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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Quote For The Day

    "There is more harm in the Village than is dreamt"
                                           {a personal message from No.6 to No.2 - Hammer Into Anvil}
    If it wasn't bad enough for certain citizens of the Village, a sadist has been brought to the Village in the shape of No.2! He sees enemies everywhere, and such is his paranoia that he sees that everyone is conspiring against him. No.2 is his own worst enemy as he will trust no-one, not even the man most close to him, his assistant No.14.
   No.2 was interrogating No.73, he was trying to find out where her husband is. Yes he might have gone too far, but he never actually laid a hand on 73 who jumped to her death through the hospital window. No.6 saw this, and blamed No.2 for causing the woman to commit suicide. But as I see it, No.73 didn't actually jump from the window until No.6 came bursting into the room! Yes, there is certainly more harm in the Village than is dreamt!

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