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Sunday 2 May 2021

Who’s that On The Telephono?


    “Yes what is it?”

    “It’s Number 112 sir.”
    “What’s he done?”
    “No sir, I’m Number 112, the shopkeeper.”
    “Oh it’s you again; well what do you want this time?”
    “It’s about Number 6 sir.”
    “Well what about him?”
    “You did say report any unusual activity to you...sir.”
    “Yes that’s right. Well what’s he been up to this time?”
    “Well you remember my reporting to you that Number 6 had bought a Cuckoo clock, that he didn’t want the one I picked....”
    “Yes you thought he was looking for a specific one.”

    “Yes sir, well you know Number 32.”

    “Well I’m not surprised sir, she doesn’t get about much. Anyway I had to make a special delivery to Number 32, 6 buns, butter, a cauliflower, and half a dozen eggs.”
    “Is this going to take all day?”
    “No sir, anyway on my way back I walked passed Number 6’s cottage, and I noticed he was feeding the pigeons. Well one pigeon in particular, he fed it a ham sandwich. He had it in the box I sold to him with the Cuckoo clock in it!”
    “Are you trying to be funny?”
    “No sir.”
    “Well get off the line, I’m watching Number 6 on the screen now, he’s crossing the road......he’s walking up the steps to the Green Dome....he’s carrying a Cuckoo clock, what’s he doing with that Cuckoo clock?”
    “I really couldn’t say sir.”
    “Oh I’m not talking to you...get off the line!”
    “He must be in one of his moods again!”

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