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Friday, 23 August 2013

Thought For The Day

  Try and imagine how the Prisoner must have been feeling by this time. He is angry, outraged even, and that is only natural. After all he'd been abducted to the Village, incarcerated there for a year. Betrayed by his own people, not once, but in all probability twice. And now not only has his appearance changed, but he is forced to go back to those people who betrayed {although the faces have changed} him in order to seek their help for a third time!
   But seeing as he cannot convince Sir Charles Portland of his identity, the Prisoner has to go it alone, not only with the British Military Intelligence on his back, but an agent for the Village quietly working in the background.
   What might Sir Charles Portland's action be after his future son-in-law had disappeared for a third time? Well second time, perhaps he never got to hear about the Prisoner's return in 'Many Happy Returns.' And the same could be said of Janet Portland, to lose a fiance once may be unfortunate. To loose him twice is downright carelessness!

Be seeing you, if I'm not abducted to the Village first that is...............nope, there's no hearse parked outside!

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