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Tuesday 16 March 2021

Who's That On The Telephono?


    Supervisor “Right, put up section thirty-four, sound and vision.”
    Electrician “Calling electrics control......”
    “Electrics control?”
    “Ah good. I’m dealing with an emergency, can you switch temporary reserve power to 6 Private?”
    “Who is it you want to speak to?”
    “Electrics control, aren’t you electrics control?”
    “Well can you put me through to electrics control?”
    “Do I sound like the telephone operator?”
    “No, but you sound like someone important enough who could have me put through to electrics control.”

    “You’re talking to the supervisor!”
    “Well there you are then.”
    “Look I want section thirty-four put up on my wall screen with sound and vision.”
    “Well I can’t do that for you, I’m out here in the night dealing with a power failure in 6 Private.”
    “We all have our problems!”
     “All I want is for electrics control to switch in temporary reserve power into 6 Private, and I need a two-stroke-d replacement.”
    “What's that when it's at home?”
    “A light bulb.”
    “That’s the trouble with you civil servants, you always make up some ridiculous reference number like a two-stroke-d replacement when all you had to say is I need a new light bulb!”
    “It doesn’t sound very technical to say I need a new light bulb, and there’s a loss of dramatic impact to consider.”
    “Do you know who you are talking to?”
    “I thought I was through to Electrics Control.”
    “You are through to the Control Room, I'm on yellow.”
    “I've got a head-set!”
    “Look get off the line, I want section thirty-four put up on the screen with sound and vision!”
    “Well you can authorise the two-stroke-d replacement then?”
    “Clear the line!”
    “I'll call Number Two.”
    “Don't bother, he's here with me now.”
    “What's he doing?”
    “If it’s anything to do with you, he's on a learning curve!”
    “What, how to find out how many electricians it takes to change a two stroke-d replacement?”
    "I've a good mind to report you. What's your number?"
    The electrician thought for a moment...........Eighty-eight,” that should fix him!

{The line suddenly went dead!}

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