper, but instead he should have looked out upon the house on the other side of the street, No.14. In fact the study of No.1 Buckingham Place is more suitable for the Round House cottage of 6 Private more then No.1 Buckingham Place!

   Production footnote: Of course Patrick McGoohan isn’t actually in the room of
No.1 Buckingham Place at all. During the opening sequence to ‘the Prisoner,’ and in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ he’s actually on the set of the study at MGM film studios. However, unlike during the opening sequence, it’s nice to see that on this occasion set designers have taken more care to disguise the step to the French window. The base of which, along with the step have been covered up with a board, painted green so to fit in with the rest of the walls d├ęcor!

Be seeing you

It’s Your Funeral

    Plan Division Q needed Number 6’s help in giving the idea of an  assassination attempt on Number 2’s life verisimilitude. Well he did that well enough, but the trouble is if one wants a plan to succeed don’t involve Number 6 with it! Getting Number 6 to convince Number 2 that there’s an assassination plot against him is one thing, but then getting him to disengage from the plan is another! Number 6 was involved, he had no choice but to go on with it, right to its bitter end, no matter how the cards fell. In the end Number 6 hoped that they would find something equally suitable for Number 2 when the day came. Well if that day was to be a year away, on Appreciation Day, what of this current Number 2? Perhaps he was destined to work behind the scenes just as his predecessor had, leaving an interim Number 2 to be brought in, in order to deal with not only the day to day running of The Village, but also Number 6. But what would this new Number 2 do working behind the scenes? Perhaps he was to oversee the completion of the plans laid down for The Village by his predecessor, such as the new Concert Hall which is to be built, the mural in the library, and the electrification of the clocks!

Be seeing you

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A New Concept!

    Number 6 the sculptor we know, Number 6 the artist we haven’t seen before! Sitting to have ones portrait painted can be awfully wearing, but this chaps fallen asleep! Just a minute, what’s that Number 6 up to, has he thought up a fresh concept? Drawing not what the eye sees, but what’s in the mind’s eye, Madam Professor will be pleased!

Be seeing you

Thought For The Day

    In January 2016 news hit the Internet that Riddley Scot wished to produce a feature film based on ‘the Prisoner.’ If he is to be successful in this, and if fans of the original series are to find favour with it, the best advice to him would be to follow the make-up of the original television series. Not to try and be too clever, and get a screenplay which sets the film in 1967 to 1968. On the other hand, it might be a good idea to make a prequel to ‘the Prisoner,’ that would be ‘Danger Man’ wouldn’t it?

Be seeing you

Hammer Into Anvil

    Number 6 accused Number 2 of being a sadist, no, more than that, a professional sadist. But what real harm had this particular Number 2 done to anyone? Nothing physically that the television viewer can see. He might have threatened Number 73, but as far as we see he never laid a hand upon her. Any harm that may have befallen Number 73 is as far as I can see, self inflicted, seeing as she once before attempted suicide by slashing her wrists. Yes Number 2 threatened Number 6 at the point of a did he manage to smuggle that shooting-sword-stick into The Village? Was it the same way as Number 34 managed to smuggle his transistor radio into The Village? Obviously security was lax that day Number 2 arrived, they didn’t check the shooting stick. I should have thought they would have taken that way from him, and issued Number 2 with the regular umbrella shooting stick. Mind you this Number 2 doesn’t wear the “old school scarf” either, not one to go in for Village fripperies is this Number 2!

Be seeing you

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Number 2 – Late of The Village!

   A term in office lasts......for as long as it lasts for the simple reason there is no accounting for it! What happens to a Number 2 late of The Village? Well they don’t all simply go back to the House of Lords as though nothing had happened. I expect most return to the department within the Foreign Office from whence they came, or were simply absorbed back into administration! For two or three lucky ones they are afforded two terms in office as Number 2. One had an easier time than most. All he had to do was oversee Number 6’s successful escape from The Village. Yes he had a harder time when he was brought back to The Village, he certainly wasn’t any too pleased about it. Perhaps he was brought back unbeknown to him, to find himself awakening once again in The Village. But he only had himself to blame. After all it was he who suggested Degree Absolute! He knew it had to be one or the other of them, Number 2 or Number 6, and he knew the risk. Not the risk Number 1 was taking with two good men, but the one Number 2 was taking!
   Another Number 2 was given a second term in office, despite the question of his health “Is No.2 Fit For Further Term?” The one concerned Number 6, the other to oversee an educational experiment, both of which resulted in abstract failure. And as the library order of ‘the Prisoner’ has it, ‘The General’ appears before ‘A B and C,’ so that headline would then suggest that Number 2 was being considered for a third term in office!
    A third Number 2 to be brought back a second time, first had the unlikelihood of seeing Number 6 give away information to three children {let alone tell them why he resigned} as he told them a blessed fairytale! Whoever thought that one up was certainly scraping the bottom of the barrel. The only result of this was to get an insight into Number 6’s former occupation, as a field agent working for M9 of British Military Intelligence. Anyway was this Number 2 eventually brought back to run administration, or as a High Court Judge to resolve a question of revolt, as well as preside over the trial of three rebels? If simply the latter, who was overseeing The Village? Perhaps Number 2 was brought back to oversee The Village, but then this question of a democratic crisis reared its head while the other Number 2 was deliberating with Number 6 while locked in the Embryo room, and so was completely incommunicado. So obviously this recently returned Number 2 had to take up the role of High Court Judge in order to hold a cavern!
    After the evacuation of The Village during ‘Fall Out’ we know what happened to Number 6, he returned home to London, then immediately set off to make two calls. One in town to an office he knew very well, the other in the country, probably to see the Colonel at his country residence. As for Number 48, he was left somewhere along the A20 between
Dover and London trying to thumb a lift on either side of the dual carriage way. Number 2 also returned to home in London, eventually to return to the House of Lords. The Butler went and made himself at home in Number 1 Buckingham Place, and the High Court Judge.......... well who can say. In fact what happened to all the other citizens evacuated from the Village, where did all those people go? Did they all return to their former lives? What about those held prisoner in The Village, did they all simply keep quiet or were they all put into some other institution and kept quiet? And the Village, what of The Village, was that left abandoned and uncared for? And then there is the question of the white membranic Guardian, what of it, was it deactivated? And even if it was, it would still be there in the containment area, somewhere at the bottom of the sea. But if one day it was to seep out, escape its confines................. 

Be seeing you