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Friday, 14 August 2020

A Quiet Chat!

    No.2 is talking to the supervisor in his office about No.6 when the yellow ‘L’ shaped intercom bleeps.
    “Yes…….is he, right” and orders the supervisor out of his office.
    This could be another of those occasions when the butler calls No.2 on the intercom to inform him that No.6 has called to see him, and that would have been the case, except No.6 has yet to arrive at the Green Dome!
    The pair of steel doors open as the butler shows No.6 into No.2’s office, he salutes the supervisor on his way out.
    “My dear man how kind of you to drop in.”
    “I thought we might continue that little chat we were having.”
    “Why yes, clearer in your mind now?”
    “Much clearer and happier I want you to know that, such peace of mind.”
    “That’s only to be expected.”
    “And I resisted, to think I resisted for so long, extraordinary isn’t it.
    “That’s alright, understandable, a man of your training, but now you errrr……”
    “Yes everything is clear cut now, its quite simple.”
    “They stand together at the Penny Farthing bicycle, No.6 takes hold of the handlebars.
    “Quite so, no more problem eh, and now at last we can have our little chat.”
    “I hope so, bu..but…”
    “Well there’s, I feel that I ought to tell everyone.”
    “Ah you need only tell me, just me.”
    “Yes of course but there must be people who’ve got things, secrets that you want to know and if I was to speak out publicly I…I might,”
    “Ah yes inspire the others to speak out also.”
    “Yes exactly.”
    “What a good idea Number 6 highly recommendable, and be assured that I shall record all this in my report.”
    “I shall be able to thank everyone the committee the ladies appeal for their help…for bringing to me total social conversion.”
    “Now what could be more natural?”
    No.2 picks up the yellow ‘L’ shaped intercom and breaks into the public address system “Your attention please here is an exciting announcement. Following his successful social conversion Number 6 has expressed the touching desire to address you all in person. All of you who are not otherwise occupied should come immediately to the village square thank you for your attention.”
    “There is a proverb, that he who ploughs a straight furrow need hoe for nothing, come and just remember no over excitement please eh.”
    And another, “He who digs a pit for another, may one day lay in that pit himself!” No.2 was so keen to hear No.6’s confession, by which he looked to gain the reason behind his resignation that he left himself wide open to No.6’s manipulation of both himself and the situation. How stupid of No.2, he ruined everything!

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