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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Thought For The day

    Being a prisoner in the Village is one thing, but when it comes to the Professor and Madam Professor, they are never seen out and about the Village. They appear to spend all of their time in their home {not sure where the house is positioned in the Village}. Even Madam Professor’s art seminars are held in the garden of their home. The only time the Professor appears to leave his house is when he’s busy working in the General’s office, or that time after he’s hidden his tape recorder containing the message about the General must be destroyed, and that Speedlearn is an abomination being, then found running away from the Village along the beach to be fetched back to the Village by a number of citizens.
   It strikes me, that although the Professor and his wife went to the Village of their own free will, they appear to be under continued house arrest. They are unable to leave the confines of their home to interact with other citizens of the Village. At least Madam Professor does get to interact with art students at her seminars, while her husband has only No.2 and the doctor who administers therapy to the Professor, in order to keep him working on his lectures.
   Madam Professor told No.6 that she and her husband were perfectly happy, when it is perfectly clear that she is far from happy. Perhaps like Nadia Rakovsky, Madam Professor didn’t think it would be like that! At least for people like No.6, there is a certain freedom within the prisoner. But what freedom is there for the Professor and his wife?

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