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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What’s That No.6 Been Doing?

No.6 "This?" indicating the plaster on his forehead.
Doctor “Oh I should leave it on for a few days, just to remind you.”
“A reminder of what?”
“To take more care while shaving.”
 "I did this while shaving?"
“How did I manage that?”
 "With great difficulty my dear fellow!"


Thought For The Day

   We know perfectly well what Number 6 makes of those brainwashed imbeciles of the Town Council, along with other numerous citizens of The Village. However at the same time, might it not be said that for so many people to have remained fans of ‘the Prisoner’ for decades {and I include myself in this} have not exactly been brainwashed, but had their minds been conditioned by ‘the Prisoner?’ It’s just something that crossed the mind, seeing as forty-seven years on and I still cannot let the subject drop!

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A Correct Diagnosis!

   If we are to take it that Number 1, as identified in ‘Fall Out,’ has been the Number 1 running The Village all the time, then surely he must know the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation. This on the understanding that Number 1 is the alter ego of Number 6, and that being the case, why persist with the question “Why did Number 6 resign?”
   Perhaps the doctor’s diagnosis of the Prisoner in ‘A B and C’ is correct, that it is an anguish pattern – an agonising mental disorder. It could be that Number 6 was still agonising over his decision of having resigned, and therefore he continues to persecute himself because of his resignation. And so relives that moment over and over in his subconscious. It is always possible that the Prisoner regrets having taken that decision to resign, perhaps seeing that as the reason for him being abducted to The Village!

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Caught On Camera!

   You can see the late Mister Butterworth once of the Royal Navy, in the photograph on the mantelpiece at Mrs. Butterworth's left elbow. But what’s that? It looks as though the Prisoner is having a quick measure up, to see if the measurements check out with the size of room he once knew! Obviously it’s not enough for him to simply remember the damp patch behind the bureau, which was made good about twelve months ago. Along with the opening of the bathroom door which slides to the left, not to mention the hot and cold taps of the shower, which had been put on the wrong way round. But to take measurements of the study, well that’s a bit extreme I should have thought! And judging by the expression on Mrs. Butterworth’s face, she seems very put out about! But that’s the Prisoner for you, give him an inch and he’ll take a foot!

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Number 6 The New Number 2!

    For Number 6 to have become a new Number 2 he would have had to accept The Village. In ‘Once Upon A Time’ Number 2 told Number 1, or some other superior, that he was a good man, that he is a good man, but if they get Number 6 he will be better. So I presume we're talking about getting Number 6 as the next Number 2. Going on the basis that ‘Once Upon A Time’ was originally to have been the last episode of the first series, and seeing that it was Number 6 who walked out of the Embryo Room and not Number 2, it strikes me that “they” got their man. And should there have been a second series to ‘the Prisoner,’ it simply couldn’t have carried on with more of the same, Number 6 doing his best to escape, and counteracting the machinations of Number 2. No, best to have Number 6 as the next Number 2, then a new adversary could have been brought to The Village. Someone who had resigned, was stubborn and wouldn’t talk, and then the canvas deck shoe would be on the other foot. Mind you having just typed that, if Patrick McGoohan had been chosen for the role of Two in the 2009 series of THEPRIS6NER, and been well enough at the time to have taken on the role, then after some forty-one years later we could have had that second series with Number 6 as the next Number 2!

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Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

              "The Prisoner Beyond Underworld!"


Quote For the Day

    "I know who you are."
    "I'm Number Six."
    "No, D Six."
    "D Six?"
    "Yes.... sent here by our masters to spy on me."
    "Sorry I'm not quite with you."
    "Oh yes, oh yes, you can stop acting now you know, I was on to you from the beginning, I knew what you were doing."
    "Tell me."
    "All those messages you sent. and all the people you recruited. I knew you were a plant. You didn't fool me!"
                                                     {Number 2 and Number 6 - Hammer Into Anvil}
   This is one of the few times that the Prisoner accepts his number. And Number 2 refers to their masters, masters outside The Village. Perhaps they are the same ones to whom Cobb refers, and mustn't keep waiting. And no doubt the same ones who sent Number 2 instructions by teleprinter.
   When I first watched 'the Prisoner' in 1967 I thought Number 2 of 'Hammer Into Anvil' had got it right. that Number 6 resigning his job was a smokescreen, so that he would he abducted to The Village as a plant. Mind you having said that, I though Number 6 had escaped during 'The Chimes of Big Ben,' and I was wrong about that, and again with Many Happy Returns,' they certainly fooled me!

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