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Friday, 16 September 2011

Thought For The Day

   We might not know the Prisoner's name outside of the Village, Number Six being his name while he is here, but it does appear that No.6 is a cat lover. Seen here stroking the Village cat, in a few moments he'll take the cat into his cottage and give it a saucer of cream. Later, at Curfew, the cat will be lying on his bed. Instead of disturbing the cat, No.6 reclines on his leather recliner.
   Something else - because of the remastering of the 35mm film of the Prisoner, which has taken place more than twice, it means the viewer can enjoy watching the series is a clarity never before enjoyed. It also means you get to see the bones of the Prisoner, by that I mean the fact that here the background of the scene with No.6 and the cat from Dance of the Dead, is not in fact Portmeirion, but a large painted back-drop at the MGM film Studio! Remastering of old films, and television series of yesterday, is not always a good thing.
I'll be seeing you.

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