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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Thought For The Day

    It has always been my opinion that it is the British who are behind the Village. So I can understand why Sir Charles Portland put Potter on the trail of the Prisoner, when they were looking for Professor Seltzman. But why the Undertaker? I should have thought that Potter would have been enough, if as I say, the British are behind the Village. And yet the Undertaker is an agent working for the Village but operating in Britain.
   Is the side which doesn't have the Seltzman machine looking for Seltzman? The Village want the reversal process, and probably want to keep Seltzman safe in the Village so to protect him. Thereby stopping another side from acquiring a Seltzman machine, that would be the British would it? Well it would have to be, wouldn't it. After all the Colonel has been seconded to the Village for special duties, and he isn't the first. I cannot believe that every Colonel who has found himself seconded to the Village is a traitor. So when working for the Village, the Colonel continues to work for the British. So why the need for the Undertaker to follow the Prisoner as well as Potter? Perhaps they sent Potter to follow the Prisoner, and the Undertaker to follow Potter, as insurance perhaps.

Be seeing you

The Mind Is A Powerful Thing

   It is said that the Prisoner is all in the mind, that it's a dream created by the Prisoner in his mind. Well if that's the case, then the episode of ‘Living In Harmony’ is doubly so, don't you think? Either that or ‘Living In Harmony’ is the first Virtual Reality game!
   It has also been suggested in the past, that the Village is a place created by the mind in which people with, mental problems, are put. Certainly the Prisoner-No.6 is described as having a persecution complex, suggesting that he's putting himself through the seventeen episode ordeal of the Prisoner! I'm not sure what fans of the series will make of this, I'm sure they have ideas and theories of their own. But it is a fascinating thought, that some fans of the original series, who see the Prisoner in this way, cannot see the reinterpretation of the series in the same light.
   Of course we are all familiar with the term "role playing" games, and Living In Harmony might very well be the first, as No.6 plays out the game in his mind, before finally coming face to face with his opponents, who all turn out to be nothing more than cardboard cut outs! It is also interesting to note, how part of The Village can be placed out of bounds, and with a little set dressing can be turned into an American frontier Town of the mid to late 1800's.
    So, the Prisoner, the Village, and ‘Living In Harmony’ are simply all in the mind, a dream. It wasn't as No.8 said, that No.6 could separate fact from reality so quickly, no, no. It's more simple than that I feel. As the Sheriff, after the gunfight with the Kid, No.6 is again faced with death again, as the Judge shoots No.6 with a Derringer. But the thing is, you cannot die in a dream, and so just before the point of death, No.6 woke up!

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60 Second Interview With Engadine

    No.113 "You are a very beautiful woman."
    Engadine "That you darling, it very nice of you to say so."
    "Your celebrated parties are the toast of Paris."
   "It's nice of you to say so darling. Perhaps you would like to attend my next party."
   "You always invite the rich, the influential, the powerful, and famous........"
   "And infamous darling, they are the most interesting people of all!"
   "Well yes."
   "You were married?"
   No.113b “Smile” {click goes the camera}
   "Several times darling."
   "And now you are rich?"
   "How do you think I got to be rich?"
   "Well that's not for me to say, but I'd say you divorced them."
   "One died darling."
   "During the second World War you were active in the resistance."
   "Oh course darling, one had to do ones bit, as you English say."
   "And you did your bit as a Madame of the local brothel?"
   "Yes darling, my girls were killing the NAZI’s....................slowly!"
   "And now you are the hostess of Paris."
   "I bring all sorts of people together. Old friends, and new friends, and I keep husbands with their mistresses, and their wives apart."
   "There is a hint of intrigue about your parties."
   "Only between my guests darling. I never get involved."
   "You are an observer of life?"
   "Yes darling, and one who always collects a percentage. Now if you'll excuse me, I must return to the party. I cannot be away so long, someone will see that I'm not there, and then there'll be talk."

Reporter No.113b
Photograph from The Department of Visual Records

A Favourite scene In The Prisoner

   When during 'The Chimes of Big Ben' newly arrived Nadia Rakovsky asks No.6 where Number 2 the Green Dome is.
   "Yes certainly. Across the square, across the street, up the steps you can't miss it."
   "I know it sounds crazy."
   "I don't know where I am!"
   "In the Village."
   "Lovely day" salute two passers by.
   No.6 returns their salute.
   "It sounds like a salute."
   "It is."
   "Could you take me over there please."
   "To the Green Dome yes certainly. Across the square, across the street, up the step steps you can't miss it."
   "Can you get a car here?"
   "Taxis, local service only."
   "Where will they take you?"
   "Anywhere you like as long as you arrive back here in the end, that's why they're called local."
   "Who are these people? Why are they here?"
   "Why are you?"
   "Here you are, the Green Dome."
   "Who is Number Two?"
   "Who is Number One?"
   "I'm frightened!"
   "I've done nothing wrong, I've commited no crime. All I did was resign."
  "No use telling me."

   It always strikes me in this scene how much a seasoned villager No.6 sounds, an old hand in the Village you might say.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

More Village!

     Two "You love The Village."
     Six "No, I want to escape!"

    "Were all pawns me dear" so says No.66, and that remark is as true today in this series as it was back then in the original. 147 is a pawn in Two's game. Two gives 147 the task of anointing Six, when the appropriate times comes, Two knows that 147 trusts Six, likes six and that the people will follow 147, well why shouldn't they? So Six is called upon by 147, for six is the One, as being the Villages, and everyone in it, their salvation.
    In Checkmate Two's own story is building to a climax, through the guilt of what he has done within his family, within the regime of The Village, and the sense of his own failure. Two set out to create a certain kind of thing. He looks at what he got, and he doubts himself. I'm sure that Two set out with many good intentions, just as the new two intends to do. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. An original "good intention" of Two's was to give himself and his wife Helen a son. But he turned out to be a homosexual, murderer, with matricidal tendencies!
    I never realised it before, but everyone in the Village was brought there. Well everyone bar 11-12, who was created by his mother! When 11-12 realises the nature of the Village, and his own part in it he kills himself. That has an impact on Two. Two brings the two things together, his own guilt of his son, and the need to assimilate six. And in that he sees the ultimate challenge. What if Two gives Six the Village? And as long as Six can not refuse, in that acceptance, there lies escape for Two. two had been carrying that live hand grenade around with his all through the series, and what a way to go! But then it's easy to have a live grenade in your mouth, to pull the pin, because you know all you can do is suffer a Village death!
   Six is a man who fought the very idea of The Village, and hated the nature of being a Prisoner. But in the end Six allows himself to be assimilated. He accepts The Village, and becomes the King of the prison. Because Six had told the populous a thousand times, that everyone in The Village is a prisoner, and he was right!
   In the Village everything eaten by villagers is in a wrap albeit a pork wrap, beef noodle wrap, warm feta salad wrap, or for desert fig and honey wrap. And yet in Arrival it can be clearly seen that 11-12 is eating caviar on a wafer, and that is what two has for his lunch as well, not caviar in a wrap!
    In Anvil 1,100 is sent away to the tunnels, the Therapy Zone, for treatment. Oh the look upon Two's face as 1,100 licks her ice cream. But if 1,100 is only then being sent to the tunnels for treatment, why is it then............that when Six goes to the tunnels to find 313, earlier in the episode, that 1,100 is already there, and by the look of her, 1,100 has been there for quite some time already!
    You see THEPRIS6NER isn't quite as cut and dried as Bill Gallagher, and the production team would have you believe at the end of the series.
    It seems to me that Six is not the problem, but the solution! And that "talk therapy," that's just a lot of psychiatric mumbo jumbo isn't it? Certainly Two doesn't believe in it, it's just important that Six believes.......what is it Two said "A man with nothing to hide, has nothing to find." I like the scene in the desert during the episode Harmony when Six is tied to the stake........Two taunting him with a canteen of water.........then putting a hand grenade in Six's gaping mouth, finally to pull the pin and calmly step back........BANG! The grenade explodes, and Six wakes up. Originally I thought Six was blown to bloody bits, scattered all about the desert. But then that would have been the end of the series, and besides which no-one can die in a dream!
    It was interesting for me to note a comparison between Six and No.6. No.6 created an abstract sculpture for the Arts & Crafts Exhibition in the episode The Chimes of Big Ben, and called it Escape. And for No.6, his abstract sculpture represented escape, for when the pieces of the sculpture were put together correctly, they built a boat. Six saw an old ships anchor in the desert. 16 said it was a desert folly, a nothing. But to Six the anchor represents escape!
    It was obvious in Anvil, that 909, an Undercover, had been watching Six. Six had become suspect. Well with his behaviour in the episode of Harmony, it's not at all surprising that he was under surveillance.
   As for Michael in New York, well he resigned because he was an annalist, he had been watching people, writing reports on them and sending them up to the next floor of the Summakor building. But then he found out something, that people were changing, changing from what they had been, to people whom they had become, but too many people changing. These many people, were those broken people who had been taken to the Village to be made better, and then returned to New York. But at the time of course, Michael didn't know this. As for me, I'm off for a two week annual holiday in Escape Resort, curtsey of Two.

Breathe in….breathe out….Village life goes on!

Caught On Camera!

    The tide is in when No.6 is attempting to escape the Village by boat. Eventually the boat is brought under remote control, the helm is locked as it speeds towards a Village Guardian on the surface of the water. Then No.6 jumps overboard into the water, and is eventually subdued, half drowned, half suffocated, and is brought back to the beach by three Guardians of two sizes.
  And yet only a few moments later, as seen in the above image, the tide is out. Which makes a mockery of the whole scene!

Be seeing you

Exhibition Of Arts And Crafts

From My Watercolour Period

                                       "No.6 All Washed Up!"