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Sunday, 19 November 2017


   Number 6 attempts to escape The Village by helicopter. One should not question Number 6’s capabilities, just use ones imagination and enjoy the ride with him. However one should never underestimate the technology employed by Number 2 either. Take that helicopter for example, it must surely be fitted with “drone” technology, something today the armed forces take for granted.
   So Number 6 is attempting to escape The Village by helicopter. Unfortunately he has not flown so far away when he begins to lose control. Control of the helicopter has been taken over by an operator in the Control Room and it is he who with the aid of the view on the wall screen is able to pilot the helicopter safely back to The Village. Number 6 is of course still on board but powerless to do anything. All he can do is enjoy the ride.
  Perhaps Number 6 has been nothing more than a pawn in Number 2’s game. Allow him to escape in the helicopter, and whilst demonstrating that escape is not possible, the new drone technology is put to a final test!

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A Symbolic Scene in Checkmate

    After the game of chess, Number 14 congratulates Number 6 on playing a good game. They walk then talk, and eventually they end up standing outside the bay window of a shop next the cafĂ©. “Its like the game, you have to distinguish between the blacks and the whites.” But that doesn’t answer the question of the Peg Wooden doll, which is placed in a chair by a hand. Yes it’s a shop assistant simply dressing the window display, but just for a moment as Number 6 looks at the doll this with the sudden piece of incidental music, it appears to be symbolic of something. But I cannot think what. But it might be Patrick McGoohan playing mind games with us, and isn’t symbolic of anything at all, except perhaps to remind one of our childhood!

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Thought For The Day

    What’s so special about Number 6? Okay he’s not your average prisoner, otherwise he wouldn’t be in line for so much special treatment! No extreme measures to be used, they don’t want him damaged, not a man of fragments. Mustn’t damage the brain tissue. Number 2 isn’t allowed to use the normal techniques, too valuable say their masters. What masters, not Number 1 then? Number 6 has a future with The Village, I don’t think Number 6 sees it quite that way! So other ways must be used, that’s because Number 6 is far too valuable to them. Nevertheless one Number 2 didn’t mind putting Number 6’s life at risk, that time he and a doctor got into his subconscious. And then again in ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ Number 2 claimed he was going to hammer Number 6, but then he who fights by the sword will die by the sword. Either that of be driven to a nervous breakdown! Oh yes and put the Man With No Name in a dangerous environment, isolate him. Give him love, take it away, make him kill, and he will break if only in his mind! And mentioning the mind, if putting one man’s mind into another man’s body isn’t an extreme measure then I don’t know what is! Number 6 must be pretty special to have survived completely unscathed, both mentally and physically, after so many ordeals which would have broken a lesser man. Its no wonder they saw him as having a future with The Village!

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Friday, 17 November 2017

Teabreak Teaser!

    During ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ Number 6 discovered that he had been betrayed by both the Colonel and Fotherinagy. And yet when the opportunity to escape The Village in ‘Many Happy Returns’ is presented to him, his instinct is to go running back to the Colonel a second time. But how did Number 6 know that when he made that call in the country he would not encounter the Colonel and Fotheringay from ‘Chimes,’ but a different Colonel together with Thorpe? There was no way he could have possibly known. Unless he asked the bureaucrat, to whom he once handed in his letter of resignation, about the Colonel, when Number 6 returned to that office when he made that call in town. But in any case, why go running back to the people who have betrayed him? Obviously that’s where the answers he seeks lie, within the department he once worked for. But of course they are under no obligation to help their former colleague, what with the official secrets act and all that, it may be assumed that The Village comes under that. After all there have to be some secrets from an ex-secret agent!

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Village Life!

    “See that chap there?”
    “What about him?”
    “He’s not wearing the regular attire for The Village.”
    “Neither are we if it comes to that.”
    “Yes, but we don’t have to. We’re Top Hat officials of administration.”
    “Not Undertakers then?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Well we have been mistaken for Undertakers before.”
    “Really, when was this?”
    “I was with Number Eighty-one, we were on special assignment in
London and were about to abduct a high ranking Civil Servant when this woman came up to us and asked for our card!”
    “Really, what did you do?”
    “Well we put the coffin we were carrying on the pavement, and I wrote down a false address and gave it to the woman. Her husband had recently died, and she was looking for an Undertaker.”
    “Have you noticed anything about that chap?”
    “He stands out dressed like that.”
    “Nothing remarkable about that, so do we. But by tomorrow he’ll be dressed just like everybody else, and become a mere face in the crowd!”
   “That’s a bit deep for a Thursday.”
   “Is it Thursday?”
    “I thought it was Wednesday.”
    “What difference does it make?”
    “If its Friday it makes us late for a meeting with the Works Committee meeting.”
    “Really, what’s on the agenda?”
    “Cleansing of cesspits, and the treatment of sewage. And all of a sudden its not such a picturesque village!”
    “It’s about time The Village was on a main sewer.”
    “I know that. I’ve been telling the Committee until I’m blue in the face, but will the Chairman listen?”
    “It was just the same when I went to a meeting of the agricultural Committee. Do you know I’ve never known anyone get so stirred up about potatoes before.”
    “What was the problem?”
    “Farmer Twenty three-seven’s Bedford Gems had got blight!”
    “And his chickens had stopped laying!”
    “Who told you that?”
    “Farmer Twenty three-seven’s wife, One one-nine.”
    “It’s nothing but problems these days. I know let’s go and have a cup of tea.”
   “We’ll miss the meeting works Committee meeting about the drains.”
   “Well let the works Committee create its own stench!”
   “I thought that was the cesspit!”
   “We might have a teacake as well.”
   “Of course, and it’s your turn to pay remember.........”

Be seeing you

Page 6

    The Prisoner 50 years of age, who would have thought it? I must say Number 6 looks good for having lived so much of his life in The Village, he doesn’t look a day over 38. But what nationality would you say Number 6 was, in his former life that is, British? He seems British enough, he lived in London, apparently having worked for a British Intelligence. Mind you that’s nothing to go by. Take that fellow John Drake, ‘Danger Man’ as he was. He started out as an American, and at times he had the most appalling American accent, that was when he worked for Security NATO. In time he moved from Security NATO, to M9 within British Intelligence. I suppose it was to have been MI9, but for some reason the Intelligence part was dropped. Oh not by British Intelligence, but by ATV, but if we go down that road there’s a great danger of mixing fiction with fact, and we wouldn’t want that would we......would we? No, I didn’t think we did! Anyway Drake having started out with Security NATO an American, and yet after joining British Intelligence he became British! So I suppose Number 6 could have be of British nationality, but since he’s lived in The Village for the past 50 years he’s become more International, like the food was once French, it’s now International, well that’s how Number 2 once described it! What was it? Oh yes, a piece of Quiche Lorraine with a poached egg on the top of it! Mind you that was in the days when Number 6 used to have his breakfast brought to him. Later he still had eggs for breakfast, but without the Quiche!

Be seeing you

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

A Favourite Scene In Arrival

    “Careful sir, they’re new plants.”
    That’s a trug the gardener’s carrying if you didn’t happen to know. But how did he get there so quickly? After all a few moments ago he was an electrician installing a new loudspeaker in 6 Private! It was once suggested the electrician got there so quickly because he used one of the underground tunnels. Ridiculous! Of course he could be an electrician who is only a gardener in his spare time. On the other hand this is the first demonstration of twins in The Village, the first but by no means the last!
   It’s impossible to see, but I wonder if actor Oliver McGreevy wore the same numbered badge for both the electrician and the gardener? He probably did, but its impossible to tell.

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