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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Who Is That On The Telephono?

'Two here, I'm on the red telephone.'
'Supervisor here, I'm on yellow.'
'What's that No.6 up to?'
'He's got himself a woman. They're down on the beach together.'
'I don't believe it!'
'No, well I was doubtful when an observer made the report a few minutes ago.'
'Have they done it yet?'
'We don't know Sir. We have to give a certain amount of personal freedom you know.'
'I didn't mean that.'
'What did you mean?'
'Are they planning to escape together?'
'Its difficult to say. Oh the theft of a surveillance camera has been reported.'
'And a telephono from one of the telephono kiosks.'
'What colour?'
'Blue. I'm glad to see that you haven't been given that red over-sized, curved telephono to use, it's ridiculous!'
'If you want me, you know where I'll be.'
'On red sir?'
'No...just a minute..........Doctor...'
'Yes Number Two.'
'I'm on red, the Supervisor's on yellow..........'
'I'm on blue.'
'You heard that?'
'Well I'll be on the blue intercom!'

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