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Saturday, 17 September 2011

A Former No.2

   Yes, this person, a former Supervisor-No.28, is also a former No.2. You will recall how in Once Upon A Time he was promoted to the position of No.2, even if it was only for a week, by No.2 who was quickly on his way to the Embryo Room.
   But there is more to this former Supervisor/No.2 than first meets the eye, because in Fall Out we see him robe himself as one of the Delgates, and take up his seat in the Assembly.
   So the question is, who did this No.2 promote to the position of No.2 before he went to take No.6 to meet No.1? Perhaps No.2 was there all the time, a former No.2 who was brought back as the President, or Judge, to oversee the trial of three Prisoners. Because do not forget that it was the President who gave the order to evacuate the Village!
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