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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Therapy Zone

Everyone Votes For A Dictator

   That's what No.6 told No.2 on the morning of Free For All, and got his wish then, didn't he? Because on polling day every citizen voted for No.6 in a landslide victory. But then on the steps of the Town Hall its as though none of the citizens cared. For as the new No.2 held his right arm aloft, aided by the out going No.2, none of the citizens cheered him in his victory in the election. Everyone remained silent, and several citizens looked upon the new No.2 with suspicion.
   As it happened the new No.2 was just as dictatorial and manipulative as all those who had gone before him, in the way the new No.2 tried to organise a mass breakout. Telling the citizens that he was in command, that he would immobilise all electronic controls and that the citizens are free, free to go, free to go. But the citizens didn't want to be free, they didn't want to go. And took no notice as the new No.2's voice boomed out over the village via the public address system "Listen to me, you are free, free, free to go, free to go. Obey me and be free." And if that isn't acting like a dictator I don't know what is, this in the attempt to manipulate the good citizens of the community. Telling them what they wanted, even though they didn't want it and demonstrating that it's not everyone who can manipulate the people so. For the new No.2 has no experience whatsoever of the manipulation of a community such as the village. Nor has he the administrative ability to implement his policies. Can you trust him? In the end this new No.2 was no better than the rest, he expected the citizens to obey him as others before him had, and those who are yet to come will.

We want Information…Information…Information

   What do they do with all this information which the administration of the village accumulates? People are brought to the village, people who have knowledge in their heads which is of value to one side or another. People who know too much or too little. Which means that no piece of information is too small to be gathered, such as the reason behind No.6's resignation.
    During Do Not Forsake Me we learn how using the Seltzman machine the village's administration is able to gather such information. One chap was extremely co-operative. He told them all they needed to know in three days - with hardly any persuasion - so then they wiped all unhappy memories of the village from the man's mind, and would put him back into circulation to gather more information. But this does not answer what they do with all this information when they get it, and for which side is this information being gathered for?
     I suppose knowledge is power, and the more knowledge you have the more powerful you become.

 Lotus 7 – KAR 120C

  Back in 1966 when Patrick McGoohan first got behind the wheel of a Lotus 7, and taking it for a test drive, he saw the Lotus 7 as being a car fit for his personality. It was a car fit for the Prisoner - something out of the ordinary, that he had that certain feeling. The Lotus 7-KAR 120C would stand as a symbol of all the Prisoner was to represent, standing out from the crowd, quickness and agility, independence and a touch of the rebel.

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