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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Therapy Zone

Here Is An Announcement
    "Ice cream is now on sale - the flavour of the day is Strawberry."
    Yeah that would be right. People guzzling ice cream when other lesser citizens are being used, manipulated, coerced, given various forms of therapy, who are tortured, and generally brainwashed!
   For some who live as residents here in the Village, the Village is nothing more than a holiday camp, you can see those citizens enjoying themselves, such as this lady here lounging about in a deckchair in her bathing costume.
   I mean hasn't she got anything better to do than this, unless of course she's on her lunch break! And look at these two, playing about with their toy plastic boats.
   Hang on a minute, they've been building sand castles, probably the old Admiral is reliving an old naval battle, because unless I am very much mistaken they've contracted a Battleship out of sand!
   And those citizens all in the background, they're loving every minute of it, such is their freedom here. Leaving the likes of poor No.53-Roland Walter Dutton, No.8-the white Queen, and those who have been subjected to the process known as Instant Social Conversion, Leucotomies and god knows what other medical experiments. I mean what have they done to this poor soul?
And don't try and tell me he cut himself whilst shaving, because it won't wash!  Because I am of the opinion that for some the village is hell on Earth. Whilst for others it's a far flung shangri-La.

"You'd hardly know yourself would you No.12."
    Some people are lucky if they get one make-over in a life time. No.6 however, or is it No.12 I can never tell which, gets not just the one make-over, but two!
 First the hair is dyed, and both beard and moustache are shaved off. Then hair restyled and combed to look like the man in the photograph.
     And you wouldn't know yourself would you No.6, oh sorry - No.12. But then this make-over was only reversing the previous make-over which No.6 had been put through at an earlier date.
   First his beard and moustache are trimmed and cut. Then the beard shaved off, and both hair and moustache are dyed black.
   Then the final touches, and then you'd hardly know yourself again No.6., ooh sorry, No.12. And he thinks he's had it bad in the village. All this pampering, and by tow damned attractive girls at that, he should be so lucky!

   During ‘The General’ the Professor hides his tape recorder on the beach, then does a runner. Generally it's the village guardian who chases down miscreants, to either suffocate them into unconsciousness, or to herd them back to the village. However in this case it is the village citizens, or I should say the Professors students who run the Professor to ground, then manhandling him back along the beach to the village.
   This seems to me the first example of "mob rule," the second would be at the ‘Dance of the Dead,’ the third example during ‘A Change of Mind,’ and the third during the episode ‘Living In Harmony’ when Cathy Johnson's brother was hanged!

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