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Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Village

   The original Village has two types of Guardian. The membranic balloon sort, and Villagers who go about as gardeners, or some, like the security men aboard ‘Star Trek’s’ USS Enterprise, wear red jerseys! In the new Village of THEPRIS6NER the Guardians wear black. They have vicious dogs, and are armed with semi-automatic machine guns! However there are some things that never change, there is still the membranic balloon, even though it is now been upgraded by the use of CGI.
The Shopkeeper-No.112 in ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ When after Number 6’s unusual activity with the six records, and questioning the word “security” on the font page of The Tally Ho {in other words Jamming}, he leaves the General Store. The moment he has gone, the shopkeeper is on the telephone to Number 2. And later, after Number 6 has bought a small notebook, along with a Cuckoo clock, the shopkeeper is again on the telephone to Number 2, reporting Number 6’s unusual activity. While in ‘Anvil’ of THEPRIS6NER, the Shopkeeper-37927 is on the telephone to the Clinic {Two}, reporting Six and his unusual activity concerning a receipt and the purchase of a knife, this after Six has left The Village shop. Later when Un-Two goes to The Village Shop, he enjoys an illicit cigarette with the Shopkeeper, who once again telephones the Clinic {Two} to report a Two impersonator! So no matter what The Village, some things just never change!

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Bureau of Visual Records

   The above image is taken of course from a scene in ‘The General.’ The Professor and Madam Professor went to The Village of their own free will. By that they were probably recruited. The Professor to be the face of Speedlearn, a kindly man, from whom the students will take anything. It’s not so much a direct teaching job, as to why the Professor is needed, just someone to type up the lectures. Madam Professor was simply there to make sure her husband co-operated, and if the Professor didn’t Co-operate, then something nasty would happen to his wife. In this way the one being essential for the others survival! As for Madam Professor’s art seminars, well they kept her occupied. I think that having gone to The Village of their own free will, the Professor and his wife soon found out that The Village wasn’t what they might have been given to think it was. Certainly the Professor had soon lost belief in both the General and Speedlearn.
When it comes to the Professor and the General there is something of a contradiction. On the one hand it is said by Number 2 that the Professor gave birth to the General, suggesting he created it, and loves it with a passion, probably he hates it even more. And yet the Professor said he was introduced to the General!
One other thing…..we barely see the Professor {Peter Howell} and Madam Professor {Betty McDowell} in the same scene together. Only once, here with the figure of the Professor lying in the bed, until seconds later, it isn’t!

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World Cameras Catch Up With Number Six!

    It was on the chessboard that World Cameras finally caught up with Number 6 who granted an on the spur of the moment interview.
    “What's it all about Number Six?”
    “You tell me!”
    “Oh that's very good Number Six. But really, the people out there want to know why you're here, what The Village is all about, and why you resigned.”
    “Then they'll have to figure it all out by themselves, won't they?
    “Tell me, this episode is called Checkmate.”
    “You've just told me!”
    “Yes, well we understand that there's a human chess match in it.”
    “That was in the General!”
    “What was?”
    “Well Number Six, perhaps you would like to tell the viewers if the Prisoner ever escapes.”
    “I don't know, we haven't got that far in filming yet, and the script hasn't been written yet.”
    “Does Number Six escape at the end of Checkmate?”
    “I don't know yet, we haven't filmed that bit yet.”
    “But surely you've read the script?
    “You're not giving much away are you Number Six?”
    “No, and I don't intend to.”
    “But the people who will watch this interview want to know. We the media want to know.”
     “Look, I'll be holding a press conference when this is all over. Any media people, members of the press will get an exclusive screening. Then and only then will I attend to your questions. Now if you don't mind we've got filming to do...... so why don't you take your camera and shove it…..”


Once Upon A Time – The Fan Club!

    I was wondering the other day, purely out of curiosity, what became of ‘Once Upon A Time’ formally ‘the Sussex Group’ based in Britain, who called themselves friends of ‘the Prisoner,’ which was a breakaway group from Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society in the early 1980’s, and as I understand it, gradually evolved into ‘Once Upon A Time’ an American based fan club for ‘the Prisoner.’ I came across a link to ‘Once Upon A Time,’ but the link wouldn’t work. Neither could I find a site for ‘the Prisoner related ‘Once Upon A time’ fan club, to which I was once a member. I can only imagine that the fan club no longer exists. Perhaps someone reading this has knowledge of what became of ‘Once Upon A Time,’ and was he or she a member at one time or another, and knows what happened to the fan club.
    Regular readers of my blog will possibly recall the above article. Now as it happens I recently received news of what happened to Once Upon A time, from an old friend of mine, Rick Davy. Rick kindly wrote the following in an email.
    “One last thing to chat about is I was interested to see on your blog recently a mention of the "Once Upon a Time" fan club. You're correct that this club was borne out of the "Sussex Friends of the Prisoner" and was headed by a lovely chap called David Lawrence. He subsequently moved to America (hence why the club then seemed to shift to a USA-stance) and he married a lady called Marsha McCurley. She went on to create and run a website called "Virtual Portmeirion" whilst at the same time (late 1990s) the Once Upon a Time club became online only. Sadly, Marsha died in around 2004 (somewhere on the Unmutual site in the news archive there is a news piece about it as she has had a plaque put up in her memory in the woods) and the news hit David very badly and he closed down all his "Prisoner" interests as he didn't want to carry on with any of it without his wife. Very sad.”

   My thanks to Rick for supplying this information, although I did feel at first feel it was very personal information to David Lawrence, and perhaps it was impersonal for me to publish it on my blog. However more recently I received an email from Rick, who had received an email/notification from a rarely used "Yahoo e-group" called "Number Six" which is run by an American former Six of One member called Kipp Teague. This was informing the group members/subscribers that David Lawrence had sadly passed away a couple of years ago. As such I felt more comfortable about posting this up-date regarding ‘Once Upon A time.’ All round it is very sad news.
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Tuesday, 25 November 2014


    During ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ Number 6 and Nadia set sail in a boat they had built from the pieces of Number 6’s abstract sculpture. They were supposed to have been sailing 30 miles from Lithuania on the Baltic to the Polish coast. However later in the series we discover that this is impossible, seeing as The Village is nowhere near the Baltic Sea, let alone Lithuania. So where exactly was Number 6 and Nadia sailing? For myself The Village is somewhere along the coast of Portugal, and that is where they were sailing, along the coast of Portugal.
   Let me ask you what’s wrong with this picture.

   the boat is facing the wrong way! Even if Number 6 and Nadia were sailing along the coast of Kaliningrad to the Polish coast, they are travelling in the wrong direction! They should be travelling in a southerly direction, when in fact they are sailing in a northerly direction. And if they carried on that course, it would have been the coast of Latvia which they were sailing along!
   However this is purely academic, seeing the reality is, that when Nadia points out the cave to Number 6,  it is the Warren near the Battle of Britain memorial, near Folkestone.


Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                                “The Optimistic Villager!”


The Prisoner

    When considering the 17 episodes of Prisoner, it is found that they fall into three broad categories: Escape, Revolt, and Resistance.
The Chimes of Big Ben
Free For All
The Schizoid Man
Many Happy Returns
Fall Out

The General
Hammer Into Anvil
It’s Your Funeral
A Change of Mind

A B and C
Hammer Into Anvil
A Change of Mind
Once Upon A time

    Although a number of episodes could fit into more than one category, there are three episodes which do not fall into any of the above categories. ‘Dance of the Dead,’ which although has nods towards revolt and resistance, contains no plan, by either Number Six or Number Two, no enterprise formed or denied. There is a plan in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ yet resistance is thin on the ground, and what they did to Number 6 was revolting. And really that’s as far as this episode gets to any of the three broad categories.
  ‘Living In harmony,’ although there is a plan, resistance is only found in The Man with No Name as he resists the Judges efforts to make him work for him as Sheriff, to wear a sheriff’s badge, and a gun. And later perhaps escape, when The Man With No Name and Cathy plan to leave Harmony together. Yet again these are only vague nods towards to of the three categories.
   It is possible to add a forth category, that of Survival, which would include; Many Happy Returns, Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, and The Girl Who Was Death. The Prisoner, and his survival against the elements, as he sails on his voyage of discovery. ZM73, surviving as himself. And finally Mr. X, who fights to survive against the attacks of The Girl, who is trying to kill him.

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