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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

'I Feel That Despite The Devaluation Of The Pound, Nevertheless....'

'Address us....a true statement which could only be yours, but for us.'
                               {The President - Fall Out}

    It is such a pity that 'Sir,' as the Prisoner-No.6 had become, was not given the opportunity to be heard during his address to the assembly, in the same way that both No.48 and the 'late' No.2 had been given. The Delegates put up with 48's rebellious nature, as he caused chaos about them. However they did join in with the song Dem Bones, clapping along with the song. They even put up with being addressed by a No.2 who had bitten the hand that fed. But the Prisoner-No.6 seems to have been a different kettle of fish, or perhaps they had simply heard enough! Certainly the delegates of the Assembly were not prepared to allow 'Sir' to be heard in his address, and indeed the television viewer to hear. That 'Sir' should be 'shouted down' seems quite reasonable to me now, otherwise Patrick McGoohan would have had to think of something to say for himself. He might even have given something away about the Prisoner to those who were listening. I wonder what No.6 would have had to say for himself, had he been allowed to have been heard, and what were the Delegates afraid of hearing from 'Sir?' The last words of 'Sir's' ranting is 'I'm pissed off,' you can clearly lip read these words, and I'm sure that's just how Patrick McGoohan had felt personally by the end of the Prisoner. But of course it wasn't the end, was it? It was but the beginning, as we see the one word appear on the television screen Prisoner, and so you can be assured that it will not be too long before the Prisoner puts himself through the same ordeal again.  Be seeing you

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