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Tuesday 8 November 2022

The Tally Ho

 The Tally Ho

Security of the Citizens
   by our own reporter


   “The security of the citizens will be my primary objective” the new interim told this community in a recent television announcement. It would appear that this No2 is going to make the most of the media during his term in office, no matter how long that might be. Certainly this former No.6 newly elected to the position of Chief Administrator has had a complete change of heart, a man who previously prided himself on non co-operation, causing mischief whenever possible, and generally poking his nose into business which was none of his concern. Not to mention attempting escapes whenever the opportunity presented itself. It would appear that this former No.6 is now a reformed character, making such promises as the citizens who can enjoy themselves, that they can partake in the most hazardous sports {I think he means Kosho there} but there is a price, and he considers that price cheap. All he wants is for them to give us information, once they’ve done that they are eligible for promotion, to other spheres, suggesting that he will fulfil their desire, where do you want to go, that he can fulfil your dreams! Also he pledged to tighten up on village security, as for his external policy it would seem village exports will operate in every corner of the globe. And yet this reporter wasn’t aware that the village actually produced anything! True it has cornered the market in information, information, information and that can come at a hefty price for someone, as it can be an expensive commodity. The change in attitude of this former prisoner makes this reporter wonder if he has undergone some form of therapy treatment, or mind conditioning. It is possible that he knows exactly what he’s doing, playing the game, giving the administration what it wants, to quietly work through his term in office. But what happens once that term is over? Would he simply be allowed to leave the village? Not with the information he has about the village, I should think that highly unlikely because there’s no guarantee he wouldn’t go running back to those ex-colleagues of his and start blabbing his mouth off. Not that that ever did him any good before. Because he should know it by now, that it was those so called ex-colleagues who had the now new interim No.2 in the village in the first place! It is always possible that No.2 might attempt to bring about changes to the village administration from within the system, perhaps he intends to tighten up security, and I should have thought the security of the citizens would be the last thing on his mind. But perhaps he had the idea of taking care of them. Ah but he soon came to his senses, and it wasn’t long before No.6 was feeling much more like his old self, and soon he was giving orders to evacuate the village, telling citizens that they were free, free, free to go. For a few critical moments he was in command, and attempted to immobilize all electronic controls. But No.6 will never learn, the order was not to damage the tissue, well it did get bruised a bit, but as an ex-No.2 he must have felt fortunate not have been co-opted onto the town council, otherwise he might well have found himself standing at a lectern amongst all those other brainwashed imbeciles! For this newly elected interim No.2 his term in office was over before it had hardly begun, which makes it the shortest in village history! However we thank him for his dedication to the community, for taking up the challenge, and for his valiant attempt to stand up to the rigours of electoral office. He gave No.2 a run for his money, and his was the popular vote despite being treated with suspicion by members of the electorate outside the Town Hall once the election had been decided. But really it was merely a question of manipulation of not only the opposing candidate, but the community as a whole. The village is what is termed a “rotten borough” in which there is but one sitting town council member no matter for whom the citizens vote. As No.6 said, “The old regime forever, and the old Number 2 forever.” The question remains, was the election a genuine one, or merely manipulation of the Prisoner in order to get him to talk? Because if we are to take the election at face value there does come a time when elections in the village are done away with, and No.2 no longer has any opposition, although the administration is an effective one. After all as No.2 once said “Its an irritation we’ve dispensed with. Even at its best free democracy is remarkably inefficient!”

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