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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Le Rodeur

    Le Rodeur being a French magazine for Le Prisonnier, translates into English as being 'the Prowler.' It was my wife who reminded me that it was not just No.6 to call the Village Gaurdian by name, that in The Schizoid Man No.2 also used the name when he contacted the Control Room by Telephono telephone, after speaking to someone who he thought to be Curtis 'De-activate Rover immediately, pending further orders.' No.2 may have been following Curtis' lead, but then would the Supervisor also, if he didn't know that Rover was not the actual name of the Village Guardian? And that does not expalin how No.6 knew what the Guardian's name is, unless Cutis told him. But I did not hear him give the Guardian's name away.
    Yet at the end of the day, we must not forget that it was neither No.6 nor No.2 who named the Village Gaurdian, but I should imagine it was the scriptwriter Terence Feely, seeing as how Rover's name is never once uttered in any other episode other than The Schizoid Man!     Be seeing you

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