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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Thought For The Day

  In the question of the identity of No.6, it would appear that he would not put his trust in science, as he saw that it could be perverted. No.6 would rather be convinced by a human being rather than a machine. And I can see what he means, on the left is No.6's thumb print, so how can the thumb print on the left, being that of Curtis, be identical? Perhaps Curtis was wearing a thin, clear latex thumb print of No.6, in the same way as James Bond did when he was impersonating a guy called Franks in Diamonds Are Forever! Or maybe it is a simple case of perverting science, that what we see on the screen isn't what's on the end of Curtis' thumb!
  And when it comes to human instincts, No.6 got it wrong with Alison, as he did with most women in the Village. No.2 saw the mental link between No.24 and No.6, and having got to 24 used that mental link against No.6. I have often thought that No.24 betrayed No.6 so easily, that she could not have offered much resistance. However, one can only guess what No.2 promised to have done to No.24 had she not co-operated in betraying No.6.     Be seeing you.

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