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Monday, 12 September 2011

Thought For The Day

    The Prisoner episode A Change of Mind sems to me to have a touch of the Orient about it. There's that oriental member of the Social Group, who addresses the Group....'There can be no mitigation. We all have a social obligation to stand together'. But more then that, there is No.2, who projects a kindly image of a man who cares for the Village, cares for it's people, in a similar way to the former Chairman of China Mao. No.2, like Moa, liked to spout profound sayings from time to time, Mao had a little red book full of such sayings, but not the one that goes 'He who ploughs a straight furrow, needs hoe for nothing.' Mao was more likely to have this one though 'The Butcher with the sharpest knife, has the warmest heart,' but I'm possitive that's not one of Mao's sayings. And of course there's the Chairman of the Village, and the Chairman of China. Mao projected a kindly image, but like No.2, he had a dark and dangerous underneath.

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