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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Caught On Camera


    There is a Number Six impersonator in the Village. There he is, riding that canopied bicycle. Somehow I don't think the Village would be able to survive two 6's! But on the other hand, that person might be the new Number Two on his way to take up office in the Green Dome, seeing as how he is dressed.....Just a minute! If it's not the new Number Two, then that man must surely be a Two impersonator, and therefore is a danger to the Village!
   Finally, have you noticed the side view of a car headlight in the bottom left hand corner? The car belongs to a guest staying at Portmeirion 45 years ago this month.    BCNU


  1. Hello Moor,

    No, that's not George Baker. Firstly the chap on the bicycle, his head's not big enough. And secondly George Baker never went to Portmeirion!