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Saturday 11 September 2021

Village Life!


    “I came round by the bell tower this morning.”

    “Really, that’s suspicious!”

    “Why is it suspicious?”

    “Because you came round by the bell tower when you live on the opposite side of the village.”

    “Well I fancied taking the scenic route for a change.”

    “Scenic route, but you’ve seen it all before, dozens of times!”

    “Yes but I haven’t seen two men working on the bell tower before.”

    “Masons were they?”

    “No, or at least I don’t think so, one had a thick electric cable.”

    “Oh they’re working on the electrification of the clocks.”

    “What all the clocks?”


    “Does that include my grandfather clock, then there’s my Cuckoo clock, and  what about my alarm clock?”

    “Number 2 said he was going to see to the electrification of the clocks.”

    “Does that mean we’ll hear the bells in the bell tower chime the hour, half, and quarter hours?”

   “I don’t know, I think that might be a little too complicated to expect that. And besides it’s not the actual bells in the bell tower that will do the chiming. The clock will activate a playing device which will play a recording of the hourly chimes.”

    “I suppose we can no longer call it the bell tower. Well have to call it the clock tower!”

    “That’s progress for you.”

    “Well I know one thing they’re not electrifying my wrist watch!”

    “I expect they’ll find a way to do that in the years to come. What is the time by the way?”

    “Time enough for a cup of tea and a toasted tea cake at the cafe!”

    “Fine, but it’s your turn to pay!”

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