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Monday 4 October 2021

Blank Sheets of Paper!


    The pair of steel doors open and the laboratory technician hurries into No.2’s office.

    No.2 “I want these tested immediately.”
    No.253 “Yes sir…..for what sir?” the technician asked turning over the four blank sheets of paper in his hands.
    “Anything, words figures, whatever’s written on them.”
    “There doesn’t…….”
    Don’t argue with me….. I’m telling you there is. A message, a comment, a piece of blog…..try everything, x-ray, infra red. What are you staring at?”
    “Nothing sir.”
    Well get on with it!”



  1. “Sir, it was suggested that the number of sheets is itself the message”.

    “What do you mean?”

    “As in the saying: Four sheets to the wind.”

    “Well? Do continue.”

    “It refers, of course, to being very drunk. From a nautical term, where a "sheet" is the rope that controls the sails of a tall ship. If several sheets are loose or mishandled, the ship’s movement becomes unsteady. There may be loss of control.”

    “Loss of control?”

    The technician paused to steady himself for the delivery of his next words. “Like that of a drunk person.”

    “So, he’s reported that I’ve lost control. Two can play at that game.”


    “Out! Get out!”

    1. Hello the New 42, Nice to be hearing from you again. Yes that's very good, I like it. There will be more about those 4 blank sheets of paper tomorrow, and the day after because there is purpose to every blog entry this week, as you will see if you keep reading. Because something very special is soon to commence.

      My very best regards

    2. Hi David - I suspected there might be "purpose". I shall keep reading: one likes to know everything!


    3. Hello Mike,
      You supposed correctly then, the next 5 days will be building up to next Sunday's blog entry when all will be made clear. I trust it will be worth it.