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Saturday 5 November 2022

Prisoner Fan Fiction coming soon!


   “Village Day is the day when the entire community celebrates both the founding, and the founder of the Village!”

    To lose a fiancé may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose a fiancé twice looks like carelessness! But to whom could Janet Portland turn, not to her father but perhaps to another.......
    A man arrives back in London and is assigned to track down Janet Portland’s fiancé
who has been lost for over a year. The trail leads him to be abducted to the Village, where despite No.2, the search continues. The Village is a small enough place, how difficult could it be to find one man? But there is a shock in store as the new No.6 discovers that his brother is not the man he thought him to be!

    More than that, this is the book of the film {with a few added embellishments} produced in 1998-99, and some fans of the Prisoner, should they care to read this novella, will be able to interact with the characters, seeing as they were in the film!

To be published a chapter per week over 17 weeks.

'Fan Fiction' meaning no money will be earned through the publihing of this novella.

Be seeing you


  1. I look forward to your story.

  2. Hello, I;m sure you will not be disappointed.

    David be seeing you

  3. I have read Chapter One and am impressed. Best wishes, Steve

    1. Hello Steve,
      Thank you for your kind comment, good of you to say so.
      My regards

  4. Hello Steve,
    Just to let you know {and other readers reading this} that from today two chapters of Village Day will be published, on Monday's and Friday's. The reason being I feel a week between chapters is too long.