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Thursday 6 May 2021

The Tally Ho


The Blue Zone In The Post!

by our own reporter

    A new Blue Zone in the post, what’s that all about? Who bothers to write to anyone in the village? Well some citizens must write to others, otherwise why does the village have a postman, along with the new Blue Zone in the post? And at the kiosk they sell copies of The Tally Ho, sweets, along with postcards of the village. Who in the village would buy postcards of the village? Perhaps they are for citizens who wish to send postcards to friends telling them what a wonderful time they are having in this holiday resort.
    I have noticed that it’s not the traditional seaside comical postcards which are on sale, only the scenic views of the village that are made available. Really where’s the fun in that? The postman calls and delivers you a picturesque postcard of the village, your own cottage might even appear in that view. So what about this village postman? I’ve seen him on his rounds pushing a Penny Farthing bicycle, he should be made to ride it like all good Victorian postmen used to do. But here’s a question for citizens, how does this village postman actually deliver the post, because as far as I can see there are no letter boxes in any of the cottage doors, not even the front door of the Green Dome is fitted with a letter box! Yes the postman did make a special delivery to 6 Private, his invitation to carnival, but then the door was open. So perhaps the postman has to knock and wait for someone to open the door before he can deliver the post! Anyway prior to this new Blue Zone in the post with its blue and white post-box, I have never actually seen a post-box anywhere in the village! So how could citizens post their cards and letters to one another? Perhaps the postman had to call at each cottage to collect letters for posting, or citizens themselves had to physically take letters and cards to the post office.
    So perhaps this new Blue Zone in the post is designed to make the village postal service more efficient, I dare to think that is hardly possible. I cannot see how the village post office is run off its feet collecting and delivering post. And that’s another question, where in the village is the Post office? I’ve never seen it, it’s not marked on the map of the village, and no-one I spoke to could give me directions.
    Anyway its nice to know that the postal service has been improved with this new and fast Blue Zone, and now we can send each other postcards wishing each other that they were here. Except we already are in the village!


Be seeing you


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