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Saturday 13 February 2021

The Tally Ho

 Local Seascape Competition

by our own reporter

    Those of an artistic bent have been encouraged to take part in a great new painting competition “seascapes.” At least that is a fresh subject, and will cut out endless paintings, sculptures, and general art work of one subject…No.2! Readers of the Tally Ho will remember the Exhibition of Arts and Crafts when the majority of entrants used No.2 as their subject, which I have always seen as being sycophantic! Although there were a number of entrants who did express their artistic tendencies in other ways, No.38 for example worked tirelessly on her tapestry, and yet even she used No.2 as a subject. But I did think she made No.2 look very Vikingesque. Others had worked in surrealism, and the abstract, who can forget No.6’s own abstract sculpture which puzzled the awards committee. The first piece represents a church door, the second of the same shape but more abstract in its design representing freedom or a barrier, depending on how you look at it. But why the crosspiece, well no crosspiece would mean No.6 would have had nothing to hang a sail from!
   Being artistic, the arts and crafts exhibition would have been right up madam Professor’s street, and the evidence of the plaster bust of No.2 in her house would be proof that she now only knew No.2, but also entered one of the categories of the exhibition. Not only that, but she also sculptured a number of classical heads, also that of No.2 of the time. But No.6, I couldn’t see him sitting for Madam Professor while she rendered No.6’s noble head in clay. And yet he did humour the eccentric artist No.118. So being an artist who works in different mediums Madame Professor might well enter the seascape competition. But not so No.118 who paints only in the surreal, and yet he has the ability to see into the very soul of his subject. No.6 for example, the artist painted the subject as a circle being made to fit, not simply in one square, but two squares!
   As for seaescapes, No.6 attempted four such escapes via the sea, all of them different. One was elaborate, well thought out, planned and executed, however as it turned out it was like a taxi ride, in that you can go anywhere you like, just as long as you arrive back in the village in the end. The second was by speedboat, although this was more of a spur of the moment thing, which resulted in No.6 being half drowned and suffocated in the attempt.
  Then one morning No.6 was nowhere to be seen, I learned late through journalistic investigation, that No.6 had been allowed to go on a voyage of discovery. There was no mention of escape as No.6 had been allowed to leave the village in a demonstration of manipulation and control. But that wasn’t enough for our friend No.6, in his final seascape he gathered men about him he thought he could trust, but once aboard M. S. Polotska the truth of the matter was quickly drawn to his attention, and in the end he only had himself to blame.

Be seeing you 

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