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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Who's that on The Telephono?

    No.2 "Number Two here, I'm on red."
    No.26 "I'm on white."
    "That is the Labour Exchange?"
    "Yes indeed."
    "And you are the Manager?"
    "I have that honour."
    "Any jobs going?"
    "Jobs? But you are Number Two!"
    "Not for much longer, word is I'm on the way out!"
    "The election campaign not going well?"
    "It could be going better."
    "Number Six appears to be a runaway success, everyone appears to be voting for him."
    "Yes, I had not reckoned on his popularity!"
    "So you expect to find yourself in the job market."
    "What jobs have you got?
    "Well the cafe requires a new waiter."
    "After my position of Number Two, I'd find that too demeaning."
    "Do you know anything about horticulture?"
    "Not really."
    "Pity. There's a position for a gardener." 
    "Haven't you got anything with a better outlook, that gives a new opportunity, something that gives challenge to one's techinical abilty?"
    "Well............there is one position that gives clarity of view, something technical, that challenges hand and feet coordination. But it does require a license."
    A new day, and new beginnings!
    Pilot "Request to circle the Village, then land, I've a new arrival"   
    "Permission granted. There will be an ambulance standing by."
   "Roger, over and out."


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