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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Thought For The Day

    On the morning of his arrival in the Village, the Prisoner takes a taxi ride. He asks the oriental taxi driver to take him to the nearest town, but seeing as how it's only a local service, he asked the driver to take him as far as she could. The taxi driver spoke to the Prisoner in French, thinking he might be a Pole or Czech. So pardon my ignorance, if she thought that, why speak to him in French? 'French is International' the taxi driver said.  
    French might very well be seen to be International, because when in Free For All No.6 comments on his breakfast 'Nicely done, French?' 'International' No.2 replied. And then we're back with Napoleon Bonaparte again, an International community, a unified Europe, with France at it's heart!  BCNU.

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