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Sunday, 25 August 2013


                                       The Control Room In The Summakor Building

    Last night it was the turn of 'Schizoid' in this latest screening of THEPRIS6NER. There is two-times-Six, and an Un-Two in the Village, although that's Two simply playing himself in an uncharacteristic role of Un-Two. Two-Times-Six wants to kill Two in revenge for the death of 4-15, the woman he loved. It is suggested that Six and two-times-Six are one and the same person, and when we see Six and two-times-Six together they represent the struggle within Six, the struggle with the Six inside! And yet there are some scenes that suggest that that is indeed the case. And yet there are times when not only Six sees the physical presence of two-times-Six, so does 147, and even when Un-Two sees two-times-six's reflection in a shop window it makes him pause and consider for a moment, but then the reflection is gone.
   As you can see the Control Room in one of the twin Summakor towers is far removed from that in the original series, alhtough the sound effect of the opening and closing of the steel doors has been retained.
    There are a number of favourite scenes in this episode, like the moment 11-12 discovers that he does not physically exist. The time when Six warns Two that two-times-Six wants to kill him, but that's how Six feels, so it is Six who wants to kill To. The transference of Two into Un-Two. When Un-two and the shopkeeper 37927 enjoy an illicit cigarette together.
   Overall it has been another thoroughly enjoyable screening of the series thus far. But once again it's going by all too quickly. Next week its the final episode of 'checkmate,' and that's only 45 minutes long!

"You only think you are free!"
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