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Friday, 23 August 2013

60 Second Interview With No.58/The Newer No.2

    No.113: “You seemed quite pleasant at the beginning, what made you change?”
    No.58: “Di passna”
    “Don't try that one with me, I know you speak English, and very well too!”
    “Lye ezeet a zoon.”
    “Yes, even I know what that means.”
    No.113b “Smile” {click goes the camera}
    “Di passna!”
    “So you were the new Number Two all the time. Just goes to show that there is no democracy in the Village.”
    “Democracy is something we have dispensed with.”
     “But had Number 6 really been elected as the new Number Two…….”
    “He would have had the shortest term of office in Village history!”
    “…..And that would presumably have made you the newer Number Two!”
    “You could look at it that way I suppose.”
    “See you can speak English.”
    “When I want to.”
    “You threw out democracy in exchange for a totalitarian society?”
    “People are looked after here.....”
    “For as long as they live, yes I know, we all know! Tell me Number Fifty-eight, what is that language you spoke? I didn't recognise it, but it would appear that Number Two knew what you were saying, knows your language.”
    “Lye ezeet a zoon.”
    “You're just a hard faced......”
    “Di psasna”
    “You really had it in for Number Six didn't you?”
     “It is my trade, and why I was brought to the Village. We don't really want to hurt Number Six, but we have many means and ways, and for him it was only the beginning!”
     “As Number Fifty-eight you seemed to enjoy No.6's company.”
    “I was his driver.”
    “Surely more than that - after all you did accompany him to the Cat & Mouse night club, on a date?”
    “Certainly not.”
    “But you liked him?”
    “Perhaps a little.”
    “Then you took him to that cave.”
    “The Therapy Zone, he wanted a drink.”
    “And you instantly knew where to take him.”
    “And that is where I left him. What happened after that was nothing to do with me.”
    “At Nuremberg were you?”
    “I don't know what you mean!”
    “But you saw that No.6 took a beating for his trouble.”
     “He wasn't that hurt, only bruised slightly........”
    “The tissue...... so the two mechanics got their own back? Well thank you Number Two, perhaps Number Fifty-eight would like to come round tonight and make my night cap for me!”
     The new Number Two gave a vicious look in my direction.
    “Perhaps not,” I said, and that's when No.113b and I took our leave.

Reporter No.113
Photographer No.113b

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