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Monday, 19 September 2011

The Spy Who Was Recruited........

.............Into The Banking Service!

    During Once Upon A Time the Prisoner was interviewed by the managing director of a Bank. Indeed the Prisoner was recruited into the Banking service, which was a cover for secret work. In John le Carre's novel The Spy Who Came In From The Cold which was adapted as a film in 1965 starring Richard Burton as Alec Leamas. Alec Leamas was basically a field agent, but he aworked in MI6's Banking Service, being the Banker for many British agents around the world, but chiefly those in West Germany. Lemas would set up Bank accounts in false names in West Germany, mainly in Berlin, he would then deposit a sum of monies into the account, after which a British agent for whom the money was intended, would use his or her false name to withdraw the said monies from the account.
    Perhaps the above account is something on the grounds for which the Prisoner was recruited into a Banking Service. After all as No.2 said, such a man as the Prisoner with his talents would not be wasted in licking stamps!
Brrrrr its could out there! But not as cold as it once was.  Cor, that sounds like a password recognition response.     BCNU

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