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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

To Whomsoever May Find This.............

    You've seen them, balloons with a message tied to them, or a small form to be filled in by whomsoever may find it, to record the time and where the balloon was found, you know the sort of thing. Well in this instance No.6 appears to be sending a message to the outside world with the aid of the Village Guardian!
   How far the balloon with travel in anyones guess, or in which direction the wind will carry it. But you have to congratulate No.6 on his inginuity. He is a man who will stop at nothing to get word to someone in the outside world. A man who takes advantage of any given opportunity.
   So if you happen to observe a white balloon in the sky, drifting along on the breeze. Or snagged in a tree, do give it a second glance. You never know there just might be a message attached to it!

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