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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Once Upon A Time...........

    I think with Once Upon A Time we receive the strongest statement issued by No.6, or the scriptwriter, in the entire series of the Prisoner, which in itself is something of a bold statement. The episode is often biographical of McGoohan's life, and it's apparent purpose is to tease and annoy the viewer. And yet, it entertains us. Why? For what reason do we enjoy the demise of No.2 {or is it No.6} or perhaps we are like No.6, angry at the apparent death of No.2? How do we manage to identify with this anti-hero No.6? Where are the balancing factors of this story which entertains us so much?Judicial and defence systems are treated with contempt. Playtime, education, and upbringing are scorned. Job fulfilment is negated and our home is seen as a furnished cage. The lead character will have none of this - perhaps that is why we like his style.

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