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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Village Surveillance!

    The above picture was taken a few days ago at 5.12pm. The effect is caused by the sun over the woods. Several days before this, I was keeping an open surveillance eye on Portmeirion via the four webcams {not that they show too much} because a friend had been staying in the Italianate Village on holiday. At the time the hotel webcam was off-line, but as it happens I clicked on the hotel webcam just as it came back on-line, and there was a hand adjusting the camera. It was a chance in a million to see this, and instantly I remembered how the Rook worked on one of the surveillance cameras before he removed it from it's mounting in the epsidoe 'Checkmate.' The shot of the hand through the lens of the webcam was one in a million.....and I missed saving it!

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