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Saturday 27 March 2021

The Tally Ho

Your New Interim No.2!

by our own reporter 

    Duly elected by the people, for the people, of the people. That being the case, why are there so many mistrusting faces in the crowd outside the Town Hall when the new interim No.2 was presented to them? They called for No.2, and when they got him the good citizens of this community didn’t like what they got at all. And yet they voted for him!
    The out-going No.2 took the new interim No.2 to the Green Dome in a taxi driven by No.58, she accompanied the two into the Green Dome, I thought that rather peculiar, a maid in the company of two No.2, going into the Green Dome.
   Of course being interim does mean not permanent, there has never been a permanent No.2 in the village, and it’s likely there never will be. The position of No.2 doesn’t fit one man, and not one man is fit for the job, no one man could be. The question is, just how long will the former No.6 last as the new interim No.2?
    “This is our chance.... this is our chance take it now. I have command, I will immobilise all electronic controls.... Listen to me......You are free to go.... You are free to go..... I am in command, obey me and be free.... You are free to to go…free to go.”
    Did you hear that? Sounded like No.6, I mean the new interim No.2, mind you that does sound like he’d lost the plot already! Free to go eh, that would be right, free to go to where, to where? The new interim No.2’s voice booming out across the village offering freedom but no-one was listening, or if they were they took no notice of him.
    I don’t know what they did to the new interim No.2, but I expect the “tissue” if not damaged, was certainly bruised a good deal, no doubt the punishment for attempting to organise a mass breakout. Reports say he was carried from the Green Dome to his cottage on a stretcher, so he wasn’t in office all that long, possibly the shortest on record so far!

    What Are Facts Behind Town Council?

    The former interim No.2’s, one of which couldn’t get out of the village fast enough, the other left battered and bruised, did manage to avoid being co-opted onto the local town council. The facts are as this, that any pervious interim No.2 who has held office has been duly co-opted onto the local Town Council, to join those sub-divided No.2’s, those brainwashed imbeciles so eloquently described by No.6 as he was then. How or why they ended up to be so, is open to speculation, if they are at all. They may have been chosen for effect, stand there, do not move, do not talk, and show no emotion, if questioned make no reply, show no response. Local council elections held each year, the writer of this column has lived in the village a good many years, and I’ve never known an election to take place until now, and to what purpose? A newly elected No.2 so called, who doesn’t last five minutes, and another who takes his place instantly. To some people the village is a place of injustice, to others a place of torment, a prison from which there is no escape, where people who have committed no crime are held against their will. To some it is just a game, to others the village is a matter of life and death.

            We Welcome The New Interim, Interim No.2

    And so yet another interim No.2 takes up office in the Green Dome, one can only trust she will last longer than that of her predecessor! But how it is that a former maid can rise to the position of Chairman of the village, second only to One? This reeks of nepotism, of the old pals act, otherwise they would have brought the former No.2 back for a second term in office, or run another election. But No.2 quickly departed the village in the helicopter and is now long gone. So what of this interim, interim No.2? She was a sweet young thing as No.58, but now it seems she has turned into a hard faced No.2 whose sole purpose is to extract the reason behind No.6’s resignation. Perhaps this No.58 was the new interim No.2 all the time, and the election of No.6 as the new No.2 was all a game. The reason for the old interim No.2 to build No.6 up so that the new interim No.2 could knock him down. Whether or not this interim No.2 will be good for the village is perhaps a question worth asking.

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