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Sunday 29 November 2020

Caught On Camera!


    There is only Sir Charles, the Colonel, and PR12 in the room, so who, or what are those two looking at?


    “I meet everybody. I know everything, who is ill and who is getting better.”

    That was fortunate for No.6, he often in lucks way. I wonder why the flower seller set up he stall outside 6 Private? I should have thought she would have set up her stall outside the hospital, that’s the more usual place. But then had she not, No.14 wouldn’t have been standing there buying a bunch of flowers for herself, when No.6 came to the door of his cottage, to see the woman he saw when he opened his eyes in the laboratory during the night. Mind you, what was it that made No.6 go to the cottage door in the first place? Perhaps he was going to take the milk in!

Be seeing you


  1. She has also stolen a regular spot of the Tally Ho seller - I wonder if when he turns up for his shift she will be moved along?

    1. Hello Rick,
      Good point, hadn't thought of that one, the Tally Ho vender won't like her taking his pitch. I just wonder though, how much the local council charges stall holders for their pitches?

      Enjoyed reading you most informative emails earlier today. Will be in touch again soon.