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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Digitised Finger Prints!

    Here in Great Britain, all over the country, the police are getting rid of thousands and thousand of finger prints which are kept on record on paper. Fingerprints, and the process of fingerprint taking is being "digitised." In my opinion the British Police Force is now at last catching up with technology developed in the Village.
   In 'The Schizoid Man,' No.6 is trying to prove his identity. During this process it is decided that fingerprints are unique to the individual person. Here No.6, or is it Twelve, places the thumb of his right hand on a back-lit circle on the table. Thus taking the fingerprint, and digitising it onto a screen.
   Certainly this system saves on paper, ink, and space needed to store thousands upon thousand of fingerprints on paper. How this system works I have no idea, however I understand that the system is foolproof. Or is it? The thumbprint on the right of the screen belongs to No.6, and the one on the left belongs to No.12, they are identical. Just a minute! I thought this system was foolproof? No.6 is right, science can be perverted!
   Once again Village technology leads the way, and was very much ahead of it's time.

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