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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

You're Going In?

 'I have to make my report.' But surely No.2 makes her reports by telephone, as her predecessors have done, as her successors will do, as indeed this No.2 had done in a much earlier scene in the episode. So why the need for a teletype? If this is simply not another way for No.2 to make her report, as done by telephone, then to whom is No.2 reporting, and receiving instructions from via the teletype?
   The use of the teletype seems to have been an unecessary complication which makes no sense at all, save for the use as an instrument to demonstrate that no matter what No.6 does to try and sabotage the Village, the machine will always have a back-up system.
   Of course it is always possible that No.1 is simply a figure head for the Village, albeit unseen. That No.1 is responsible for the Village to an external agency, or governmental department who has overall responsibility for the Village. So that No.2 may report to No.1 by telephone, but more directly to some external agency by teletype. The trouble with the Prisoner is, that all things are possible, except escape!   Be seeing you.

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