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Monday, 22 July 2019

Village Life!

    “What do you mean what shall I do when I leave this place? Leave this place, I’ve not been in office five minutes!”
    “I only thought……”
    “Well don’t, let me do the thinking. What have you got against Number Six anyway?”.
    “I was the Colonel’s bag man once.”
    “You mean you did the Colonel’s fetching and carrying.”
    “Yes I suppose you could put it like that.”
    “What other way is there to put it?”
    “I watched his back.”
    “You were not watching his back when the Colonel “bought it” at the wicket were you?”
    “You were watching a very shapely pair of legs at the time, when you should have been alert to any danger.”
   “They put me out in the cold!”
   “And you blame that on Number Six?”
   “We had met before, in
Tokyo, I was an official at the British Embassy then. I had to contact him at a record shop. I knew he didn’t like me then, and he looked down on me when I was transferred to the same department as his.”
    “Really Potter, you wanted a transfer from the Labour Exchange, and now you’re my assistant you’re still not happy!”
    “What will you do when you leave here?”
    “Go back to the House of Lords I expect.”
    “Me? I’ll be staying I’m sure of that.”
    “Is that why you are here, because of Number Six?”
    “Well there are methods we haven’t tried yet!”
    “You really don’t like him do you Potter? I don’t want a man of fragments, I want him with a whole heart, body, and soul.”
    “And me?”
    “I think a sideways move for you Potter. You can go and help the Supervisor in the Control Room.”
    “Oh goody.”
    “Life here in the village doesn’t suit you does it Potter?”
    “Does it really suit anyone?”
    “Why did they bring you here I wonder. I bet he doesn’t know you are here.”
    “He shouldn’t be surprised by anyone he meets here!”
    “Shall I arrange for him to meet you?”
    “No, no. I’m on my way to the Control room.”
    “And I’m going to meet a new arrival, whom I’m sure will prove to be an attractive diversion.

Be seeing you

2 Times 6 Equals 12!

    Two times 6 equals 12, and two times 12 equals 24, and 24 equals Alison, numbers are all relative you see. We have a man who bears a remarkable resemblance to Number 6, and even more so after a makeover. A man by the name of Curtis who was seconded back to The Village, seconded back to The Village, it makes one wonder why and when he was previously in The Village. Perhaps he was a former Prisoner who like Cobb was seconded back to The Village because they had a mission for him involving Number 6! And Alison, she appeared to have a genuine mental link with Number 6, just how and when was this mental link made apparent? Was Alison planted on Number 6 on the instruction of Number 2. She might have been, but one thing Number 2 could not have done, was to fake that mental link. Perhaps it was after this mental rapport between Alison and Number 6 was first demonstrated that he then assigned Alison to Number 6. But when exactly was that, and why should he want to help her? Some things in ‘the Prisoner’ will forever remain a complete mystery! But then that’s what helps make the Prisoner the Prisoner, wouldn’t you say?

Be seeing you

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Village Project Moon!

    “The whole Earth, as the village,” such is No.2’s hope. As for No.6 he would like to be the first man on the Moon! Such is this man’s desire to get as far away from the village as possible, certainly the atmosphere there would be very different to what it was elsewhere! Or perhaps he simply has the desire for his own company and no-one else’s. Well he got that in ‘A Change of Mind’ when the people of the village turned their back on him. We may like to think No.6 is a lone wolf in society, but he isn’t, because he needs the interaction with other people. We all enjoy our own company from time to time, but as the English 17th century author John Donne said in one of his sermons “No man is an island. No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others.”
Number 1 Given A Rocket?
    Why was there a rocket in the village in the first place? No doubt it arrived on the back of a Scammell Highwayman Transporter {see my book the Prisoner Dusted Down} but why was it needed? The Blue Streak rocket which we see superimposed onto the piece of film in ‘Fall Out’ suggesting it was a missile carrying a nuclear payload which No.6 launched in the episode. And yet the rocket had no warhead, because No.1 was sealed in the nose cone, and there were four Orbit Tubes {life support tubes} inside the rocket, suggesting when eventually launched, the rocket was bound for somewhere or something beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Whether the rocket was capable of reaching the Moon is doubtful, and even if it was there was no indication that the rocket was capable of landing on the Moon’s surface. Neither is there any indication of the rocket containing a Moon Lander, nor for that matter was there any sign of spacesuits! Perhaps the intention was to fly a manned rocket around the Moon without the capability of making a landing.
   Nevertheless the rocket was launched by No.6, which has suggested to some enthusiasts of ‘the Prisoner’ that No.6’s previous employment was as a rocket engineer. Nonetheless for that, remembering No.6 did show the desire to be the first man on the Moon, he did launch the rocket in full knowledge that his other self was firmly secured inside the nose cone of the rocket. Thereby at least giving himself the opportunity of attempting to reach his goal! Certainly No.1 achieved escape velocity.

Be seeing you

In The Therapy Zone!

    “Why am I here?”
    “Don’t you know?”
    “Well it’s a cave.”
    “Yes a cave, it’s the Therapy Zone.”
    “What’s that noise?”
    “What’s what noise friend?”
    “That sound like a cross between someone breathing through an aqua lung, Gregorian chant, and a bicycle pump.”
    “Ah, no-one has told you then?”
    “Told me what?”
    “Do we tell him lads?”
    “Look all I know is, I was dragged from my home, forced to wear these overalls, and dumped in this cave, then you three arrived.”
    “He had better put these goggles on.”
    “Oh yes he had better put the goggles on.”
    “Here put these goggles on.”
    “Why, to protect your eyes.”
    {Suddenly the noise became louder and suddenly there is was, this white pulsating membranic thing appeared at the far end of the cave, placed around it were four plastic chairs.}
    “What do we do now?”
    “Sit down of course.”
    “What’s going to happen?”
    “You are to be indoctrinated.”
    “This is the Therapy Zone?”
    “Aren’t we going to get drunk?”
    “Listen to the man, soon you will be intoxicated with such knowledge............”
    “Oh no, it can’t be, but it is, Roveroids travelling on hover discs, a city of Roveroids, the light it’s so strong.....a vision of a world in perpetual light, no dark, no night.......its beautiful, I want to see, show me!”
    “Control yourself, it’s always like this the first time. It will show you, it will show you everything. It will show you its world, a dead world, that’s why they came here, to survive.”
    “In The Village?”
    “Their trajectory was some degrees out, The Village was made their home.
    “And the indoctrination?”
    “It wants you to learn, to implant its memories within us.”
    “To survive through us.”
    “You mean to make us the Roveroids..........oh God nooooooooooo!”
Be seeing you 

Thursday, 18 July 2019

The Therapy Zone

    I suppose one of the doctors would have carried out a psychological assessment of Number 6, well they could hardly have him wandering about the village shouting his head off about the desert and another village! Well there he was you see, our friend Number 6, well not so much of a friend because I don’t really know him. But nevertheless, there he is going about his daily business of pocking his nose in where it wasn’t wanted, countering the machinations of Number 2 against the village. Causing trouble, and generally not doing anything to benefit either the village or its community, and that’s when he wasn’t coming up with different ideas and schemes to try and escape!
   Then one day he wakes up and things are not as they might be, but there’s a familiarity about his cottage, and yet there’s a difference. And his piped jacket……since when was he 93? * Would Number 2 necessarily know what the old man would be raving about? As for the village, well how did he get there, this village in the middle of a vast desert? An old man he might be, but there must be a way out. Its no wonder 93 turned to drink, and in that was his mistake. A drunken old man who goes about shouting of another place, another village and before that…..
London. But Two told him there is no London, only the village. More than that, there’s nowhere to escape to, because there’s nothing to escape from!
    But that didn’t stop the old man from repeatedly trying to escape, then one day when being pursued by guardians in the desert and the mountains beyond, 93 found himself in a cave. There was a young man who told him he wasn’t from the village, that he didn’t know where he was or how the came to be there. 93 saw the man as a bloody miracle, and to tell 554 that he found a way out………….be seeing you.
    The old man died in that cave, and the man buried him in the desert by an old dead tree. Imagine then, Number 6 waking up in the village and storming, well perhaps not storming not at his age, into Number 2’s office demanding to know what has been going on? Telling him, or anyone in the village about the other place, the other village in the desert, that he had been there. They would think he had gone completely tonto, and before Number 6 knew where he was he’d be in the hospital undergoing a number of psychiatric tests!
    But how came the former Number 6 to the village in the desert as 93 in the first place? Generally its people who live in
New York who find themselves waking up in the village, or having arrived there by bus. People who have psychological problems, mental problems, who are sent to the village to be made better people so they can be released back into society. But Number 6 is the odd man out, he’s already in the village. The question is how is the company of Summakor able to bring Number 6 from the village situated on an estuary in Portugal, to the village in the desert? Its difficult to get one’s head around that, because although the village out in the desert has the feel of the 1950’s about it, there are certain aspects which place it firmly in the 21st century. This is confirmed by scenes taking place outside the village in New York City. So it’s possible for the former Number 6 to have been taken there, for whatever reason, but he would have to have been in his late 80’s or early 90’s.
    When people die in the village, they usually die in the outside world. Like Lucy, as 45 when she threw herself into one of those dark holes, her other self, Lucy, was dead in a gas explosion in
New York when Michael’s flat exploded. So when 93 died in that cave, did Number 6 die in the other village at the same time? And why was he sent to the other village, the one in the desert in the first place? To see if 2 could extract the reason behind his resignation, surely they were well past that after all these decades. Besides 2 never once asked 6 why he resigned from summakor! That leaves Number 6 with psychological problems, to be sent to the village to be made better.
    *the old man 93 is a representation of the former Number 6.

Be seeing you

Thought For The Day

    Unmutualism, its nothing but a witch hunt! In the Village it’s easy to become suspect, and for the slightest misdemeanour you can be seen as disharmonious, and unmutual. The hunt out of unmutuals is rather like the days of McCarthyism in America and the Red scare of the 1940’s and 50’s, in making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. Just like Number 42, who was accused of being disharmonious by ignoring Number 10’s greeting when she was composing poetry. As for Number 6, he was brought before the Committee on a trumped up charge. It was the two bully boys who were no doubt sent by Number 2 to provoke Number 6 to attack them, and thereby able them to have Number 6 sent before the Committee. And these other complaints against Number 6 as suggested by the Committee Chairman? Were there in fact any other complaints laid against him? ‘A Change of Mind’ is another demonstration of how the community is manipulated. The first time the community couldn’t get enough of Number 6 as every man Jack of the people voted Number 6 as the new Number 2. But this time its different, they all stand against him as one……Number 6 the unmutual!

Be seeing you

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

The Chimes of Big Ben

    A Little while ago, my wife and I were listening to a Sherlock Holmes story from the BBC Radio Collection, on good old fashioned cassette tape, called ‘The Second Stain.’ The story began with the chimes of Big Ben which Holmes described as “What a magnificent sound that is, the sound of tradition and stability.” If there’s one thing No.6 has lacked since his abduction to the village its stability, and under normal circumstances that stability would have been restored with the traditional and familiar sound of the chimes of Big Ben. For Nadia we are supposed to believe that for her the chimes of Big Ben means safety, that’s why she was so keen to project the need to hear the chimes. But it was all a clever scheme, the chimes are false and misleading. The Prisoner isn’t in London, the apparent stability and familiarity washed away as he discovers there is no-one he can trust, not even his surroundings. And so No.6 returns to the familiarity and stability of the village. For at least here he knows where he is, and where he stands.

Be seeing you