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Thursday 27 October 2022

The Prisoner - A New No.2 - Chapter 17


Chapter 17

Co-Opted Onto The Town Council!


    In London two men attached a “For Sale” sign onto the wrought iron railings of No.1 Buckingham Place, while the Lotus 7 was driven away by a man wearing overalls. Whilst in the Village citizens enjoyed a spell of fine weather, attending the regular brass band concert, or promenading around in Piazza or on the beach either sunbathing or playing beach ball. In the Town Hall it was business as usual as a town council meeting was taking place in the orange walled council chamber. The recently appointed new No.2 and Chairman of the Town Council looked at the grey high backed chair of the Worshipful Master, then sat down in the smaller grey chair behind the small ‘V’ shaped desk. Picking up a gavel he banged it down on a block of wood effectively bringing the meeting to order. Twelve members of the Town Council stood at their individual lecterns, the once vacant place now filled by the former No.2, the now 2h dressed in brown and white jersey and black top hat stood staring ahead with a blank expression on his face.
    The Chairman banged his gavel “I bring this meeting to order. The first business is to welcome someone recently co-opted onto the Town Council Number 2h. Perhaps you would care to address your fellow councillors......come man speak up.”
    Number 2h stood motionless at his lectern, his eyes stared straight ahead, there was a blank expression on his face. He could neither laugh, cry, or think for what remnant of a brain he might once have retained was now gone. To whom he owed allegiances, if he ever owed allegiances to anyone no longer mattered as there were no feelings.   
    “Nothing to say for yourself, nothing at all, good, we’ll move on to the next piece of business on the agenda the question of the proposed electrification of the Village taxis!”



  1. David - I don't know if you still keep track of comments on this site, but I want you to know I really enjoyed this one. For several chapters, I thought Number Six was acting out of character, but as I reached the later chapters I changed my mind. Best wishes to you.

    1. Hello wmeisel,
      Yes I do keep an on any comments. Thank you for your comment regarding the novel, and I see the new Number 6 foxed you a little, I am gratified to read that. And I am delighted that you enjoyed the novel. One day, no idea when, my publisher would like to publish all four of my Prisoner novels in book form. But I was pleased to publish them here on my blog. Thank you again for your kind appreciation of the novel.

      My best wishes