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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Closet Prisoner!

   In the opening moments of Fall Out, No.6 is taken into a cloakroom by the Supervisor-No.28. Three things are evident within the claokroom. The effigy of the Prisoner dressed in the Prisoner's own clothes.Two wicker baskets, and two racks of coathangers, which is suggestive that the Prisoner has not been the first to have passed this way. And if they have, and were given the opportunity to confront No.1, who did they see? Presumably themselves as No.6 did.
    The number of coathangers would also suggest that the Village Administration has had long experience of Prisoner's who have attained the opportunity of meeting No.1, and have thus far failed. But perhaps they would have better luck with No.6. One other thing, No.6 is not the only person to attend the Court in his own clothes, so did No.48. So did 48 also visit that cloakroom previously to No.6? It's possible. Oh and one other thing, what is causing the coathangers to move of their own accord?

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