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Saturday, 30 January 2021

Out of The Village!


    “You want to go to the left here.”
    “Straight on, but he’s going to the right!”

    “It doesn’t matter.”
    “But we were instructed to follow him.”
    “We weren’t following him when he over took us a moment or two ago!”
    “Yes, but we know where he’s going, and when he gets there we’ll be there before him!”

    “There you are, I told you.”

    “I’m not at all sure we’ve got this right you know.”
    “We were told to follow a green, yellow nosed Lotus seven, yes?
    “License plate KAR 120C yes?”
    “But the description written on this piece of paper doesn’t match that of the driver.”
    “Not our problem, we’re at the right address, and he’s gone into the house.”
    “I suppose so.”
    “We’ll give him a few moments then we’ll go and get him.”
    “I still think someone has got this wrong!”

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