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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

We're Talking Piped Blazers

  Once upon a time there was only one way for a fan of the Prisoner was to have his or indeed her own piped blazer, and that was to make your own. Which would be in keeping with many of the home-made piped blazers seen in the Prisoner series, they're not exactly made to the highest standard, if you look at them closely.
   I myself purchased a blazer from Fosters, a store chain now long gone I believe. I went to a local haberdashery store and bought a length of piping, went back to Fosters and their people added the piping to the blazer for me. That was back in 1990, and do you know, that blazer still fits me today some twelve years on. Then in 1994 I had another piped blazer made for me. This time it was an actual school blazer from a school outfitters, yes you can believe it.
    But then from 2000 the Prisoner shop at Portmeirion began to sell piped blazers for around £60 I think it was, a bit on the pricey side, and they were not of the best quality for that price. But I suppose if you have the money and want a piped balzer badly enough...... for the past few years piped blazers and jackets have been all the fashion for women,and eventually for men, so I can wear my piped blazer because of the Prisoner and because they are the fashion. Now Debanhams are selling piped blazers, as seen in the above picture. And the price £99, that fashionable enough for you?
  Recently I purchased another piped jacket, a dark cream one with white piping, it's very subtle, and quite new Village. I purchased it from TKMAX for the price of £15, the original price being £69, a bargain.
Be seeing you


  1. Hi I've been looking for a Prisoner look-a-like blazer for ages with no results, besides the official replica that is in my opinion, very overpriced. I looked at Debenhams and TKMAX but couldn't find anything, if you know of any other online sources could you please link me them? It would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    I have always found piped blazers sold at either the Prisoner shop at Portmeirion, or Debenhams very expensive, or not at all in keeping with either of No.6's blazers in 'the Prisoner.'
    I can tell you what I did to gain a piped blazer. I actually went to a School outfitters and purchased a plain black blazer from there. Of course any tailers shop selling plain blazers will do, but I wanted a blazer in the style of No.6's as near as I could get, but of course it had no piping. So then I took it to a dry cleaners who do repairs and alterations and asked if they could attach piping for me, which they obligingly did. That way I got a piped blazer to my requirements, and it's far cheaper to do it that way. Of course if you prefer you could always check out piped blazers on ebay.

    I trust this has been of some help to you.

    Best wishes
    Be seeing you