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Friday, 23 August 2013

The Therapy Zone

It’s Inexplicable!
    The way in which The Prisoner has been told by the doctor in one scene that his clothes have been burnt, and in the next some other citizen undergoing treatment in the aversion therapy room is wearing them. And again they are delived to No.t 6 for the occasion of the Ball. And turn up in a dressing room in ‘Fall Out,’ of ciourse they could be an identical suit!
    The way fans miss seeing things, or simply just don't know. As in the case when the stranger, or man with no name as I prefer him to be known, is lying on his bunk in his cell in the Jailhouse in ‘Living In Harmony.’ The Kid while getting drunk fooling around first draws his gun and the man with no name while ignoring the Kid is rolling a cigar. The Kid draws his gun again and the man with no name continues to enjoy his cigar. But when the Kid draws his gun for a third time, we see the man with no name lighting up the cigar.... this must be a mistake. Yes on the part of the author of this. In the first place the author of this misconception has seen something slightly different to me, and secondly its not a cigar the man with no name is rolling, it is a cigarette. Not the usual white cigarette papers, but liquorice papers, which would account for the authors mistaking it for a cigar!
   The way after No.2 in Its Your Funeral referring to Jamming. "Ah Jamming..." without moving his lips, don't tell me that ventriloquism is in it as well!
    The way that in ‘Many Happy Returns’ No.6 tells the Colonel and Thorpe that The Tally Ho is issued daily at noon. Yet by the time of ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ he is able to buy a copy at 10.20am, a continuity error of course. Unless of course the time of the daily issue of the newspaper was altered!

A Question of 7
   Nadia-No.8 of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ her original number was to have been 7, but was later changed to 8.

    The generals supposedly hand carved Chessmen, seen in the episode the Chimes of Big Ben, have been described as being a "standard" chess set, pity the person who wrote this didn't know what he was writing about at the time. Yes the King of the Generals Chessmen had been altered to have the face of No.2-Leo McKern. But the remainder of the Chessman are far from being a "standard" chess set, but are actually replicas of the isle of Lewis Chessmen pictured here.

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling!
    Some years ago a fan remarked that he heard Janet Portland ask at the door of her fiancés house "Where's Philip?" He thought he might have been hallucinating, well quite frankly he was. Yet hallucinating or not, the moment No.6 woke up in his home in London, and raised his arm to see the time by his wrist watch, then, before he saw the reflection of the Colonel in the mirror, would he have known something was amiss. The moment No.6 looked at his wrist watch, seeing his hand should have told him that all was not as it should be. Fatter than his own, with short stubby fingers!

Be seeing you

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