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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Rover And Out!

    I don’t think I can run any further, and I’m still within sight of The Village. I had planned to steal a Mini-Moke, but there was only one on the taxi rank, and that had a flat tyre! My heart’s pounding, my breathing heavier, my legs are tired in running on this soft sand. They’ll notice I’ve gone soon, what’s that in the distance............that white’s coming my way. They know I’ve gone and they’ve sent “it” after me oh God what now? That noise it emanates, a cross between Gregorian chant, a bicycle, and someone breathing through an aqualung, and then that blood curdling roar. Which way, out across the sand, or towards the cliffs, yes I shouldn’t think this “thing” is capable of scaling cliffs. But can I make it, its closer now, rolling and bounding along.....I’ve just got to make it, right run for it!
    The rocks, if I can just get over the rocks oh no its here, turn and face it that’s all there is left to wait, when you do that Rover suffocates its victim. Lie flat on the sand that’s the way, lay down flat and bury my face in the sand that way it won’t get me! Its close now, I can hear it breathing, I think its breathing........its stopped, if I look out of the corner of my eye......oh God no, have mercy nooooooooooo!
    The white membrane begins to take on a pinkish hue, then it turns red as Rover thoroughly absorbs the body of the man lying prostrate on the sand. His screams echo and re-echo as the man’s hands claw at the inside of the membrane, but the man grows weaker, and weaker as the enzymes within the membrane break down the human tissue, and the clothes he wears until there is nothing left, not even the slightest trace of bone or tissue, the man has been completely and utterly eaten away, dissolved, and absorbed.

Be seeing you

Under The Closest Possible Surveillance!

    On the face of it, it appears that “they” had been watching the wrong man! After all when does ZM73 wear a grey polo necked jersey? On the other hand, Number 1 does wear such a grey polo necked jersey!
   So is the man being watched via hidden cameras in his house, as seen during the de-briefing of the Prisoner in ‘Arrival,’ Number 1?

Be seeing you

Standing for Election!

   Number 6 thought he might as well take up Number 2’s suggestion of standing as a candidate for the position of Number 2, during the local election. No doubt he thought it not fun to do exactly, but perhaps it’s something to do while he’s waiting. Waiting for what exactly, a chance to escape? But Number 6 underestimated Number 2’s power of manipulation, aided by mind conditioning and mind controlling drugs. But a fool always falls for praise, flattery, and a bit of good old fashioned flannel! As it is Number 6 is just the type of candidate Number 2 wants to run against him….a gullible one! However there comes a point when the drugs and mind conditioning begin to wear off, and Number 6 is returning to his senses. He is suddenly repulsed by the fact that he’s wearing his badge, well at least his number. And no doubt he then regretted his decision to stand for election, because he cannot wait to get as far away from The Village as possible…..his chance for escape is at hand!

Be seeing you

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Caught On Camera!

    What might that be hanging on the wall in the Town Hall? It looks like a charter of some kind, but in The Village appertaining to what? The definition of a charter would be, “A written grant by the sovereign or legislative power of a country, by which a body such as a borough, company, or university is created or its rights and privileges defined.” But why should The Village require a charter? It’s highly questionable that the Queen knew anything about The Village to draw up a charter for it. And even the Queen did………what rights do people have in The Village, what privileges……..and yet Madam Professor told Number 6 that she and her husband have certain privileges. And there are “The Rules” of course, which are referred to during the Prisoner’s trial in ‘Dance of The Dead.’ After all isn’t that what a charter is, basically, a list of rules?
   There is another one of these charters, seen again in The Town Hall in ‘Dance of The Dead’ when Number 6 is making his reconnaissance!

Be seeing you

Exhibition of Arts And Crafts



The Therapy Zone

    An iconic visualisation in ‘the Prisoner’ is the white membranic Guardian. It’s brilliant in its simplicity, meteorological weather balloon controlled by fishing line, and to add to the effect, when you see the Guardian moving forward on the television screen, it’s actually moving away. Because the film of the Guardian is screened in reverse! You can tell that in a scene in ‘Arrival,’ when the Guardian is approaching the helicopter, the smoke from the chimneys of the Old People’s home is going back down the chimneys.
    And the white weather balloon as the Guardian is memorable, perhaps arguably the most memorable thing about ‘the Prisoner.’ Who would remember a Go-Kart with a dome and blue flashing light on it? Not that the television viewer would have known that there was a Go-Kart under the dome. If I remember rightly, originally the Mk 1 Rover was to have been able to absorb people when it emitted a blue light. It’s a pity that idea was not retained with the use of Rover Mk2. There was the idea that Rover Mk2 would have that ability, with the white membrane taking on a red or pinkish hue as its victim was absorbed. But it was thought that that would be too horrific for the television viewer at the time, so the idea was dropped. Mind you, I have a photograph of which there will be many, when the Guardian is floating through the air having left the top of the Gloriette in ‘Arrival, the membrane of the Guardian has a pinkish hue to it! Perhaps it’s simply a trick of the camera, but then again..................

Be seeing you

Friday, 23 September 2016

The Village Hermit!

    A man living in a cave called The Therapy Zone, simply brewing his brew, his alcoholic brew or hooch. On the whole it seems improbable. A chemist living as a hermit brewing his brew and playing with his chalk, coming up with new formulae for drugs. Then Number 2’s people come along once a week, photograph the stuff, clean the blackboard for him so that so that he can start on another lot, but that seems even more improbable, but not impossible. However the supposed hermit is a chemist and its perfectly clear that he works as part of the medical staff, seeing as he has prepared and administered a drug of exact proportions to Number 6 through his brew to see him through the election. So what happened to this able and confident chemist to turn him into a nervous citizen, afraid of anyone who tries to enquire? Number 6 asked him what his number is, I’ve never understood why, as he must have had a better view of the “umbrella man’s” badge that the television viewer! Perhaps the “umbrella man” was like Number 48, that he was with them, but then he went and gone!

Be seeing you