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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Had the Prisoner Learned Nothing by The End Of His Ordeal?

    It would seem that the idea was to have the episodes of the Prisoner in such an order as the character of the Prisoner-No.6 developes, this according to the series librarian Tony Sloman. So why did they put the episodes in the order they did?
    At the beginng the Prisoner is confused, angry, and aggressive towards his captors, but then when isn't he? He refuses to settle done, and joins in only when it suits him. He is stubborn, refuses to conform to the rules of society. Rejects his numbered badge, and refuses to respond to his number, except when it suits him.
   He attempts to escape at every given opportunity. And at times pokes his nose in where it's not wanted, and conspires with others who like No.6 are disatisfied with their surroundings, or wish to bring something like the educational experiment of Speedlearn to an abrupt close. Nay, to save the innocent victims of the Village from mass reprisals brought about by the assassination/execution of a retiring No.2.
    Basically No.6 likes to keep himself to himself, much preferring his own company to that of his fellow citizens. And when he's not in his private gymnasium, he's pacing up and down like a caged animal!
    When No.6 thinks he's either escaping, or having escaped the Village, the first thing he does is go running back to his ex-colleagues, which each time avails him nothing! And when the Prisoner finally escapes with the aid of three confederates, what does he go and do......he drives off in his Lotus and sets the whole thing in motion again with his act of resignation!  Will the Prisoner never learn?
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