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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Caught On Camera

    Yes, that's me as No.6 sat at the wheel of KAR 120C. Not the original KAR 120C, that was written off in a car accident in Australia back in 1967. The car is actually a Caterham Super Seven, no different to a Lotus 7. The two pictures were taken at a Prisoner convention in the mid 1990's at Portmeirion.
   The colour photograph is of myself and my wife as No.2 and No.6 in a re-enactment from the Prisoner episode Dance of the Dead, just after No.6 had been listening to a radio. Poor old No.6, if he persists with his dream he may be taken for mad. But No.6 likes his dream, and I was taken for mad, when I stood up where we are sitting, because it's a steep drop on the other side with only a few trees and bushes to break ones fall. I was the first person to do that during that particular re-enactment, since Patrick McGoohan stood there in the actual scene. Well I always believed that if you are going to do something, you do it right!   
Be seeing you.

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