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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How's The Professor?

    I've given him some sedation” the doctor is heard to reply. Well either the doctor is a blithering idiot....or he's simply following orders, probably the latter. Because that's not the Professor lying in that bed. It might look like the Professor, but it isn't, and what's more the doctor knows it, but still he and his nurse go through the motions of looking after the Professor's well being.
Why does Madam Professor look so shocked, unless its simply for those who are watching. That’s you and I! Number 6 is about to bring down that walking stick onto the Professor's head. But surely Madam Professor must know that that's not her husband lying in the bed! So why was it that Madam Professor screamed out the way she did? Was it for the thought of harm coming to her husband the Professor? Or was it that her “masterpiece” was about to be ruined? Was ruined, in fact.
     Then there was the puzzled look on Madam Professor's face, as though she didn't understand what was happening, as Number 6 passed a piece of her husband’s face to her. Her husband gone to pieces, and Number 6 making a mess of her masterpiece. And it was a masterpiece, No.2 had said as much to her. The Professor's head made out of wax, and Madam Professor surely must have been the creator of it. So why feign her reaction as though she had no idea of what was going on? This is one of those situations in the Prisoner when the viewer isn't sure what's going on. But in this case, I'm not sure that certain characters do either! 

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Bureau of Visual Records

    Number 12 encounters Number 30 something, its difficult to make out her number, after leaving his cottage. They have never met before although the young woman implies that they have.
   I wonder if the elderly gentleman in the wheelchair might be her father? But on second glance, is the man in the wheelchair wearing a scarf normally worn by Number 2? The scarf is certainly suggestive of that. Also he’s wearing a pink blazer with black piping, the only other citizens to do that are Number’s 13, 113b, 113c, and Number 100. What’s more the face behind that tinted visor has the look of Number 2 of ‘A Change of Mind,’ only it’s not him of that I’m sure.  And the way that yachting cap is perched on his head like that, well if the tinted visor doesn’t make him look stupid, then the cap is the icing on the cake, and does!
    So perhaps her father in the wheelchair is a former Number 2, and the young woman his daughter whose duty is now to look after him. Why is he allowed then to wear the scarf? Perhaps being a former Number 2 they have, for whatever reason, allowed him to retain his rank, like the General in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ but without the authoritative power which goes with the number!
    Why anyone, and I include Number 51 the watchmaker in this, would bring their daughter to The Village is beyond me, unless young women like Number 30 something and 50 were born in The Village, their mothers having died. And in turn that would suggest they either came to The Village as a family, or had lived there for so long they became a family! This is of course pure speculation. The young woman might not be related to the man in the wheelchair at all, but a visitor to the Old People’s Home, or a care worker who takes senior citizens out and about The Village occasionally. But he could still be a former Number 2!

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A Familiar Scene?

     Ah there you are Drake. I’ve a little job for you.
    What is it this time?
    I want you to infiltrate The Village!
    The what?
    The Village.
    What like Colony Three?
    Yes something like that.
    Where is this Village?
    We don’t know, MI19 guard it very carefully.
    Its gong to be a bit difficult for me to infiltrate it then, isn’t it?
    Not really, all you have to do is resign!
    From what?
    Your job.
    You can hand in your resignation now if you like, I’ve written the letter, all you have to do is sign it.
    Then what?
    Go home and wait, relax, think of going on holiday somewhere, you could do with a fortnights leave.
    Just go home and wait?
    Yes, someone will be along soon to undertake the task in hand.
    Can I talk to the Colonel?
    No there simply isn’t time.
    I’m supposed to be going to my fiancĂ©e’s birthday party.
    Then Miss Portland is going to be disappointed.
    Does Sir Charles know about this?
    What tell the head of MI19 what MI9 is doing, use your intelligence Drake. Now go home.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Citizen 51

    Number 51 is a watchmaker and it’s quite possible that that is precisely why he was brought to The Village. For that reason and that reason alone. Possibly he went to The Village of his own free will. However by the time he found out what it was like, there was no leaving The Village, he had effectively become a prisoner, without having had committed a crime. Judging by his accent it’s possible that he was either Austrian, or of Swiss nationality, and may have at one time been employed by a watch making company in Switzerland. He might well have carried out the work on that wristwatch in ‘Arrival,’ the Electro Pass!
   Number 50 {Monique} is his daughter, but she does not have the same accent as her father, so its quite on the cards that Number 51’s daughter was born in The Village. That in turn would suggest that the Watchmaker arrived in The Village with his wife. But there is no sign of 51’s wife, only his daughter, so perhaps Number 51 is a widower and relied upon his daughter to look after him.

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Caught On Camera!

   Observe if you will the mouth to a tunnel, circled in red in the picture, and seen in the enlarged section, which has been bored into the cliff. Is this a link leading into the countryside? A possible way of escape, like the tunnel in ‘Fall Out?’ Or is it more likely a boathouse built into the cliff, where the motor cruiser M.S. Polotska is moored when not in use? If it is, I can see one huge disadvantage to that, when the tide is out, and at certain times of the year that could have lasted for days on end, so the crew of the motor cruiser would find it impossible to put to sea!

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The First Cut

    ‘Arrival’ was originally to have been ninety minutes in length, which means 40 minutes of film, and original unwanted scenes, ended up on the cutting room floor. Well, not all of it apparently. Take the episode of ‘Its Your Funeral’ for example. Number 2-the heir presumptive and Number 100 are awaiting a visit from No.6, who is about to warn Number 2-the heir presumptive of an assassination plot against him.
    Number 6 leaves the Watchmaker’s shop, and makes his way along a cobbled path, through an archway, crossing the chess lawn he goes up the steps and across the central piazza. In this scene Number 6 can clearly be seen wearing the charcoal grey suit he wore in ‘Arrival.’ And so clearly this scene was cut from the opening sequence of ‘Arrival,’ because it is clearly obvious that in ‘Its Your Funeral’ Number 6, wearing his arrival suit is on his way to the cafe, not the Green Dome!
   And also in the episode ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ Patrick McGoohan is in this episode more than you first might imagine. The Prisoner can be seen driving his Lotus 7 through London on his way to his home in Buckingham Place - more cut film footage from ‘Arrival's’ opening sequence, kept and later used as stock footage in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ which gives the impression that you’re watching the opening sequence again, twice for the same episode!
    ‘Fall Out’ also contains stock film footage from ‘Arrival's’ opening sequence. After the Prisoner drives away from No.1 Buckingham Place, the Lotus 7 is seen turning onto Mill Bank from Westminster Bridge, passed the Houses of Parliament, and so it is quite clear that the Prisoner is driving towards the turn off to
Abingdon Street car park, as he does in the opening sequence of ‘Arrival.’
   Had all the extra stock film footage had been used, it would have made the opening sequence extremely long……too long! 

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Friday, 13 January 2017

A Favourite Scene - When No.6 Isn't So Full of Himself!

    In ‘A Change of Mind’ when Number 6 returns to him gymnastic apparatus, even though he has avoided two further doses of the sedative Mytol, he’s still not feeling quite himself. He pulls the climbing rope, looks up at the high bar, and for a moment thinks about jumping up but doesn’t. Then he turns his attention to the punch bag. Clenching his fist he makes to punch the bag…..but he can’t. Number 6 has had all the aggression taken out of him, he’s not so full of himself, not so much punch in him this time. Number 10 and Number 16 are back to pick another fight with Number 6. The first time he vanquished the pair, now they have returned to seek their revenge on a more placid Number 6. But even then they are not up to the mark, vanquished for a second time, and left lying unconscious on the forest floor, Number 6 is now like his old aggressive self once more.
   Still in the woods, Number 6 comes across Number 86 who is picking flowers. 86 has to report to Number 2, she wants to make him happy. She also claims to be higher than Number 2, that’s probably the Mytol talking! Anyway she has to report, but first Number 6 has something to show 86…………his wristwatch! I used to think that the watch Number 6 uses to hypnotize Number 86 with was the
Electro Pass given to him by Number 9 in ‘Arrival.’ But that was a Hamilton automatic, Number 6’s wristwatch in this case is a Tissot. Hypnotism, is there nothing Number 6 cannot turn his hand to? Mind you the sedated state of Number 86’s mind did make the task that more easier for him!

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