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Monday, 28 November 2011

Caught On Camera

   Look at the expression on No.6's face. He looks as though he just realised something doesn't he? It might be a sudden shock, of who No.1 is. Or on the other hand, it could be the realisation that Patrick McGoohan hasn't got an ending for the series! Either way, both the man and the character are one and the same, so what does it really matter?
   Perhaps No.6 has just seen a familiar face in the crowd, after all the Village is very cosmopolitan, you never know who you'll meet!
    However the look on No.6's face might very well be one of surprise, because it was only a few minutes ago that he decided to run for public office, to be an electoral candidate standing against No.2. Yet after his opening speech, there it was, a Vote For No.6 placard! This is the manipulation that No.2 was talking about. Yet the manipulation of No.6 was not all that difficult, after all they knew No.6 would not pass up the opportunity to stand as a candidate, because if he was actually elected, he would waste no time in organising a mass breakout of the Village! It does look like magic, when this Vote For No.6 placard is first produced. But of course it was simply prefabricated, and placed behind the Vote for No.2 placard, and revealed at a propitious moment. No mystery, and no magic was involved.  I don't think I'll be voting for No.6, I'm not at all sure of his policies. Mind you I could do with more spare time, we could all do with more spare time. The only question is, what would we do in our spare time?............write more blog!     I'll be seeing you.

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