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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Why Did You Resign?

No.6 'I didn't accept, why did you accept?'
No.2 'You resigned!'
I rejected!'
'You accepted before you resigned.'
'I rejected!'
Why me?'
    This is part of the conversation between No.2 and No.6 during their deliberations in the Embryo Room of Once Upon A Time. It would appear that No.6 rejected No.2, that he has something against him, but I don't know what. Unless of course we have been here before, and it was No.2 and the Village that No.6 rejected. It is also possible that they knew each other before they encountered each other in the Village. Or perhaps they are the same birds of a feather, in that No.2 was once a Prisoner in the Village, that what was so deplorable is that he resisted for so short a time! In other words, No.2 accepted.
   It is my opinion that after rejecting the Village, the Prisoner was on his way to hand in his resignation, but afterwards was adbucted back to the Village.................its a vicous circle you see. The events of the Prisoner being played out over and over again.
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