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Wednesday 12 May 2021

Life In The Village!


    An invitation to breakfast, or at least No.2 invited himself!
    “You do very well for yourself.”
    “Oh you think so.”
    “You have a nice semi-detached cottage with all mod cons, convenient for the shop, as well as the perks you enjoy.”
    “Perks, how do you work that out?”
    “Well here we sit in your dinette and still you have your breakfast made and brought to you. May I trouble you for a slice of toast?”
    “Haven’t you had breakfast yet?”
    “No” No.2 said helping himself to butter “I haven’t been to the Green Dome as yet, I don’t live there you know, I have a room in the Town Hall, with the bathroom and other facilities along the corridor. I don’t do as well as you; even my butler has his own place living in the annexe at the back of the Green Dome. How do you find it?”
    “What the Green Dome or the annexe?”
    “Your breakfast.”
    “Its nicely done, French.”
    “French, how’s your slice of toast?”
    “Pass the marmalade would you?”

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