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Wednesday 16 September 2020

Finally To Escape!

 Finally To Escape! 

    If they thought No.6 would simply accept all the praise and accolades which the High Court Judge places upon the former No.6, then he was sadly mistaken! Chaos, mayhem, revolution, death and destruction, evacuation, and finally escape! The countdown begins; the Scammell Highwayman transporter leaves the cavern, citizens run this way and that as helicopters take off from all corners of the village, and two snowdrop military policemen drive a speeding Mini-Moke through the village on their way to where……to where… escape!
    As the rocket blasts off out of its silo the Scammell Highwayman transporter crashes through a pair of wrought iron gates at the end of the tunnel. Rover is no more, its dead; and it took the high temperature flames emitted from the exhausts of the rocket to kill it. It’s questionable as to why the Guardian was in the silo in the first place.

No.6 and No.1 managed to escape the village at precisely the same moment, what No.1’s fate may have been must clearly have ended in his death. As for No.6 he eventually returned to London, No.48 is trying to thumb a lift along the M1 motorway, and after returning home the former No.6 drives off in his Lotus 7as the butler enters the house. And as he drives passed the Houses of Parliament on his way to that underground car park, the former No.2 is dressed for the Village of Westminster on his way back to the House of Lords. And then that long deserted runway appears on the screen and out of the distance looms the Lotus 7, and simply know you its going to begin all over again. But it doesn’t; look right does it, to have that final shot of the deserted runway at the end, after all the former No.6 is already in London parking his car in that underground car park. If you are to press the rest button for ‘the Prisoner’ to start all over again must mean ‘Fall Out’ never really took place, and everything that happened prior to ‘Fall Out’ has yet to happen, cue clouds, clue thunder…….

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