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Sunday 5 September 2021

Village life!


  “It’s a fine morning.”
    “It is a most excellent day, and we have to spend it at a committee meeting for public safety!”
    “Could be worse.”
    “How so...a beautiful day 62 and 62b. Did you see that?”
    “What are you writing in that notebook?”
    “Taking their numbers!”
    “Whatever for?”
    “That was a blatant act of gross disharmnoiousness!”
    “Disharmoniousness, is that an actual word?”
    “Well you know what I mean, besides they ignored my greeting!”
    “They were chatting together.”
    “That’s no excuse!”
    “A bit officious this morning aren’t we, that’s not like you at all.”
    “I just don’t like being ignored that’s all.”
    “We are Top Hat administrative officials, sometimes taken for undertakers. On the one hand citizens do not interact with the likes of administration, and on the other hand citizens look at us and automatically think we’re sizing them up for a wooden overcoat. Put your little black book away and forget it.”
    “What’s this committee meeting for public safely about anyway?”
    “Since Number 52 threw himself to his death off the round outlook on top of the cliff last week, Number 2 has called for a call for a survey to be undertaken of all the dangerous points in the village.”
    “Then what?”
    “Railings are to be put up around the village at any dangerous point.”
    “And what will that achieve?”
    “A drop in the suicide rate.”
    “ will destroy the general ambience of the village, you know that don’t you. Anyway what poor fellow has been assigned to this undesirable task?”
    “Oh no!”
    “I told the general works committee that you would put your heart and soul into it.”
    “Thanks for that chum. But at least I’ll get those two for ignoring me, I’ll file my report, and have them taken away for therapy!”
    “It does you no good to be vindictive.”
    “That’s as maybe, but we have to clamp down on unmutuals like them.
    “Unmutuals, disharmonious at best.”
    “Disharmonious today is but one step away from being unmutual tomorrow!”
    “Good morning gentlemen......I said good morning gentlemen. Damned unmutuals, they’re everywhere. I’ll report you two, you see if I don’t!"
    “What did he say?”
    “No idea, I wasn’t listening!”

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