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Tuesday 16 February 2021

Village Life!


     “Tell me something.”
    “Is it information you are after?”
    “It might be.”
    “Why are we walking this way?”
    “We are walking this way because the hearse wouldn’t start!”
    “Why do you think that is?
    “Someone has stolen the battery!”
    “Now who do you think would go and do that?”
    “Probably someone who needs a battery.”

    “You take too many risks!”
    “Let me worry about that!”
    “Are you sure no-one saw you lugging that great big battery through the village and down onto the beach?”
    “Mayday, mayday, mayday any station receiving come in please mayday. This is a mayday call, this is a mayday call, any station receiving come in please…are you sure this is the right frequency?”
    “I’m certain.”
    “Mayday to Polotska, mayday to Polotska this is trans ocean flight D for delta 250 zero starboard engine in flames port engine oil pressure dropping rapidly three thousand feet and losing height over.”
    The Polotska responds by asking for the aircraft’s position.
    “Mayday to Polotska, mayday to Polotska our position is {crackle} minutes longitude {crackle} degrees latitude over.”
    “Polotska to mayday, Polotska to mayday we’re not reading you say again please.”
    “Mayday to Polotska {crackle} mayday to Polotska too late port engine in flames losing height rapidly, will have to ditch will have to ditch closing down.”

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