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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Number Six - An Inspiration?

    Is No.6 really an inspiration to anyone who is deciding to pack-in their job, or wants to show their rebellious nature? Well if you are about to chuck up a job, don't think for one minute you'll be abducted to the Village, no life's not like that, well not for ordinary people it isn't. You are more than likely to simply end up at the Labour exchange, or Job Centre Plus as they are called today. Mind you having said that, No.6 did find himself at the Labour Exchange, where he was asked to fill in a questionaire, and faced an aptitude test.
   In some ways the Prisoner can be influential, in making us ask questions, to see that we should not simply accept things as they are, but to question, to rebel even. It has been said that the Prisoner was a rebel, that he didn't accept. Well that's against the Village and his enforced incarceration there. But before his act of resignation, the Prisoner was an accepted, member of the establishment. He showed great enthusiasm for his work, being utterly loyal, these are not the acts of a rebel. But I suppose loyalties change, so do ideals. And if the Prisoner was the former John Drake, and I'm not saying that he was, then as a friend said to me recently in an email, I can see more and more why the Prisoner resigned!   Be seeing you

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